Melanie Martinez - The Bakery [Official Music Video]

After School EP Out Now:
Directed by Melanie Martinez
Executive Producer: Wes Teshome
Production Company: Summercamp (
Post-Production Company: Frame 48 (
Executive Producers: Seth Josephson & Katrina Kudlick
Executive Producers: Julian Conner & Tom Teller
Starring: Melanie Martinez & Jacqueline Molina
Production Manager: Mariah Morgenstern
Director of Photography: Tehillah De Castro
Production Designer: Kendra Bradanini
Costume Designer: Melanie Martinez
Hair Stylist: William Blair
Makeup: David Velasquez
Choreography by: Melanie Martinez
Choreography consulting: Brian Friedman
Cake Sword Creation and Boat Design: Scott Hove ( Visual Effects Supervisor: Jordan Allen
Editor: Joe Calardo
Director of Digital Production: Enrique De la Garza
Lead Compositor: Philip Ballard
Compositors: Lenny Solis, Chad Beuhler, Artur Elison, Anthony Barcelo, Stephen Gall
Modelers: Mariano Ruiz, Juan Fer Bravo
Sound Design: Gerry Vazquez
Color: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
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  1. Miss Abby

    Miss Abby6 phút trước

    her body is so beautiful omg and the song love love love

  2. Rainey Reid

    Rainey Reid8 phút trước

    my thoughts on this: who in the fuck eats a cookie with knife and fork? 😂

  3. Ruben Velasquez

    Ruben Velasquez15 phút trước

    No dejen morir esta joya

  4. liana jan pasaoa

    liana jan pasaoa15 phút trước

    This is sooo new and i love itt 🤪❤❤

  5. christine Riziki

    christine Riziki17 phút trước

    Jesus well thanks now I feel like a frickin cannibal

  6. christine Riziki

    christine Riziki18 phút trước

    Show no mercy step right on me ? And who is mother Mary?

  7. christine Riziki

    christine Riziki18 phút trước

    All I get is that they are making cookies?

  8. christine Riziki

    christine Riziki23 phút trước

    What’s with the camera turning so much I swear I feel like a polywirl and also I don’t get it is there a story a...a plot in this song lemme listen to it again

  9. christine Riziki

    christine Riziki25 phút trước

    2:19 my cookie when my sibling is boutta eat it and it’s looking for me to eat it instead of my sibling

  10. christine Riziki

    christine Riziki27 phút trước

    And her kind of music she sounds almost like Ariana grande

  11. liana jan pasaoa

    liana jan pasaoa21 phút trước

    I dont know about that can i get a comparisson of songs?

  12. christine Riziki

    christine Riziki27 phút trước


  13. christine Riziki

    christine Riziki30 phút trước

    My girl I am sooo disappointed in myself for forgetting about her channel

  14. liana jan pasaoa

    liana jan pasaoa21 phút trước

    Actually samee

  15. cappuccinori

    cappuccinori44 phút trước

    I got so surprised to see her in quite the revealing outfit but remember that it’s *Melanie Martinez being Melanie Martinez*

  16. Rain MIkushima

    Rain MIkushima51 phút trước

    Deadass I drooled #pansexual panic

  17. ꧁LuaGacha꧂

    ꧁LuaGacha꧂53 phút trước


  18. Dragon Slayer 15

    Dragon Slayer 15Giờ trước

    y'all I cannot tell you how many hate comments I've seen in her body right now did you guys even listen to orange juice it is literally talking about how every single body is temporary and you can love it you should love it just the way it is it's the the lyrics to say I wish I could give you my set of eyes because I know your eyes aren't working that is literally her saying you cannot see the gorgeousness of yourself you cannot see the beauty in yourself so I can see it for you I can give you what I have but you wouldn't like it please stop hating on her body you're either too jealous of her or you just hate her and if you hate her get out leave she is a passionate artist doing her job she wants to take people happy and this is a way that she can do it so if you hate her leave!!!!

