Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Live From The 63rd GRAMMYs®/2021)

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  1. Kass C

    Kass CGiờ trước

    Ive listened to billie since i think i was 7. 0>0 so ive listend to her for a solid 6 years noice love her music my brother says she uses autotune yeah everyvody does but she doesnt rlly use much heck she doesnt need it she sounds so freaking awsomeee!!! I wish i could attend a concert but i cant😪

  2. It’s Jayviana

    It’s Jayviana2 giờ trước

    Everyone vibing at the Grammys

  3. Steven Jackson

    Steven Jackson15 giờ trước

    Hi Billie you know Carter and Cathy right well if you know what happened I’m Carter’s brother Steven he used to call you bewee

  4. Jacqueline Brett

    Jacqueline Brett16 giờ trước

    this icoulld here over over❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️

  5. X Hub

    X Hub21 giờ trước

    I love you Billie Eilish

  6. Chocolate Chip

    Chocolate Chip22 giờ trước


  7. mileny alvarez

    mileny alvarezNgày trước

    who many people hate on billie be like . . the people who hate the haters ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ (billie your voice is BEAUTY)

  8. nay nay riley

    nay nay rileyNgày trước

    I love the blond hair

  9. nay nay riley

    nay nay rileyNgày trước

    Your voice is amazing 👏

  10. nay nay riley

    nay nay rileyNgày trước

    Your amazing

  11. J T

    J TNgày trước

    This was my 2020 song. Knew this was a great record.

  12. Frank Alidadi

    Frank AlidadiNgày trước


  13. Frank Alidadi

    Frank AlidadiNgày trước


  14. Frank Alidadi

    Frank AlidadiNgày trước


  15. hbkval 57

    hbkval 57Ngày trước

    Billie your a perfect beautiful amazing never stop doing this because this keeps me alive right now in 6,7 years I will still be listening to you never stop please I wish I could meet you but things are hard around the world never stop and don’t let the haters or anyone get to you

  16. Anthony Lovan

    Anthony LovanNgày trước

    Billie you are so inspiring keep doing what you are doing and never stop I love you are a goddess and you are capable of doing what ever you want I love you so much ❤️❤️

  17. Marina Nielson

    Marina NielsonNgày trước

    Me: realizing that she’s standing on a replica of her car she got for her birthday

  18. Brianna Wynn

    Brianna WynnNgày trước

    Billie I live in Tuscaloosa

  19. Brianna Wynn

    Brianna WynnNgày trước


  20. Brianna Wynn

    Brianna WynnNgày trước

    Byeeeeeee bill

  21. Brianna Wynn

    Brianna WynnNgày trước

    And I am out

  22. Brianna Wynn

    Brianna WynnNgày trước


  23. Brianna Wynn

    Brianna WynnNgày trước

    I have u

  24. Brianna Wynn

    Brianna WynnNgày trước

    Bye bye Billie 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱😱🥵🥵🆒

  25. Brianna Wynn

    Brianna WynnNgày trước

    Billie Eilish I got everything I wanted 63rd

  26. Brianna Wynn

    Brianna WynnNgày trước

    Billie Eilish congratulation of all the amazing things you may need to do you may all your fans proud of you which is make me happy if you believe if you can make a new song with me but I don’t live close to you I can fly there one day Billie thanks my queen best Billie ever I literally seen Billie i’m gonna cry thanks I can’t wait to see you have a new album thanks thanks thanks thanks I love you Billy I love you Billy I love you Billie Eilish I love you Billie Eilish I love you Billie Eilish best friend

  27. Dailene Ramirez

    Dailene RamirezNgày trước

    They are very good siblings and they sporting each other

  28. Brianna Wynn

    Brianna WynnNgày trước

    I had a dream I got everything I wanted

  29. Brianna Wynn

    Brianna WynnNgày trước

    I had a dream I got everything I wanted So I stepped off the golden dog that is fly

  30. Eri

    EriNgày trước

    There an ad on youtuber with your song “Bad Guy” and the ad is called “Sweet Dance”. I’m judging letting you know just I case they didn’t get your permission

  31. Eri

    EriNgày trước

    Not a youtuber, and ad

  32. Fishy Force

    Fishy ForceNgày trước

    Billie elish I hope you see this. My mom has been listening too your songs for a long time, and it’s gotten her through some tough times. I was wondering you could put “yolandi Carrick” in your next song.(yu-lab-de care-rick)

  33. Different Mike

    Different MikeNgày trước

    I see you.

