BLACKPINK Crazy Over You Lyrics (블랙핑크 Crazy Over You 가사) [Color Coded Lyrics/Eng]

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Artist: BLACKPINK (블랙핑크)
Track: Crazy Over You
Release : 2020.10.02
Members : Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa
My bias : Jisoo
Crazy Over You
BLACKPINK Crazy Over You
블랙핑크 Crazy Over You
블랙핑크 Crazy Over You 가사
블랙핑크 Crazy Over You Lyrics
BLACKPINK Crazy Over You 가사
BLACKPINK Crazy Over You 뮤비
Crazy Over You lyrics
Crazy Over You 가사
블랙핑크 Crazy Over You
블랙핑크 Crazy Over You 가사
BLACKPINK Crazy Over You lyrics
BLACKPINK Crazy Over You 가사
BLACKPINK Crazy Over You karaoke
BLACKPINK Crazy Over You instrumental
BLACKPINK Crazy Over You inst
크레이지 오버 유 노래방
크레이지 오버 유 뮤비
크레이지 오버 유
블랙핑크 크레이지 오버 유
크레이지 오버 유 가사
블랙핑크 크레이지 오버 유 가사
BLACKPINK lead single
BLACKPINK new song
BLACKPINK comeback
블핑 컴백
블핑 크레이지 오버 유
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블핑 신곡
블랙핑크 최신곡
블랙핑크 가사
블핑 하우 유 라잌 댓
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bp Crazy Over You mv
bp Crazy Over You
블랙핑크 뮤직비디오
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카디비 블핑
블랙핑크 러브식 걸즈 가사
블랙핑크 프리티 새비지 가사
블랙핑크 러브 투 헤이트 미 가사
블랙핑크 유 네버 노 가사
블랙핑크 크레이지 오버 유 가사
블랙핑크 벳 유 워너 피쳐링 카디비 가사
블랙핑크 하우유 라이크 댓 가사
블랙핑크 아이스크림 피쳐링 셀레나고메즈 가사
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    Marija K.35 phút trước

    LIKE E E E E

  2. Audrey Gunawan

    Audrey GunawanGiờ trước

    isn't Lisa the one who sings "only you" after Jennie says "over you"? That's just what it sounded like to me, idk

  3. BKA

    BKAGiờ trước

    I love the Middle Eastern sample that they've used with the flute!! It's so catchy!!!

  4. Pee pee Poo poo

    Pee pee Poo pooGiờ trước

    What is the instrument at the beginning called?

  5. Sadiya Islam

    Sadiya Islam2 giờ trước

    2:13 ROSÉS LINE IM-

  6. Sadiya Islam

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    💔🖤💛 "We are the beautiful things that fools lose."

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    jennie's rap is very addictive

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    Dh1a5 giờ trước

    ilove you

  13. Ms. Chimmy༆

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    Somi: Ring the alarm BP: Sound the alarm

  14. Rinon Naval

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    So arabic...

  15. raa. a

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    Can you make 'love to hate me" ?

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    Tracylla Lainjih7 giờ trước

    Jisooglish.. ♡♡

  18. kpop fan

    kpop fan7 giờ trước

    Jisoo: " no no man" Jennie: " I went crazy over you" Rosé: " love me like crazy I love you crazy" Lisa: "nEvEr tHe rEgUlAr dEgUlAr"

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    @t vote for our girls blinks!!!! now!! NO TIME LEFT

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    It's really great although I'm not Blinks

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    Jennie nailed it 👍

  22. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous Person8 giờ trước

    People are saying the beat is copied from some bipasha song. Is it true?

  23. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous Person4 giờ trước

    @aiswarya j But that's what they're saying it's copied.

  24. aiswarya j

    aiswarya j5 giờ trước

    It's not copy it's a sampled it's basic muisc like India mix, arbic,etc.... A South type muisc

  25. Mitch Me23

    Mitch Me238 giờ trước

    Late but Jisoo finally has that lines she deserves 😾💖🍰

  26. Rifan Syah

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    bagus banget lagi blcakpink ini aku suka banget

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    I love jisoo

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    The vocals tho-

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    jennie thats it i have nothing else to say

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    1:15 period :)

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    Fendi putus karena gaji upah kerja tidak dibayar

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    Fendi putus karena gaji upah kerja tidak dibayar

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    I love it

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    Look at our girls after 4years all came down to this I am so proud of them💗

  39. Maryam Badar

    Maryam Badar13 giờ trước

    they have copied all the beats from other songs

  40. aiswarya j

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    Jennie 👑👑👑👑👑👑

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    i love this song because of the melody and rhythm

  43. Angelica Mae Manalo

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    bakit yung sound track asa isip kona

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    ohh cool i found it

  46. Nice Try

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    I’m living for lisa’s “aahhh ahhh” 1:00 1:49 it’s so sexy and i’m obsessed with that.