  19. ;}

    ;}Giờ trước

    Stop eating the rainbow cookies I ordered and paid for those >:€

  20. mariana riale

    mariana rialeGiờ trước


  21. Nena Gaming

    Nena GamingGiờ trước

    Yall just let the girl be confident, my ass would never be confident enough to show any part from stomach to below stomach cause im not confident enough so let her be confident, let her be happy💕

  22. Isabella Erfley

    Isabella ErfleyGiờ trước

    Those shoes tho-

  23. liana jan pasaoa

    liana jan pasaoa21 phút trước

    Oh yeah its so tall

  24. Sadie Pine

    Sadie Pine2 giờ trước

    Are you going to make a part 2 of k- 12 i like it.

  25. liana jan pasaoa

    liana jan pasaoa20 phút trước

    Im pretty sure i dont know

  26. Madison Williams

    Madison Williams2 giờ trước

    my fav song

  27. Damarion Slocum

    Damarion Slocum2 giờ trước

    can you please have a baby you a the baby will be so cute

  28. Monika Beachy

    Monika Beachy3 giờ trước

    Censoring subtitles goes against ADA as it is no longer accessible to others. I know that’s not melanies fault it’s defo VIshows’s garbage service lmao

  29. Allyson Jones-Miller

    Allyson Jones-Miller3 giờ trước

    me on my sisters birthday but i just be:1:16

  30. Josy

    Josy3 giờ trước


  31. Ulises C

    Ulises C3 giờ trước


  32. Cry Babys Mashups

    Cry Babys Mashups3 giờ trước

    Wtf are these people saying, like she literally has the perfect body. She's beautiful just the way she is and I'm so glad she feels comfortable in her own skin. And no one should be pressuring her to wear anything. If she wants to have a child aesthetic she can. If she wants to be revealing she can. If she wants to be modest she can. If she wants to switch up her style she can. She gets to wear whatever she feels comfortable in and whatever she thinks is right. We're here for her and her music, not her clothing. Like shut tf up its her body and this song is a bopppp.

  33. Sweet Olivia

    Sweet Olivia3 giờ trước

    I legit love everything in this song XD The hair, the outfits, the music, the lyrics, the vibe in general! LIKE- HOW DID SHE MANAGE TO DANCE IN THOSE HEELS?!?! she is really talented and it shows

  34. Edits For Credits

    Edits For Credits3 giờ trước

    Pov: *grabs kool-aid jammer and popcorn and starts reading the comments*

  35. runlittlelamb

    runlittlelamb3 giờ trước

    the only offensive thing about her body is how smooth those hip swings lord that woman knows how to dance!

  36. Cry Babys Mashups

    Cry Babys Mashups3 giờ trước

    Who else is back for the like 70th time.......

  37. Aaron Deguzman

    Aaron Deguzman3 giờ trước


  38. liana jan pasaoa

    liana jan pasaoa19 phút trước

    A lot og her song are creepy

  39. Aaron Deguzman

    Aaron Deguzman3 giờ trước


  40. Aaron Deguzman

    Aaron Deguzman3 giờ trước


  41. Purple crewmate Gaming

    Purple crewmate Gaming4 giờ trước

    No ones even saying anything bad ppl are like StOp bOdY ShAmInG Bruh She kinda looks creepy

  42. liana jan pasaoa

    liana jan pasaoa19 phút trước


  43. Yanella Fagnani

    Yanella Fagnani4 giờ trước

    Wow, beauty

  44. Yuleisy Rodriguez

    Yuleisy Rodriguez5 giờ trước

    Melanie has never posted a song that is bad all her songs are great and i love how she’s more comfortable in her body now 😁

  45. cayarra rahim

    cayarra rahim5 giờ trước

    haters;she i showing to much skin me:and shes amazing and a good person looks dont matter its about personality and how much of a good person u are

  46. Charlie _Bean

    Charlie _Bean5 giờ trước

    That one bunny on the end dancing 1:13

  47. Tiffany Dovale

    Tiffany Dovale6 giờ trước

    This is amazing

  48. tzuggugk

    tzuggugk6 giờ trước

    Desculpa.mas a Melanie parece que tá grávida sla...