  34. Abdoulie Njai

    Abdoulie NjaiNgày trước

    What was Harry doing in the background..?

  35. Hanie Nozari

    Hanie NozariNgày trước

    Billieeeeee i love youuuuuuuuu

  36. FancyFelinePlayz

    FancyFelinePlayzNgày trước

    Billie, you are my idol. I absolutely love your music... I wish I could see you in person but since this epidemic, I can't.

  37. Pogger Family

    Pogger FamilyNgày trước

    Who else loves Billie?!?!?!?

  38. Manuel Munoz

    Manuel MunozNgày trước

    I always cry .. This mehicano cries because it all makes sense. Very rare in most worlds..

  39. Yusuf Jamil

    Yusuf Jamil2 ngày trước

    This is fire

  40. Madison Price

    Madison Price2 ngày trước

    So weird that she hid her WIG for 2 MONTHS!!!

  41. Bruv.

    Bruv.2 ngày trước

    Billie you said to me they don't deserve you. This was said when you see me. I mentioned red blue yellow. And why do I get this and no one else does not even Dua. Thank God for you

  42. Bruv.

    Bruv.2 ngày trước

    And I said


    MOHSEN VDYEX2 ngày trước

    i love you😍😍

  44. Billie Hub

    Billie Hub2 ngày trước

    Hi Billie, I wanted to let you know how much you mean to me first you have the best smile that always makes me so happy second you are my favorite person on the face of the earth you make me feel so confident in my own body and your voice and your music has helped me get through stuff I never thought I could get through I need you to know that I love you more then life it’s self and I need you here

  45. Maria Murillo

    Maria Murillo18 giờ trước

    I. Love. You. Billie eilish

  46. Billie Hub

    Billie Hub2 ngày trước


  47. Kirsten Casado

    Kirsten Casado2 ngày trước

    Awww her little dance at the end was so cute. And I love seeing the Haim sisters feeling the song and bobbing their heads to it! It has such a soothing sound.

  48. Simone Clemons

    Simone Clemons2 ngày trước

    But I know this is not I'm not your friend or anyting dead I know this is not the one

  49. Simone Clemons

    Simone Clemons2 ngày trước

    I love this song when she says I'm not your friend or anyting dead

  50. Simone Clemons

    Simone Clemons2 ngày trước

    Yeah it is very relaxing Billie eilish is like my favorite celebrity in the world I wonder can one of y'all ask this question where does she live what city does she live in because I'm in Texas and I'm seven years old I really sound like her

  51. Boyfriend

    Boyfriend2 ngày trước

    How are you doing Billie baldish

  52. Pancake_ panda

    Pancake_ panda2 ngày trước

    Me seeing 10k dislikes :police:911 what your emergency:me: there’s 10k pepole that hates this super soothing and lovely song :police:that’s not an emergency :me: YES IT IS

  53. Gaming With Shark

    Gaming With Shark2 ngày trước

    Weird fact, shes wearing a wig

  54. Hannah Thompson

    Hannah Thompson2 ngày trước

    2:41 made me melt

  55. billieisqueen45

    billieisqueen452 ngày trước


  56. tishbobo

    tishbobo2 ngày trước

    This my favorite song

  57. Chrisiel Christ

    Chrisiel Christ2 ngày trước

    So if you had a nightmare that you woke up and everything told you you couldn't. Then you found someone who had everything they wanted. would you not combine and hold both realities for the joys of freedom past the way we were raised. Through the joules of time and the matrices of divinity you will find me. Patience is a virtue unto thy lamp and so us beauty unto thy resonance. For voice can empower a soldier out of charity or out of love and respect.

  58. Anita Opel

    Anita Opel2 ngày trước

    What a great and sister...great beat...good message...We are here to help each other!

  59. grinch hilligoss

    grinch hilligoss3 ngày trước

    very pretty voice

  60. Vida Mohamadi

    Vida Mohamadi3 ngày trước

    Caribbean shire elektriese Amerikaanse dollar salaris

  61. MizzouPatriot 88

    MizzouPatriot 883 ngày trước

    Her voice is beautiful.

  62. eddierodz6974

    eddierodz69743 ngày trước

    Pin the comment billy eyelash.

  63. Rōsã Lårä

    Rōsã Lårä3 ngày trước

    Soy solo yo o hasta los constructores de casas estaban ahi🤣😂

  64. Julie Weller

    Julie Weller3 ngày trước


  65. Tammy Volpe

    Tammy Volpe3 ngày trước

    Love her

  66. •CONNOR •

    •CONNOR •3 ngày trước

    when are you gonna release your album??

