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  1. XiaoLin cartoon

    XiaoLin cartoon2 ngày trước

    my latest video:

  2. Ravi shikh ravi shikh %daleep shikh

    Ravi shikh ravi shikh %daleep shikh5 giờ trước



    HOT TOPICS9 giờ trước

    background music name plz🙏🏻

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  5. Hung Nguyen

    Hung NguyenNgày trước

    @Sujay Dasgupta 5plcih mn😗🤔😥😅🤔😣😑😋😎😆

  6. Diljo Salja

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  7. Muneer unissa

    Muneer unissa46 giây trước

    Do not give negativity to mom or dad both are good and god gifted

  8. Mehdi Veisi

    Mehdi Veisi33 phút trước

    Parents these days are just those can bring another poor guy into this terrible world of ours


    TOXIC OP58 phút trước

    Song name? Plz

  10. grand canyon

    grand canyonGiờ trước

    F L O A T

  11. i am smiling

    i am smilingGiờ trước


  12. Ruby Rico

    Ruby RicoGiờ trước

    Mother is right she are the light of the family

  13. Hi There

    Hi ThereGiờ trước

    I would let them place the things and help them to claim

  14. Дана Иршат

    Дана ИршатGiờ trước

    Father of mom

  15. Poulami Das

    Poulami DasGiờ trước

    Donot compare with mother and father


    LAVANYA A C2 giờ trước

    I wil choose dad

  17. Karthi keyan N

    Karthi keyan N2 giờ trước

    Father mother all are good

  18. kamal kamal

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  19. ストライク

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  20. Tabhai 1010

    Tabhai 10102 giờ trước

    What kind of English was used in this video

  21. ShahbaZ

    ShahbaZ3 giờ trước

    Its not true life of a child needs mom and dad beacuse mom cant afford too many things and dad cant give time to play abd love her we need mom and dad both in our llife

  22. Neha Brahmbhattshah

    Neha Brahmbhattshah3 giờ trước

    I like my mother and father both

  23. Tugsbileg Enkhzorigt

    Tugsbileg Enkhzorigt3 giờ trước

    what is the point

  24. Anuradha Kotha

    Anuradha Kotha3 giờ trước

    I don't like only mom

  25. bloody_fang

    bloody_fang3 giờ trước

    Why not to jump backward

  26. Alan K

    Alan K4 giờ trước

    That Inuyasha music tho

  27. Kausar Fazin

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  28. Shankar Mundari

    Shankar Mundari4 giờ trước

    How you are saying that mom love her child more than dad 😠both mom and dad give love ❤equally

  29. pari , Bhoyar

    pari , Bhoyar4 giờ trước


  30. rrpros Reyhan .gaming

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  31. Hermione Diestro

    Hermione Diestro4 giờ trước

    " The father feeds HIM well and happily " i thought its daughter?

  32. Bunga Wati

    Bunga Wati5 giờ trước

    Ke ibu aja

  33. Richard Perea

    Richard Perea5 giờ trước

    Ok but like as a kid coming from just a mom, why don't you just have both of your parents?

  34. You're breathtaking

    You're breathtaking5 giờ trước


  35. Aa Sulaeman Sulmadi

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  36. bambang rustian

    bambang rustian5 giờ trước

    Ariko riko

  37. bappa roy

    bappa roy6 giờ trước

    ilove both

  38. Bhuvik Chhikara

    Bhuvik Chhikara6 giờ trước

    I will chose both

  39. Shrreya Ramesh

    Shrreya Ramesh6 giờ trước

    I am a daughter and IF am in a situation like this I will choose mom.

  40. Janvi Verma

    Janvi Verma6 giờ trước

    I chose both because we can't live without father or without mother

  41. biriyani 65

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    DANIA KHAIRI7 giờ trước


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  45. 7G30Nikhil Kumar

    7G30Nikhil Kumar7 giờ trước

    Moral: pls don't buy very big phone and let no daughter fly on the book.

  46. RandomeGuy_0

    RandomeGuy_07 giờ trước

    At end : *mom... I stuck* If she picked dad : *dad... I can fly, mom can i study?*

  47. Shariq Khan

    Shariq Khan7 giờ trước

    Father ❤️ my

  48. Joseph Flor

    Joseph Flor7 giờ trước


  49. Gautam Kumar

    Gautam Kumar7 giờ trước

    Kuch bhi ...

  50. Shalini Jha

    Shalini Jha8 giờ trước

    If I had to choose one then I'll die because I love both my mom and dad and I don't want to stay with only one, I want both of them.