  49. Valentina Moreno Valencia

    Valentina Moreno Valencia6 giờ trước

    why does melanie make such weird videos but the song is a complete hit :v greetings from colombia

  50. elvia del angel

    elvia del angel7 giờ trước


  51. Ishimaru’s Butter Addiction

    Ishimaru’s Butter Addiction7 giờ trước



    NIGHTMARE BR7 giờ trước

    I love Melanie because she is not afraid to speak the truth in a song, she is a great singer, I love you Melanie ❤️

  53. London Brannon

    London Brannon7 giờ trước

    this is better then the music vid wap lmao

  54. Midoriya's Broken Finger

    Midoriya's Broken Finger7 giờ trước

    I love watching her grow I'm so proud ❤️❤️❤️

  55. Stephanie Garcia

    Stephanie Garcia8 giờ trước

    Hi I'm 31 and in love with her music 🎶😍

  56. liana jan pasaoa

    liana jan pasaoa18 phút trước

    Im really young i like her music too

  57. Bun_Buns Yt

    Bun_Buns Yt8 giờ trước

    Omg I love this song and Melanie looks so pretty :o her family must be so proud :3

  58. Nixcy

    Nixcy8 giờ trước

    I love melanie so much but it can't just be me laughed so had at this part 1:54 and 2:09 I love her dancing so much XD

  59. Aritz Honey

    Aritz Honey8 giờ trước

    Espero y melanie si le haya prestado las botas a la señora

  60. Kevynn Mendez

    Kevynn Mendez6 giờ trước


  61. Stay_ Solid

    Stay_ Solid8 giờ trước

    Those HEELS tho...

  62. Nëptůnə_Drëåmş

    Nëptůnə_Drëåmş8 giờ trước

    "She is showing too much skin" ok and? Billie undressed in one of her concerts and yall aint say anything abt it

  63. Jailah Rice

    Jailah Rice9 giờ trước

    She feeling herself a lil toooooo much!

  64. liana jan pasaoa

    liana jan pasaoa18 phút trước

    @No one you are absoulutely right

  65. No one

    No one7 giờ trước

    She can feel herself as much as she wants

  66. Qiana Young

    Qiana Young9 giờ trước

    Her body is perfect in every way 🥰😘🥰

  67. Juli. Mer

    Juli. Mer9 giờ trước

    Nadie va a hablar sobre su baile? Yo bailo así y me quiebro toda,ella parece de goma

  68. nugget 42

    nugget 429 giờ trước

    Is she pregnant or did she gain some wait , im not body shaming i wouldn't do cause im a plus size oerson, and her body is pretty but im just curios and wondering

  69. It’s Raining Tinfoil

    It’s Raining Tinfoil2 giờ trước

    Why do you need to know? Literally just mind your own dude. Her body is none of your concern. 😐

  70. Juli. Mer

    Juli. Mer9 giờ trước

    She isn't pregnant

  71. Fatima Itzel Hernández Bautista

    Fatima Itzel Hernández Bautista9 giờ trước

    ojala hubiera un concierto de Melani Martínez en mi cumpleaños like Melani Martínez

  72. Bhavya Gautam

    Bhavya Gautam9 giờ trước


  73. Bunni with a knife

    Bunni with a knife7 giờ trước

    Yea your comment just radiates degeneracy, glad you're aware of it

  74. literally just a tree

    literally just a tree8 giờ trước

    and you’re here to leave a hate comment why?

  75. Natalia da Cunha Pereira

    Natalia da Cunha Pereira9 giờ trước

    os q são brasileiro e amam Melanie dão like ❤❤❤

  76. YaoiLoverTrash 69

    YaoiLoverTrash 699 giờ trước

    Ngl she got me questioning my sexuality😳👉👈 Edit: I've seen people body shaming her (I don't mean in the comments cuz I haven't seen a single one doing that) and I just wanna say that she's perfectly fine just the way she is. Also how the hell is she dancing in those shoes??

  77. Ryan J Hicks

    Ryan J Hicks9 giờ trước

    Ok but no one's talking about how the Grandma looks like an old Cardi B?! 👀😂

  78. Senpai Lolo

    Senpai Lolo10 giờ trước

    First of all - who in the HELL eats a cookie with a fork and knife yea might as well add some wine with that cookie second of all - i really like melanies style it very bootiful third of all - i like the hearts on her moobies -w- and im not saying i like her moobies im saying i like the hearts ON her moobies -_-

  79. MollysMiniStuff

    MollysMiniStuff10 giờ trước

    It's weird slowed down at 0.5... but I like it. Try it!

