Maroon 5 - Beautiful Mistakes ft. Megan Thee Stallion (Official Music Video)

“Beautiful Mistakes” featuring Megan Thee Stallion is out now:​

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It’s beautiful it’s bittersweet
You’re like a broken home to me
I take a shot of memories and black out like an empty street
I fill my days with the way you walk
And fill my nights with broken dreams
I make up lies inside my head
Like one day you’ll come back to me
Now I’m not holding on
Not holding on
Not holding on
I’m just depressed that you’re gone
Not holding on
Not holding on
Beautiful mistakes
I make inside my head
She’s naked in my bed
And now we lie awake
Making beautiful mistakes
I wouldn’t take em back
I’m in love with the past
And now we lie awake
Making beautiful mistakes
Nah nah nah
In my head
Nah nah nah
In my bed
Nah nah nah
Making beautiful mistakes
It’s pitiful
I can’t believe how everyday gets worse for me
I take a break, I cut you off
To keep myself from looking soft
I fill my nights with the way you was
And still wake up with broken dreams
I make these lies inside my head
Feel like they’re my reality
Now I’m not holding on
Not holding on
Not holding on
I’m just depressed that you’re gone
Not holding on
Not holding on
Beautiful mistakes
I make inside my head
She’s naked in my bed
And now we lie awake
Making beautiful mistakes
I wouldn’t take em back
I’m in love with the past
And now we lie awake
Making beautiful mistakes
Nah nah nah
In my head
Nah nah nah
In my bed
Nah nah nah
Making beautiful mistakes
You did me wrong cause I let you
Usually I like my situations beneficial
Doing something different
Got me looking stupid
The only way I’m coming back to you, is if you dream it
Lucid, Prove it
If you made a promise, then keep it
Why you wanna lie and then get mad, I don’t believe it
But really I was just doing fine without ya
Looking fine, sippin’ wine, dancing on club couches
Baby why you wanna lose me like you don’t need me
Like I don’t block you and you still try to reach me
How you figure out how to call from me from the TV
You runnin’ out of chances and this time I mean it (yeah)
Bet you miss my love, all in your bed
Now ya stressin’ out, pulling your hair
Smelling your pillows and wishin I was there
Sliding down to shower wall looking sad
I know its hard to let go, I’m the best
Best you ever had and best you gonna get
If we break up I don’t wanna be friends, you’re toxic
Beautiful mistakes
I make inside my head
She’s naked in my bed
And now we lie awake
Making beautiful mistakes
I wouldn’t take em back
I’m in love with the past
And now we lie awake
Making beautiful mistakes
Nah nah nah
In my head
Nah nah nah
In my bed
Nah nah nah
Making beautiful mistakes
Nah nah nah
In my head
Nah nah nah
In my bed
Nah nah nah
Making beautiful mistakes
Nah nah nah
Nah nah nah
Nah nah nah
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Music video by Maroon 5, Megan Thee Stallion performing Beautiful Mistakes. © 2021 Interscope Records


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