How to make 230V 5000W Free Energy

How to make 230V 5000W Free Energy


  1. mario costa

    mario costa2 giờ trước

    Primo, la batteria fornisce energia Secondo, chi mi dice che sotto la tavola di legno non si cela un collegamento nascosto

  2. Maztarto Beteng

    Maztarto Beteng2 giờ trước

    Anggere prakteke nggo lem bakar ngono kui mesthi ming pret

  3. Ton Cristobal

    Ton Cristobal3 giờ trước

    If this is true, then buy a 220v charger with 9 volts output and plug it in the socket. Only then you can say that its a free energy. Anyway, nice try but............ Don't me! Ha ha!

  4. suka nonton

    suka nonton3 giờ trước

    Bukan free energi

  5. Marco Ludovici

    Marco Ludovici4 giờ trước

    That's a fake. 5000 watt is 50 lamps of 100 w by one. In phisic nothing is created nothing is destroyed. The battery may be sustain the motor few minutes. The transformer ol neon lamp is not indicated for that specific use. In other words DON'T WORKS !!!! So in Italy we say: MMAAVVAAFFAANNCCUULLO !!!!


    THEMADPROFdj4 giờ trước

    OKAY... I don't know any language other than Eng. SO, in case it wasn't mentioned, and assuming that you, @3 Technology, aren't a fake (praises if you are for real and not a waste of mind)... Why not simply power the motor with the unused (primary or secondary) windings of the same transformer to truly be "free" energy? Despite the slight drop in output to your design due to inductance, using the untapped circuit available can only be a + gain. Even say, if, you aren't over stating the wattage output, the additional gain from the unused transformer coil could either be ran through 2 diodes and fed to assist a smaller battery, or, ran strait into an A.C. motor. However, if you have more input sources than your video reveals... Simply combine all of your inputs in parallel, take the resulting 2 leads and shove the - lead into a dark, moist area (of your choice) at the base of your spine. Then, at the top of your spine, repeat the latter, using the + lead. An eye socket is highly recommended.

  7. Khadori Dori

    Khadori Dori4 giờ trước

    Travonya berapa amphere

  8. Mohamed Abdij kader

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  10. ahmed ahmed

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    EFRIANDRI DASMIL8 giờ trước

    you pay for battery cell that no free

  12. Rogelio Pagal

    Rogelio Pagal9 giờ trước

    Wala kang maloloko dito

  13. Saras wati

    Saras wati11 giờ trước

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  14. Darsono Sasa

    Darsono Sasa12 giờ trước

    Ndablong lah

  15. Саня Заикин

    Саня Заикин13 giờ trước

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  16. Garry Brewster

    Garry Brewster14 giờ trước

    so' this device can generate power for itself, really can it ?????

  17. Video Tự Học

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  18. Kandar D'kanju

    Kandar D'kanju15 giờ trước

    how long can the battery charge last sir ??

  19. Раджа Хабибович

    Раджа Хабибович21 giờ trước

    Красава. Все просто . Спасибо

  20. habi aulia

    habi aulia22 giờ trước

    Mantaf kali bang

  21. Dwi Ananto Widjojo

    Dwi Ananto WidjojoNgày trước

    Theoretically correct. The coil that is close to a moving magnet will generate electricity. I just do not believe that it could produce 5000 watt electrical energy.

  22. Ali Hassan

    Ali HassanNgày trước


  23. ابوبندر الهلالي

    ابوبندر الهلاليNgày trước

    How long does it work?

  24. engin yılmaz

    engin yılmazNgày trước

    ne kadar sure kullanılır

  25. István Hangay

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  26. Marno Brengz

    Marno BrengzNgày trước

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  27. paul mulenga

    paul mulengaNgày trước

    Don't believe it

  28. Jerry Forbes

    Jerry ForbesNgày trước

    Magnitism.yes.its produce electricity.but not free anergy.

  29. Raju Marappan

    Raju MarappanNgày trước

    Very nice demo. Thanks for the information. If you provide 3 core wire connection will more useful for us.

  30. Buda Swara

    Buda SwaraNgày trước

    Just laugh 4 the stupid prank.

  31. DA big GUARDIAN

    DA big GUARDIANNgày trước

    You still believe you are not stupid? Lol!! Is there anything still worst?!!

  32. DA big GUARDIAN

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  33. duy khanh bui

    duy khanh buiNgày trước

    Good video thank. Liek

  34. na pcdosa

    na pcdosaNgày trước

    input power=Battery 9V output power=230V This is NOT free Energy!

  35. Black Cat Kuro

    Black Cat KuroNgày trước

    hey, what u mean 5000 watt? you only testing 2pcs of light bulb in your video. cuz i thought 5000 watts means equal to lot lots of light bulbs , tho

  36. subrat dash

    subrat dashNgày trước

    Motor kitna ram ka

  37. Dinesh Patel

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  48. Saleh Mohammad Mollick

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  51. Jim Sutherland

    Jim Sutherland2 ngày trước

    Oh Ya This works I run my whole house and my neighbors in mid winter on a nine volt battery for a month

  52. Adih rosana

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  53. Shahzad Mehr

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  54. suwalji walji

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  55. Fil2fip

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  57. Ali Nizam

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  58. Kostas Dapergolas

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  59. Claude Duchêne

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  60. Kamal Chhetri

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  61. merlin ESSOU

    merlin ESSOU3 ngày trước

    hello, best device but i'm not show about the 5000 watt. please use an ampermeter to mesure the amper, we want to see it in direct...

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  65. Stefan Petrea

    Stefan Petrea3 ngày trước

    It is not free, not 5Kw, not new. It is an old school DC to AC converter


    JAKIRUL ISLAM3 ngày trước

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  78. Vivino Alphonso

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    How long does the battery last?

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  88. Sergio Ivan Rojas

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  90. Jun Lila

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