  80. curly potato fries :p

    curly potato fries :p10 giờ trước

    she's just so beautiful omg my brain cannot concentrate on the song like fr

  81. dumpsterprincess

    dumpsterprincess10 giờ trước

    im in love with her

  82. Camila Tennis

    Camila Tennis10 giờ trước

    Body appreciation till it isn’t to your standards 😐.......✨tragic ✨

  83. liana jan pasaoa

    liana jan pasaoa17 phút trước

    I dont understand

  84. シJoceleen

    シJoceleen10 giờ trước Me in the bowl: I think I got myself in trouble=‘)

  85. Pramita Nur

    Pramita Nur10 giờ trước

    Masterpiece 💜

  86. Maxine tehe

    Maxine tehe11 giờ trước

    she's just so imperfectly perfect!! i love it!!

  87. Melissa P.M

    Melissa P.M11 giờ trước

    Stream, everyone!

  88. 《MINT TEA》

    《MINT TEA》11 giờ trước

    This is nasty

  89. It’s Raining Tinfoil

    It’s Raining Tinfoil2 giờ trước

    You’re a gacha kid, you don’t get an opinion

  90. Denique

    Denique3 giờ trước

    Ur opinion isn't important

  91. Nobody wants your pity foolish mortal.

    Nobody wants your pity foolish mortal.5 giờ trước

    You're say this is nasty and not Teacher's pet? Lol please stop;;

  92. Jordynn Williams

    Jordynn Williams6 giờ trước

    Then don’t watch it why did you even click on the video in the first place 😑😑😑😑😑

  93. No one

    No one7 giờ trước

    Lol why

  94. ii_chxrry tea

    ii_chxrry tea11 giờ trước

    Google said this song is from k-12.... gOoGlE you good?

  95. ii_chxrry tea

    ii_chxrry tea7 giờ trước

    @Dylan González I know but its now part of After School

  96. Dylan González

    Dylan González8 giờ trước

    It's from the K-12 deluxe

  97. ii_chxrry tea

    ii_chxrry tea11 giờ trước

    and for yall saying she's ShOwInG tO mUcH sKiN have you watched strawberry shortcake

  98. Emily Devil's Gacha 2

    Emily Devil's Gacha 211 giờ trước

    oh......... my......... CRY BABY This is parfect!!!!!!!!!! o love you Melanie Martinez ^^

  99. Rosana Caballero

    Rosana Caballero11 giờ trước

    Es una hermosura Melanie Martínez

  100. Rosana Caballero

    Rosana Caballero11 giờ trước


  101. kirsty ross

    kirsty ross12 giờ trước

    To all the bitches saying she's getting inappropriate I didn't know you owned her body? she's trying to love herself and show herself and try to be more comfortable with her body and her skin and you shits are saying its inappropriate? Bruh- she shouldn't have to listen to that shit melanie should love herself without people saying she is inappropriate so go get a life and stop judging her.

  102. hsjjsb daddy

    hsjjsb daddy12 giờ trước

    Me realizing jackie's the granny: 👁👄👁


    THE CHAT SECTION12 giờ trước

    Queen Defund Police blm!!! No PIGS!!!!!!! (rapers, abusers, child abuser ect.)

  104. CassidyPlays 2

    CassidyPlays 212 giờ trước

    She's Not Pregnant, That's Literally Where Your Uterus Is. That's Where The Baby Would Be, Though.

  105. Lola Bear

    Lola Bear12 giờ trước

    I love this, but can we talk about her eyebrows as in where are they 😳

  106. Rome_lbbh

    Rome_lbbh7 giờ trước

    She bleached them 😭

  107. Nala Johnson

    Nala Johnson12 giờ trước

    No one is talking about the lady who is eating a cookie with *knife and fork*

  108. luna

    luna12 giờ trước

    okay but that belly dancing was clean as hell i must say

  109. Elysia Arias

    Elysia Arias12 giờ trước

    one of the best songs she made.

