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⚡️ Don’t wanna say it out loud, 'cause then it feels real
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▶️ Fairlane
▶️ JT Roach
🎤 Lyrics: Fairlane, ROZES & JT Roach - Out Loud
[Verse 1: ROZES]
I’ve been dragging my feet slowly
Sittin’ here waiting for you
Don’t seem to want to listen
Even when my heart knows the truth
[Pre-Chorus: ROZES]
It doesn’t matter who’s to blame
To blame, to blame
The good we had has slipped away
[Chorus: ROZES]
Don’t wanna say it out loud
'Cause then it feels real
Don’t wanna carry around
This thought that could kill
You’re easy to talk to
So why’s it so hard to break the seal
Start to heal
Don’t wanna say it out loud, 'cause then it feels real
[Verse 2: JT Roach]
Told my roommate something’s wrong
And I don’t know what to do
I could tell it was the end
When you walked into the room
[Pre-Chorus: JT Roach]
The last time I might see your face
Your face, face
I think its more than I can take
Can take
[Chorus: JT Roach]
Don’t wanna say it out loud, 'cause then it feels real
Don’t wanna carry around this thought that could kill
You’re easy to talk to
So why’s it so hard to break seal
Start to heal
Don’t wanna say it out loud, 'cause then it feels real
[Drop: ROZES & JT Roach]
You’re easy to talk to
So why’s it so hard to break the seal
Start to heal
Don’t wanna say it out loud, 'cause then it feels real
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