  47. amora traduçoes

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  48. Timeto Donate

    Timeto Donate18 giờ trước

    Omg! Akruti's right! They stole the beat from the Bipasha Jodi Breakers song which came out years ago.


    PRADEEP KUMAR SINGH18 giờ trước

    99% of the fandom went crazy over Jennie's I went crazy over you.

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    Jisoo's eeeee🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    I love Jisooo

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  53. m p

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    google Allegra - Tamil song. That’s where the cool tune is from..

  54. jennie kim

    jennie kim22 giờ trước

    When lisa say *never the regular degular* it's so satisfying

  55. Alyrzia

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    Jennie rap is back

  56. Jimena Ortiz

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    1:07 Likee Xd xd jajajajaja

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    The lyrics: ARE IN THE VIDEO

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    Inspired by Bollywood song (Bipasha Jodi breakers)

  61. Hfsa Fahad

    Hfsa FahadNgày trước

    This gives me strong oldish Bollywood (or maybe Tamil?) vibes yk. I can’t remember the era or even the song, but it defo reminds me of it! Esp the flute (baasuri) and the beat in the back. Pls tell me I’m not the only one

  62. Art Hobbies

    Art HobbiesNgày trước

    When I first listened to this song I thought that they did a collaboration with Selena Gomez

  63. nils sjöberg

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    jisoo's rap is amazing

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    2:14 Rose sounded like Lisa for a second oh my god

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    deberia ver una coreografia de esta cancion

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    This should be the national anthem for yanderes...

  69. Emerald Jose

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    Why is there's no talking about lisaaa!!? Gosh😩 By the way,,, LISAAAAA YOUR SO HOT LISA'S VOICE OMG!!! I JUST LIKE WANT TO BE A BOY TO MARRY MY LISA😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💗💗💗💗💗💗

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    CRAZY OVER YOU!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 BLACKPINK👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

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    I went crazy over BLACKPINK😫. Anyway the rap are very Fabolous


    CHADIA ARSALANNgày trước

    A song that resembles an Indian song bipasha basu songs🤔🤔🤔🤔


    CHADIA ARSALANNgày trước

    اغنية تشبه لاغنية بيباشا هندية

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    تشبه اغنية ملايين في مسلسل عراقي اسمه فلم هندي

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    I guess I really get crazy over u Jennie. Love u like crazy😘

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    YG is trying new BGMs. This songs intro is similar to TREASURE's Chapter 3 teaser 😘😘 Stan TREASURE stan BLACKPINK

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    Jennie we r crazy over you ❤🤩

  92. Alyrzia

    AlyrziaNgày trước

    i cant stop thinking at this song and the voicess omg lisa rap dancer jennie raper dancer cute sexy jisso unique voice pure voice rose kawaii voice and unique voice omg this is why i like this k-pop group

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    Savanah anythingNgày trước

    Jisoo: Like EEE EEE EEE Me: Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Lisa rap😍🔥

  95. ActuallyAhana!

    ActuallyAhana!Ngày trước

    jennie: i dont care cause i got what i need jisoo: like eeeee eeee eee Rosé : i love you crazy lisa: got that venom to dead him

  96. Shaine Mae

    Shaine MaeNgày trước

    Lisa's attacks makes me hype and energetic.

  97. srengenge utara

    srengenge utaraNgày trước

    Jennie's rap part is the best rap part in the album

  98. M.

    M.Ngày trước

    Get it jisooya

  99. Ram Tha Par

    Ram Tha ParNgày trước

    Black pink kinda funny lines? Jisso: Like eee eee eee Lisa: I’m locO! Rosè: I had to play it real real smo0th Jennie: Send gurls to wishing wels (I’m not trying to be mean)

  100. mas aa

    mas aaNgày trước

    The only one funny is "like ee ee eee" lol , i guess you're making of spanish because "loco" is a real word 😌

  101. Maki Somera

    Maki SomeraNgày trước

    I thought jisoo sang blackpink but its Like this wholeee timeeee

  102. bαngταn sonyεοndαn

    bαngταn sonyεοndαnNgày trước

    "if you're my man I want u to myself" ICONIC JENNIE

  103. Edith Parker

    Edith ParkerNgày trước

    I wanna make that intro sound my ringtone. Is that doable?! 😂❤️

  104. Raja Poinsite

    Raja Poinsite2 ngày trước

    2:04 best part of this song [Made me feel in Egypt]

  105. Gloria Rodriguez y Somely

    Gloria Rodriguez y Somely2 ngày trước


  106. batool basim

    batool basim2 ngày trước

    حبيت الالبوم يجنن بس لوف سيك غرلز ما حبيت وهاي فيها شي غريب مش عارفة افهمه في لحن حلو بس في مقطع ما حبيت فيها كل الحب لبلاك بينك 💜

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    Most beautiful quote ever: Like eee eee eee

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