Lana Del Rey - Summertime The Gershwin Version

Lana Del Rey - Summertime (The Gershwin Version)
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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Summertime The Gershwin Version. © 2020 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited


  1. qwerty qwerty

    qwerty qwerty3 giờ trước

    What a Masterpiece!!!

  2. a can of beans

    a can of beans5 giờ trước

    imagine a lana and adele collab

  3. EuropeanSon

    EuropeanSon10 giờ trước

    although George Gershwin is a composer, listen to the original vocal version by The Zombies. Nice vibe

  4. Quinn Travers

    Quinn Travers12 giờ trước

    I love this woman so much

  5. Steven Hartling

    Steven Hartling17 giờ trước

    Am I the only one distracted by the weird al lookalike in her posse?

  6. jessandkurt

    jessandkurtNgày trước

    like this remake, different kinda spin...

  7. Baby Irene

    Baby Irene3 ngày trước

    Hmm. Having 3 women of colour who can sing circles around you but they're backing you up. Hmmm. That's really not a good look anymore.

  8. Kryojenix

    Kryojenix3 ngày trước

    Wait, I thought this was going to be a parody spoof by someone else...

  9. sultan

    sultan4 ngày trước

    i love that she had a song called summer time sadness now this

  10. B TS

    B TS5 ngày trước 🎶🍀💐

  11. chiara

    chiara5 ngày trước

    This is such a good cover

  12. V A L E N T I N A

    V A L E N T I N A5 ngày trước

    This song makes me feel like I’m the main character in the 1920s and I’m slowly seducing the enemy into telling me all their deepest secrets and acting innocent but actually being deadly just so I can destroy them and then I kill the enemy and drive off into the sunset in my antique convertible smoking a cigar with my hair blowing in the wind. That’s sounds really dramatic🤭

  13. Sofia

    Sofia5 ngày trước


  14. troy williams

    troy williams6 ngày trước

    I love this song

  15. Baby May

    Baby May6 ngày trước

    Summertime, the Lizzy Grant version

  16. Top Lobster

    Top Lobster6 ngày trước

    Omg love this girl crush or what ❤️😍👀😍🤗💋👱🏻‍♀️💫⭐️✨🌟⚡️💥☀️🔥

  17. Gysselle

    Gysselle7 ngày trước

    Alright, I’m going to need an album from her covering Ella, Billie, Etta, Dinah, Louie, Sinatra, and Elvis 😭💗💗

  18. sophie james

    sophie james7 ngày trước

    I know she didn't write this, but I feel like it's a personal song to her. Possibly something she would tell her younger self if she had the chance, ya know? idk

  19. Nicolas Jurado

    Nicolas Jurado8 ngày trước

    Lana looks amazing with blonde hair

  20. Hukma

    Hukma8 ngày trước

    lana killed it!

  21. thewelcometochannel

    thewelcometochannel9 ngày trước

    This hair color looks so stunning on her!!!

  22. Seth Gregory

    Seth Gregory9 ngày trước

    She’s done it again 👏👏

  23. CAESAR IS GOD muhammad is a loser

    CAESAR IS GOD muhammad is a loser9 ngày trước

    Discussing her track "F--ked My Way Up to the Top," Lana Del Rey admitted sleeping with a lot of people in the music industry, calling it annoying that none of them got her record deals. Asked by Complex to comment on the tune, Lana noted, "It's commentary, like, 'I know what you think of me,' and I'm alluding to that. You know, I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals. Which is annoying." "My best friends are rappers my boyfriends have been rappers."

  24. CAESAR IS GOD muhammad is a loser

    CAESAR IS GOD muhammad is a loser9 ngày trước


  25. Denise Fields

    Denise Fields9 ngày trước

    Summertime Lana Del Rey

  26. mariana melim

    mariana melim10 ngày trước


  27. mariana melim

    mariana melim10 ngày trước


  28. mariana melim

    mariana melim10 ngày trước


  29. Badtingyi

    Badtingyi10 ngày trước

    Hello, everybody, welcome to my youtube channel,i love lana too

  30. McKenzie Lynora

    McKenzie Lynora10 ngày trước

    I love this so much. My grandmother used to sing me this all the time growing up in the summertime, and Lana doing a cover makes it even more special ❤️

  31. Shawaiz hassan

    Shawaiz hassan11 ngày trước

    I can't even believe songs like this exist. Anonymous but gives peace😍

  32. Shanzay Khan

    Shanzay Khan11 ngày trước

    She should keep her hair like this

  33. Kata Fási

    Kata Fási11 ngày trước


  34. Inga and the Planet

    Inga and the Planet11 ngày trước

    This is incredible. The vocals are everything

  35. Gabriele Machado

    Gabriele Machado11 ngày trước


  36. Stephanie AR

    Stephanie AR11 ngày trước

    Ojo con mi chica ❤

  37. chilloutcockney

    chilloutcockney11 ngày trước

    I like her but def prefer other older versions of this song.