  67. Randy Chicas

    Randy Chicas3 ngày trước

    Poor xxxtension and I wish that he was whit you Billie Eilish I loved when you and xxxtension where together 🥺

  68. Brandon Nesmith

    Brandon Nesmith4 ngày trước

    saw harry styles on the side with a mic and got hyped

  69. sinohui3

    sinohui34 ngày trước

    this is music?! terrible.

  70. lily corrinne

    lily corrinne4 ngày trước

    she is so beautiful istg i’m in love❤️✋🏼




  72. Natali Borboa

    Natali Borboa4 ngày trước

    Anyone else notice the Haim sisters? I love seeing that they were there!

  73. Renee Hensley

    Renee Hensley4 ngày trước

    Love,Love, Love


    LUKE ALLEN4 ngày trước


  75. Elliot Choate

    Elliot Choate4 ngày trước

    What about the car?

  76. Sean Landis

    Sean Landis4 ngày trước

    "I got everything I wanted". She wanted a matte black Challenger. She had to wait until she was 17 to get her license because of her touring, but she got it. So that's the symbolism. The song is about her and her brother.

  77. crystal gardner

    crystal gardner4 ngày trước

    Hi I LOVED your song

  78. Fernando Carreon

    Fernando Carreon4 ngày trước

    Me wanting a hellcat redeye Billie: nice cat let's bury it 😀

  79. Adam Trombino

    Adam Trombino4 ngày trước

    Great song, and I'm not really even a big fan. She does write some really good stuff. Hopefully no Challengers were harmed in the making of this production ;)

  80. VGamer dev 123

    VGamer dev 1234 ngày trước

    Omg billie

  81. The Chosen Meme

    The Chosen Meme4 ngày trước

    King von like we not from 63rd

  82. Billie xBil

    Billie xBil4 ngày trước


  83. Billie xBil

    Billie xBil4 ngày trước


  84. Frank Sanchez

    Frank Sanchez4 ngày trước

    Billie Eilish 🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  85. Noa Saeedian

    Noa Saeedian4 ngày trước

    I love that Billie and Harry were just vibin to each others music :)

  86. Deztherato

    Deztherato4 ngày trước


  87. Perry Golston

    Perry Golston5 ngày trước

    this music trash bro

  88. Jeremiah Mourner

    Jeremiah Mourner5 ngày trước

    Why this video is not available worldwide? It's such a pity!

  89. J Danuwe

    J Danuwe5 ngày trước


  90. Pam Culver

    Pam Culver5 ngày trước

    This is a really cool song, and I love the visual of the car partly sunk in the "water" with her standing on it. Really digging the gem headpiece, too!

  91. Doge_Tacos

    Doge_Tacos5 ngày trước

    I love the depressed song

  92. Tee Ray

    Tee Ray5 ngày trước

    Like actually chills, especially when billie said" but when i wake up i see,you with me" at 2:41

  93. Alex Ramirez

    Alex Ramirez5 ngày trước


  94. Angela Silvera

    Angela Silvera5 ngày trước

    Billie eyelash

  95. BenIsMe:3 lol

    BenIsMe:3 lol5 ngày trước

    King von is not going to like the name.

  96. Craig Boley

    Craig Boley5 ngày trước

    Billie your everything I wanted I love you more than you know it

  97. Audrey Martin

    Audrey Martin5 ngày trước

    Hello Billie eilish you probably not get this because you're probably busy and you might not read the comments or if that hurted you but my best friend I asked her one time if you could meet one person in the world who would it be she said Billie eilish so I was wondering if you can come can you just text me on this VIshows comment but I'd also loved mucus and you're also one of my greatest idols

  98. Dani !

    Dani !6 ngày trước

    Can you still do Arial silks just wondering

  99. Destiny Collins

    Destiny Collins6 ngày trước

    hello :)

  100. My cook My cooks

    My cook My cooks6 ngày trước



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  102. John Wayne

    John Wayne6 ngày trước


  103. Dirtbike Logic

    Dirtbike Logic6 ngày trước

    Billie Has THE Best Song’s Without Autotune, Can We All Agree?

  104. lord dodos

    lord dodos6 ngày trước

    Shoooooooot when can we meet

  105. Jaire G

    Jaire G6 ngày trước

    Harry jamming out to Billie is something I never thought I needed but now that it exists, I'm 100% here for it

  106. Grove Street CJ

    Grove Street CJ2 ngày trước