Jamie Vardy: Premier League 100 Club - Every Goal

Enjoy all the goals Jamie Vardy scored in the Premier League to reach the 100 club!


  1. John French

    John FrenchNgày trước

    Man u should have signed this man he epitomises the core of the club.

  2. hafiz yusof

    hafiz yusofNgày trước

    after so many years,only this guy succeed to broke the van nistelrooy record for non stop scoring goal for every match in epl!hail king vardy!

  3. Uriel F

    Uriel FNgày trước

    He shows no fear on penalty

  4. TheStamfordFox

    TheStamfordFox3 ngày trước

    Just because someone is short does not mean you leave them out on something they would like to do Jamie you are a legend do not give up on your dream keep going vardy the foxes love you!

  5. Orlando Or

    Orlando Or6 ngày trước

    Jamie Vardy, the best striker in the Premier League ... The best player!!!

  6. Fredi Gogoli

    Fredi Gogoli6 ngày trước



    MANISH MAGAR6 ngày trước

    He knows how to score and he knows how to celebrate the goal..👍👍👍

  8. Mike Barrett

    Mike Barrett7 ngày trước

    No.9 vardy no.46 Rossi = the best of the best👍

  9. Dan Wheeler

    Dan Wheeler8 ngày trước

    Pace, finishing, cool head, great skill. My favourite goal for sheer skill is #56 at @.

  10. Ben Lewis

    Ben Lewis9 ngày trước

    Legend absolute legend

  11. Eris Pera

    Eris Pera12 ngày trước

    The tormentor of the big 6! Class striker

  12. Flavien Bonjean

    Flavien Bonjean13 ngày trước

    Authentic player. 💪

  13. Dara O Brien

    Dara O Brien13 ngày trước

    One of the best 53 minutes I ever spent on VIshows

  14. Günter Albrecht

    Günter Albrecht13 ngày trước

    Typical Vardy : Mocks the opposition’s fans whenever he scores Covid Vardy : ⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

  15. Dede Maspar

    Dede Maspar14 ngày trước

    Every goals its full of passion... 👍

  16. clueless

    clueless16 ngày trước

    He the best at running in behind that I’ve ever seen. That’s amazing especially because strikers don’t play like that anymore

  17. clueless

    clueless16 ngày trước

    I’ve never heard a stadium erupt like it did when Vardy scored the 11th. Just listen to it

  18. Atomickitten 0205

    Atomickitten 020516 ngày trước

    Jamie Vardy the last man standing from Leicester fairy tale EPL Champions 15-16 squad

  19. Ægge Salaten William

    Ægge Salaten William17 ngày trước

    the only man who could beat dawood al saaed

  20. Angel Tisa

    Angel Tisa17 ngày trước

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  21. Christopher Crawford

    Christopher Crawford19 ngày trước

    I have to say, I cannot stand the (main) commentator. Absolutely no nuance in his voice - just one shouted tone, on and on, a monotone - and what he shouts lacks insight or anything useful. His little pre-prepared "soundbites" are awful too. HOW on earth did he get the job? I almost cannot watch football when he's commentating, it ruins everything. The commentator at 2:24 Also, Vardy reminds me of L. Suarez. He has that kind of Tasmanian devil menace that defences cannot handle, added to lethal, pinpoint finishing.

  22. Imanuel Febry

    Imanuel Febry20 ngày trước

    Jamie Vardy is F. Inzaghi upgraded version.

  23. Chris Alcartrez

    Chris Alcartrez20 ngày trước

    McGregor is good at soccer

  24. Lefr Uug

    Lefr Uug20 ngày trước

    لاعب كبير وحماسه رهيببببب

  25. Dy Silva

    Dy Silva21 ngày trước

    The best Fifa 2021.

  26. essenchial

    essenchial21 ngày trước

    Thank you King Power for creating this magic team...

  27. Felipe Artista

    Felipe Artista22 ngày trước

    After watching these goals I was reminded of the sweet football Leicester City plays, even though they are selling good players every season. It also makes me wonder why Demari Grey was allowed to leave, he's skilfull, smart, speedy and has played a major role in many of Vardy's goals.