  110. Seokjin Stan

    Seokjin Stan12 giờ trước

    Queen Melanie 👑♥

  111. Ximena Rosales

    Ximena Rosales12 giờ trước

    love this song is entertaining and very good I love you melanie 😳

  112. melissa hernandez

    melissa hernandez13 giờ trước

    Sin exitos del comentario de la señora 😭

  113. Diego Castellon

    Diego Castellon4 giờ trước


  114. melissa hernandez

    melissa hernandez13 giờ trước

    Melanie, préstame tu trajeeee, se que eres muy buena y me lo prestarás. Estoy muy enamorada de ti y el traje 😍💕💌

  115. Mao TGP

    Mao TGP13 giờ trước

    Im so sorry for the people who are calling her fat. They are clearly the ones who’s parents didn’t let them attend the sex ed classes in school and never learned what a uterus was

  116. Nobody wants your pity foolish mortal.

    Nobody wants your pity foolish mortal.5 giờ trước


  117. Akamaro Sousa

    Akamaro Sousa13 giờ trước


  118. Jewel Davis

    Jewel Davis13 giờ trước

    love the outfit tho 😍😍

  119. Iasmim Silva

    Iasmim Silva13 giờ trước

    Essa música viciaaaa💕

  120. Zyane Daniels

    Zyane Daniels13 giờ trước

    Wow mel🥰🥰

  121. AverageAZonk

    AverageAZonk14 giờ trước

    31 k haters on here


    REBECA PAIVA pAiVA14 giờ trước

    I love you Melanie Martinez

  123. Enrique Jm

    Enrique Jm15 giờ trước

    Nunca pude encontrar el comentario de las señora :"( para el bautizo de su sobrino x'd

  124. アルフォンソSauro

    アルフォンソSauro2 giờ trước

    A eso vine también

  125. Kevynn Mendez

    Kevynn Mendez6 giờ trước


  126. Jade Monreal

    Jade Monreal6 giờ trước

    Yo tampoco

  127. Esmaツ

    Esmaツ15 giờ trước

    My only question is- how the fuck did she dance in those shoes, I would've broken my ankle within the first five seconds of wearing it- Edit : Fixed grammar.

  128. A

    A6 giờ trước

    She changed them half through 1:41

  129. Mao TGP

    Mao TGP13 giờ trước

    Esmaツ I was wondering the same thing the whole time lmao

  130. Berrys anybody?

    Berrys anybody?15 giờ trước

    Stop worrying about the outfit, and admire the fact she dancing in heels

  131. Danielle Marie

    Danielle Marie16 giờ trước

    With this look she reminds me a little of Yolandi from Die Antwoord :D

  132. Prénom Nom

    Prénom Nom5 giờ trước

    @Danielle Marie i hope people dont cancel her if she Say one day she is inspired by yolandi haha x) ( or maybe its just an hasard ?) I love die Antwoord but they are so awful people..

  133. Danielle Marie

    Danielle Marie7 giờ trước

    @Prénom Nom I was thinking the same. She probably likes Yolandi and maybe inspire from her style. Who knows! :D

  134. Rome_lbbh

    Rome_lbbh7 giờ trước

    Oh god no 🤢 never her

  135. Prénom Nom

    Prénom Nom14 giờ trước

    I search a comment who say that !! Totally ! Maybe an inspiration ?

  136. I'm cooler then u

    I'm cooler then u16 giờ trước

    Melanie should deff do dances on tiktok, shes such a daddy 😾 😍

  137. alice gamer

    alice gamer18 giờ trước

    Love melanie

  138. Maija Strawberry

    Maija Strawberry18 giờ trước

    What is she wearing?

  139. No one

    No one7 giờ trước

    It's a thing you put on yourself when you go somewhere I think it's called clothes lmao

  140. 2 k r 8 z z y .a

    2 k r 8 z z y .a11 giờ trước

    @Mao TGP what does she want us to say she’s wearing water.?

  141. Mao TGP

    Mao TGP13 giờ trước

    @Maija Strawberry clothes :)