  51. TG5 Zoom

    TG5 Zoom8 giờ trước

    Can we just talk about the fact that now the kid has a phone which she will use too much spoiling her. Yea nice job MOM

  52. cartoon cat

    cartoon cat8 giờ trước


  53. maninder singh

    maninder singh8 giờ trước

    Can you do please violent and grey

  54. Suzi Qureshi

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  55. source watcher

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  56. hamu

    hamu8 giờ trước

  57. Noora Ibrahim

    Noora Ibrahim9 giờ trước

    I love my mom and dad

  58. Srajan Sj

    Srajan Sj9 giờ trước

    The thing is WHY would you wanna choose? These asians

  59. ramireddy ramireddy

    ramireddy ramireddy9 giờ trước


  60. Punya

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  61. rat man

    rat man9 giờ trước

    What does this shit mean anyways?

  62. Nico Ringo

    Nico Ringo10 giờ trước

    Punya aja

  63. Gamze Akbaş

    Gamze Akbaş10 giờ trước


  64. Hari Wibowo2

    Hari Wibowo210 giờ trước

    wtf, i believe that 90's animation are better than this

  65. Ameera Fatima Ansari

    Ameera Fatima Ansari10 giờ trước

    Choices become hard when your parents get divorced


    KNIGHT ALPHA10 giờ trước

    I choose both

  67. Fathima hakeem

    Fathima hakeem10 giờ trước

    There's no comparison between mom and dad

  68. Sai Ghadi

    Sai Ghadi10 giờ trước


  69. Tofan Singh

    Tofan Singh11 giờ trước

    Mom dad

  70. singhshailesh 112

    singhshailesh 11211 giờ trước

    Want to die not of mom or

  71. HUEM SIU

    HUEM SIU11 giờ trước


  72. Tannu Kumari

    Tannu Kumari11 giờ trước

    I love my mom dad ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  73. Rohan

    Rohan11 giờ trước


  74. Knowledge And Tips

    Knowledge And Tips12 giờ trước

    A child have to love his/her own parents/family How would a child be happy/live in a land without family?

  75. Akash Kumar

    Akash Kumar12 giờ trước

    I'm choose Mom

  76. Ur Sus -Rooney

    Ur Sus -Rooney12 giờ trước

    *The kid goes down* "this Is fine"

  77. Jonnah Mae

    Jonnah Mae12 giờ trước


  78. Hago Sofyan

    Hago Sofyan12 giờ trước

    Real father ❤

  79. Kimetsu Simp

    Kimetsu Simp13 giờ trước

    The grammar is so good🤣

  80. Gian Sander Mayol

    Gian Sander Mayol13 giờ trước

    alt title: how to spoil your child

  81. reyben sercedillo

    reyben sercedillo13 giờ trước

    If my parents did this to me i will pick my mom and dad because i love my parents no mattet what❤💙💗💖

  82. Nazwah Malika

    Nazwah Malika13 giờ trước


  83. foofy the furry

    foofy the furry13 giờ trước

    So what the f*ck is the lesson? There is usually some bs lesson at the end of these

  84. Indah Icha

    Indah Icha13 giờ trước


  85. Sati Chotim

    Sati Chotim14 giờ trước

    Bagus banget

  86. أرجوان فهيد

    أرجوان فهيد14 giờ trước

    انا امي

  87. janie bloomberg

    janie bloomberg15 giờ trước

    dad better

  88. مريم مريم

    مريم مريم15 giờ trước

    الام محد يعوض حنانهة انة اختار امي بكل الوجود بس بابا هم احبة

  89. Iris mae Colico

    Iris mae Colico15 giờ trước

    my latest video

  90. Maria Santos Diniz

    Maria Santos Diniz15 giờ trước


  91. be natural

    be natural16 giờ trước

    I will choose dad

  92. yellow Imposter monster

    yellow Imposter monster16 giờ trước

    Why can't they go together

  93. Tariq Khan

    Tariq Khan19 giờ trước

    I need both my parents

  94. Lukáš Grim

    Lukáš Grim19 giờ trước

    Why dad was that who wasnt good?

  95. Devon Parris

    Devon Parris20 giờ trước


  96. Kevin Fontalvo

    Kevin Fontalvo20 giờ trước


  97. Mara

    Mara20 giờ trước

    No joke, I have no idea what the moral is supposed to be...

  98. Gl¡tch An

    Gl¡tch An21 giờ trước

    Is no one gonna talk about the daughters brown hair even though her mother has black hair and her father has dark purple/blue hair :/

  99. El Acechador

    El Acechador21 giờ trước

    Omg rescue your daughter 😭😭😭

  100. Rajesh Behera

    Rajesh Behera21 giờ trước

    Father is the best,he is good guider into mother

  101. Rajesh Behera

    Rajesh Behera21 giờ trước

    It is not true

  102. ブロリー大好き

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    CHITHRA.N CHITHRA.N22 giờ trước

    I love my papa

  104. Nightmare Sus 0.0

    Nightmare Sus 0.023 giờ trước

    What the fuck is that


    SPIRIT GAMERZ23 giờ trước