    HALU STUDIO22 ngày trước

    Lord allison

  29. cemek Chenel

    cemek Chenel23 ngày trước


  30. SD Gs

    SD Gs23 ngày trước

    Vardy × Okazaki ❤️

  31. Daniel11_

    Daniel11_24 ngày trước


  32. Bean-Berry Hodzen

    Bean-Berry Hodzen25 ngày trước

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  33. Bean-Berry Hodzen

    Bean-Berry Hodzen25 ngày trước

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  34. Alec Reiss

    Alec Reiss25 ngày trước

    What an absolute weapon this man is.

  35. EffB.O'94

    EffB.O'9426 ngày trước

    29:29 Finding Vardy part 59 lol 34:50 fire celebration, should backflip more often haha Best thing about Vardy - apart from his elite movement and finishing lol - is that even tho he comes off as a prick to opposition fans I've never seen him cuss out a teammate for not giving him the ball like loads of other strikers do, he runs tirelessly with no complaints and is a proper team player, one of my favourite players to watch👌🏿


    HARD x SKILLS29 ngày trước

    Интересно а были ли у Варди и махреза интимные отношения)

  37. thegiftedmedia

    thegiftedmediaTháng trước

    He could start for any team in the world with his finishing skills.

  38. Mahmut Gök

    Mahmut GökTháng trước

    Beleşçi hakan şükür gibi

  39. Too Iove ru tooloveru

    Too Iove ru tooloveruTháng trước


  40. Саня Симонов

    Саня СимоновTháng trước

    Молодчик. И все голы не херовые такие, даже пенки

  41. Mateus LOUD

    Mateus LOUDTháng trước


  42. Alex Sky

    Alex SkyTháng trước


  43. ทองแดง ฟันขาว

    ทองแดง ฟันขาวTháng trước

    So hot 🔥

  44. Shashwat Siddhant

    Shashwat SiddhantTháng trước

    12:55 is Shithousery 101 from Professor Vardy

  45. Nicholas Dimas

    Nicholas DimasTháng trước

    i always love how vardy run and spread his arms to celebrate after scoring a goal, one of the best 👌👌

  46. george papathanasiou

    george papathanasiouTháng trước


  47. ST-11 Goal

    ST-11 GoalTháng trước

    He had the best skills to finish the goal

  48. Oliver Sampson

    Oliver SampsonTháng trước


  49. Jack Wright

    Jack WrightTháng trước

    4 mins in anyone else remember when Virgil played for Southampton come on you blues

  50. Clark Kent

    Clark KentTháng trước

    My Favorite striker in the world The only player i wanted from the premiere league for real madrid What a legend 👏🏽👏🏽

  51. Mister Trousers

    Mister TrousersTháng trước

    The reason why Leicester do so well in the Premier League - one word: Vardy

  52. FlyingOver

    FlyingOverTháng trước


  53. kieron kealy

    kieron kealyTháng trước

    The "top 6" teams must hate I Him haha hes a fucking legend

  54. Jaruphot Yasopha

    Jaruphot YasophaTháng trước


  55. KingDoms Kingdom1985

    KingDoms Kingdom1985Tháng trước

    We really do play some beautiful football at times, i can see why our club is gaining alot more fans worldwide. It's a brilliant time to be a Leicester supporter.

  56. Back Up

    Back UpTháng trước

    Man I really liked that 19-20 kit. Fresh blue kit and clean white shorts. They mixed so well together

  57. Ridzwan Rathe

    Ridzwan RatheTháng trước

    My kind of striker. One of the best strikers in EPL all time ever. Really quick, high technical scoring ability, agile, fiery enthusiasm.

  58. DONPTV

    DONPTVTháng trước

    For me, he's the second best English striker of the premier league era, behind Shearer, and up there all time. Im not even a Leicester fan. Class act he is.

  59. Yong Lim

    Yong LimTháng trước

    He should be higher in FIFA

  60. Pipe Blue

    Pipe BlueTháng trước

    Yeeeeeeeee gooo vardyyy

  61. Manager Santuy

    Manager SantuyTháng trước

    the moment when leicester city won the english league was something that amazed me. who used to know jamy vardy? he was transformed into a respected figure, tired of the habit that a rich club always controlled the league. in my content too, I play a small team. success for all the small teams

  62. karl harvey

    karl harveyTháng trước

    I like vardy, came from nowhere he can run and finish, a much better all round striker than kane, I'd pick vardy for the current England squad over any other current striker

  63. Riyad Yala

    Riyad YalaTháng trước

    the bigest duo: mahrez and vardy

  64. Talumewo Excelsis

    Talumewo ExcelsisTháng trước

    Happy Birthday Vardy 🎉

  65. Narayan Aidan

    Narayan AidanTháng trước

    i think vardy can win the next ballon dor

  66. Dan Venezia

    Dan VeneziaTháng trước

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  67. alan lu

    alan luTháng trước

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  68. Caobao Ngan

    Caobao NganTháng trước

    Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

  69. future Dad

    future DadTháng trước

    Jamie Vardy penalty is better than Jorginho and Bruno Fernandes.

