Finding Hope - Love (Lyrics)

Finding Hope - Love
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(I love you, oooohhh)
(I love you, oooohhh)
(Verse 1):
I've said it before, I'll say it again
I wish we were more than friends
You know I love the way you dress
you know I love your style
Every moment I'm with you
I can't help but smile
I've thought it before, I'll think it again
When will we stop playing pretend?
Wishing you would just make up your mind
Let me love you and we'll be alright
I know I can't keep chasing after you
if you don't feel some way
Or feel the same about me
I know I can't keep chasing after you
And babe if that's the case, just know that
(I love you, oooohhh)
(I love you, oooohhh)
(I love you, oooohhh)
(I love you, oooohhh)
Finding Hope
Finding Hope Lyrics
Love Lyrics
Finding Hope Love
Love Finding Hope
Finding Hope Love Lyrics
Love Finding Hope Lyrics
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    Can anyone of you please tell me the chords of this song on guitar 🎸🎸 please

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    From Indonesian love❤️

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    Jahin Sami26 ngày trước

    If my loved person could understand the words and my feelings. But, she is gone with another and i took it normally

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    oh my god so good

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    From Malaysia love 😍❤

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    First time I heard I cried what a beautiful song❤️

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    iloveyou, iloveyou i've said it before, i'll say it again i wish we were more than friends🌸

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    Loved this song when it came out. Fun to see it again on the youtubes

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    maik27 ngày trước

    Wow! TheGoodVibe is playing some Finding Hope. This is actually one of the first songs I heard by them, which was an instant like. I've been a fan of Find Hope for a couple of years now. Amaing, talented artist 😌🙏🏾

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    The sad thing is half of us are to scared to share our feelings. .. 💔

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