  38. Gwen Blakiston

    Gwen Blakiston4 ngày trước

    I want everyone to listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong sing this.

  39. Marga Altsächsin

    Marga Altsächsin12 ngày trước

    Lana is awaken .... their songs will be our new hymne! I am a nearly 60 year old german women, we have a farm, and I am melting for each of her words!! Oh, I love her!

  40. Amoura Copney

    Amoura Copney12 ngày trước

    Anyone else here first heard this song from annie Lennox?? 🥰🥰🥰🥰 i loved it then and this just made me love it a little more

  41. Emi GN

    Emi GN12 ngày trước

    Holy shit

  42. kaz

    kaz12 ngày trước

    I just can't ever get enough of your voice and the aura you put out😍

  43. Nehir

    Nehir12 ngày trước

    "All I hear is Billie Holiday. It's all that I play."

  44. Afonso Vieira

    Afonso Vieira12 ngày trước

    *where is the cover album promised for Christmas?*

  45. Jasmina Gilbert

    Jasmina Gilbert13 ngày trước

    Love her new hair!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  46. am _7

    am _713 ngày trước

    Lana want live at past

  47. Yannick Jones

    Yannick Jones13 ngày trước

    This is fucking amazing.

  48. Dorina

    Dorina13 ngày trước

    Ella Fitzgerald is spinning in her grave now...

  49. Victtor Rocha

    Victtor Rocha13 ngày trước

    Summertime And the livin' is easy Fish are jumpin' And the cotton is high Oh, your daddy, he's rich And your mamma, she's good lookin' So hush little baby Don't you cry One of these mornings You're gonna rise up singing You're gonna spread your wings And take, and take to the sky Until that morning Ain't nothing can harm you With daddy and mamma standing by

  50. Sara

    Sara13 ngày trước

    Copying janis joplin lol

  51. aleksandr malahov

    aleksandr malahov13 ngày trước

    обалденно и бесподобно ...

  52. Natalie

    Natalie13 ngày trước

    fuckin beautiful

  53. Gavin Rodgers

    Gavin Rodgers13 ngày trước

    Dear Lana, plz do a full Jazz cover album in which you do more covers of Billie Holiday, Etta James, and maybe even Edith Piaf 🥺 this song + Honeymoon is proof that you can kill Jazz❤️

  54. fabian duarte

    fabian duarte14 ngày trước

    lana del plagio tocando jazz xdddd

  55. Priesthood Worshipper

    Priesthood Worshipper14 ngày trước

    Whenever i listen to Lana i feel like im transported to the mid 20th centuries..i truly love the feeling

  56. James Roachj

    James Roachj14 ngày trước

    Wow I Really Liked This

  57. fabian duarte

    fabian duarte14 ngày trước

    ella fitzgerald

  58. Chloe Adams

    Chloe Adams14 ngày trước

    Someone's learnt about AI :)

  59. Shawn Bay

    Shawn Bay14 ngày trước

    The style of this song sounds like every Lana era mashed into one. Honestly every line sounds familiar, but I don’t know where they came from. AND I LOVE IT!!

  60. fabian duarte

    fabian duarte14 ngày trước

    it is a cover of a popular song called summertime, obviously not hers.

  61. Brook Bergsma

    Brook Bergsma14 ngày trước

    I like how Lana shows the power of softer voice

  62. Meonica Clemons

    Meonica Clemons14 ngày trước

    Didn’t know I need this but here we are .

  63. dgmaffi

    dgmaffi14 ngày trước

    Pure class with a dash of sass.

  64. Cecilia Ramos

    Cecilia Ramos14 ngày trước


  65. Shy Kai

    Shy Kai14 ngày trước

    Ugh my soul lights up like a sky full of stars when I hear her voice ugh 🥺 💕

  66. Mya Cason

    Mya Cason14 ngày trước

    This is actual voice witch is amazing, no auto tune here

  67. Stephanie AR

    Stephanie AR14 ngày trước

  68. Aar Kay

    Aar Kay14 ngày trước

    Lana getting older-Yes Lana getting prettier-Yes ❤️

  69. Mark Joshua De Guzman

    Mark Joshua De Guzman14 ngày trước

    this song makes me want to go in a club at 5am and cry and get drunk

  70. Key Scarpetta

    Key Scarpetta14 ngày trước

    Omg her voice is better than ever ❤️

  71. Amyjmrtz

    Amyjmrtz15 ngày trước

    "Summertime and the living's easy" sounds like the sublime Doing Time lyrics🤗

  72. Gwen Blakiston

    Gwen Blakiston4 ngày trước

    @Ello Sublime sampled "Summertime" which was from an Opera called "Porgy and Bess" which was written by the Gershwin brothers: George (music) and Ira (lyrics) .