  70. Shivam Kabra

    Shivam KabraTháng trước

    Unbelievable striker 🙌🙌

  71. Omer Adil

    Omer AdilTháng trước

    Firmly finishes, he's not messing about

  72. Najib Yazid

    Najib YazidTháng trước

    Traditional england striker,,,,jammy vardy,,,,

  73. Gurung TYAU

    Gurung TYAUTháng trước

    What ever other people say about him but vardy is a very good good striker.

  74. HomeworkYou ForgotToDo

    HomeworkYou ForgotToDoTháng trước

    6:15 69 ;))

  75. Omizzle

    OmizzleTháng trước

    Him scoring against man United to break van nistlerooys record is purley magical. coming from a Man U fan


    RATAN RANATháng trước

    8:03 goosebumps everytime the best of commentry

  77. Alejandro Golt

    Alejandro GoltTháng trước

    Leicester have had some great strikers down the years and I've followed them since the 60's but this man blows them all out of the water.. Could play easily for any top club In England or In Europe.. In fact, He's turned Leicester into a top club..

  78. Riza Bustomi

    Riza BustomiTháng trước

    Fighting Spirit, full speed & full power

  79. Ruu Rocks

    Ruu RocksTháng trước

    seneng kalo lihat vardy main, selalu penuh semangat & ber api api

  80. Patinya Galaxynote

    Patinya Galaxynote2 tháng trước

    World class

  81. Houssameddine Sehili

    Houssameddine Sehili2 tháng trước

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️FROM 🇩🇿 🇩🇿 🇩🇿 🇩🇿 🇩🇿

  82. Ozwell Spencer

    Ozwell Spencer2 tháng trước

    It says a lot that the goal which broke Van Nistelrooy's record was only his 19th top flight goal ever.

  83. Dominik Birtić

    Dominik Birtić2 tháng trước

    Premier league legend

  84. tubethis777

    tubethis7772 tháng trước

    I love the team support Vardy has

  85. Егор Sithnin

    Егор Sithnin2 tháng trước

    I imagine, how many young players in small towns all over the world has to believe in their dreams just because of Jamie Vardy career. My favorite English player after Beckham and Rooney.

  86. Samsak Disam

    Samsak Disam2 tháng trước

    Love Jamie vardy From Thailand🇹🇭

  87. Samsak Disam

    Samsak Disam2 tháng trước


  88. memes dz

    memes dz2 tháng trước

    mahrez ✌️💚

  89. eXtreme Official

    eXtreme Official2 tháng trước


  90. Antonio Banderas

    Antonio Banderas2 tháng trước

    Jamie is the BEAST!!! Love to watch him!!!!!!Killer instinct!! Respect from Kazakhstan to FOXS' LEGEND!!!!


    THE GAMER2 tháng trước

    BEST JAMIE VARDY MOMENTS vishows.info/project/video/p6mky8t-n4uK3p4.html

  92. Banana Blooper

    Banana Blooper2 tháng trước

    1:13 who? who? FUCKING ME!

  93. Bird Bodyslam

    Bird Bodyslam2 tháng trước


  94. Jesse Cordero

    Jesse Cordero2 tháng trước

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  95. Legit Paircaptcha

    Legit Paircaptcha2 tháng trước

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  96. Broken English

    Broken English2 tháng trước

    Better than Kane, England shud have played him in the WC instead of Sterling

  97. maklouf haba

    maklouf haba2 tháng trước

    the best goal is against Liverpool, I don't know how Mahrez saw vardy but the goal was really magnificent.

  98. Rafiq Syukri

    Rafiq Syukri2 tháng trước

    can LCFC make a movie about him? cause it would be worth to watch it

  99. Ioan Vladimirov

    Ioan Vladimirov2 tháng trước


  100. Brian B

    Brian B2 tháng trước

    Should have been edited better. No need to see 4 or 5 different angles of a tap in goal.