  73. Ello

    Ello9 ngày trước

    You serious? They sampled a classic

  74. Gabriel Becker

    Gabriel Becker12 ngày trước

    cause they sampled this song, but the original, lana is covering

  75. Daniel Aguilar

    Daniel Aguilar15 ngày trước


  76. Fiorella Jasmine

    Fiorella Jasmine15 ngày trước

    Esta canción me recordó en cada rincón a Amy W...♡

  77. fabian duarte

    fabian duarte14 ngày trước

    pos si, summertime es una cancion jazz :b esta es otra version de las 30 mil que hay en internet

  78. Maya Bass

    Maya Bass15 ngày trước


  79. Jason Graber

    Jason Graber15 ngày trước

    Like this version better. The other isn't bad, but this one beats it IMO.

  80. thiago nickolas

    thiago nickolas15 ngày trước


  81. Berfin

    Berfin15 ngày trước


  82. No Time To Die

    No Time To Die15 ngày trước


  83. Karla Baltalzar

    Karla Baltalzar15 ngày trước

    ESA VOZ😮😮💗❤😍😍

  84. Karla Baltalzar

    Karla Baltalzar15 ngày trước

    Amor esto es arteeee te amo

  85. edinger001

    edinger00115 ngày trước

    is that a lullaby ;-;

  86. angeladead

    angeladead15 ngày trước

    The best everrrr

  87. clauudeloop

    clauudeloop15 ngày trước

    Chuck is beautiful 🤩 Lana same 🥰

  88. Marco Sosa

    Marco Sosa15 ngày trước

    I LIVE

  89. Suzana Fernandes

    Suzana Fernandes15 ngày trước


  90. Suzana Fernandes

    Suzana Fernandes15 ngày trước


  91. Suzana Fernandes

    Suzana Fernandes15 ngày trước


  92. G. M.

    G. M.15 ngày trước

    She looks so pretty!!!🌹❤️🦋

  93. Maria Mar

    Maria Mar15 ngày trước

    THis is AMazing sooo much, all I was listening to this summer - ON CBC radio, had a whole BLM edition black singer swing jazz music, driving through the west coast listenin : ella fitzgerald cover this song + LAna Del rey Norman Rockwell, Doin TIme

  94. Sara Lance

    Sara Lance15 ngày trước


  95. faaa Tmaaa

    faaa Tmaaa15 ngày trước

    Mrs. Lana, from the bottom of my heart, i hope u get the happiness and good times you deserve bcz ur songs and ur angelic voice really helped me get through a lot. Thank you for being by myside and changing my life Mrs. Lana. 🦋

  96. Agata Fratczak

    Agata Fratczak16 ngày trước

    Why is she so, so good? 🤔 Icon ❤ I wanna get dress like she's got.

  97. S C

    S C16 ngày trước

    she should be nominated for every award. at all awards. mtv, billboard, vma, grammys. and should be played on radios. i dont get it. shes iconic and everyones knows her. so she needs to be acknowledged so much more. this is why i love that the awarded artist of the decade/billboard woman of decade: taylor swift! mentioned lana. and said lana was 1 of her fav artists. and said how no matter what lana continues to make art. taylor and lana collaboration is a must.

  98. lana school

    lana school15 ngày trước

    I'm convinced everyone in the industry knows how good she is but she's not "cool" the same way they are... At this point I think she'll win the "best career" award when she's 80.

  99. Costi Ene

    Costi Ene16 ngày trước


  100. Angela Prgomet

    Angela Prgomet16 ngày trước

    Is this lana just with blond hair??

  101. ksksks kzkzksk

    ksksks kzkzksk16 ngày trước


  102. angels forever

    angels forever16 ngày trước

    Hi mom

  103. Romualdo Alves - imoveis dos sonhos

    Romualdo Alves - imoveis dos sonhos16 ngày trước


  104. Nabarun Roy

    Nabarun Roy16 ngày trước

    In this generation these type of songs are releasing rarely and I feel fortunate to listen such songs in this generation, Taylor swift & Lana del rey forever 🤎🤍

  105. Stephanie AR

    Stephanie AR16 ngày trước


  106. Pri Gonzalez

    Pri Gonzalez17 ngày trước

    Comentarios en español???????????????

  107. NN NN

    NN NN17 ngày trước

    After watching this music vid, I became nothing if not sluggish just like 'em

  108. VideoPlusOK

    VideoPlusOK17 ngày trước