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See your scars I know just how it feels
Left abandoned by what u thought was real
Its ok if u don’t win every fight
Know the darkness only comes in the night
But ill be here forever
I think about u all the time
Throughout my daily routines
U might think your nothing special
But u special to me
I hate it when I see u always put yourself down
Please dont worry if u lost there’s always a way out
I know its easy for me to say
im not in the same spot
But ill be with you forever
We could stare at the clock
Lets have a party for 2
Until our eyelids close
Imma ask u to dance
And I aint taking a no
See your scars I know just how it feels
Left abandoned by what u thought was real
Its ok if u don’t win every fight
Know the darkness only comes in the night
But ill be here forever
I know that u lonely only if u knew how much I cared
Friends Have never showed u love
Promise imma show u some
People change but I wont leave this path
U the girl on my heart u the x on the map
Come inside its too cold for an angel
Take things slow wont move til your stable
Like u a lot but Ill keep that a secret
Ill kill the ghost that is in your dreams
Director: meliodic, @meliodic
Producer: Sebastien Gallina, Luis Guerra, Dave Faber
Produced by Mounika
9/26 and 9/27
Shoot Location: Vancouver, BC
Instrumental of "Intro (I'm Sorry)” performed by Mounika., courtesy of I.O.T Records / Maju Records. Used with permission.
#Powfu #stayforever


  1. yeet forever

    yeet foreverGiờ trước

    Everyone song is sooo sad

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    GROWTHNgày trước

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    Robson macedo Ribeiro RibeiroNgày trước

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    Can I Use This Music To Make Song Lyrics Videos?

  10. Colten Mathews

    Colten Mathews2 ngày trước

    My favorite song from 2020.

  11. Bartek Bartek

    Bartek Bartek2 ngày trước

    i love u Powfu but im not gay

  12. Abdrocks 17

    Abdrocks 172 ngày trước

    If you're addicted to his music then you have a very good taste in music 🎶

  13. Lalnunmawia Mawia

    Lalnunmawia Mawia3 ngày trước

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    RE49er173 ngày trước

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  15. Alice Abigail

    Alice Abigail3 ngày trước

    A guy I like sent me this

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    glhoc3 ngày trước

    FUCK I OVERPLAYED IT, atleast now we got the ep 😇


    JUANES YT3 ngày trước

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  18. aNdReW cHeN

    aNdReW cHeN3 ngày trước

    welp if i cld write songs like this i won't have to talk no more

  19. Bowen Hamilton

    Bowen Hamilton3 ngày trước

    this background video is all i want in life

  20. Farid 74

    Farid 743 ngày trước

    Isso é rock alternativo?! Péssimo de ponta a ponta. Só banda ruim, uns artistas bobos, sem atitude, tudo fabricado igual boneca.

  21. Lincoln Farnell

    Lincoln Farnell3 ngày trước

    The video made me feel lonely. Im not single either

  22. Cory Nelson

    Cory Nelson3 ngày trước

    YO I DIDNT KNOW THIS WAS ON IT :0 nice :) i love this song so cool! :D

  23. Reaver

    Reaver3 ngày trước

    really, featuirng with mounika ? this is awesome song :) Sometime you gonna bigger powfu :)

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  28. Thảo Nguyên Lê

    Thảo Nguyên Lê4 ngày trước

    Guys I just wanna share my story while listening to this song, Im having a crush on someone and we had a really bad start. I know we are not gonna work, I know we can't be together or go on cute dates. I just love everything about him. I love his perfect smile even tho people keep calling him ugly, Idc what the beauty standard means because he's always the most beautiful human being to me. It's hurt to realize that he will never notice me or how much I love him.

  29. Leah Bubnis

    Leah Bubnis4 ngày trước

    you know what, girl talk to him, do what you can to get his attention, throw yourself out there. Push away peoples voices, do you bro. Honestly if he a good guy hed care more personality then looks.. Nd i know how you feel because, im going through the same, even tho this time he loves me back.. but i know im going to lose him.. i dont want to but i know it.. and im gonna do what i can to spend time with him, and be with him.. till its the last moment because he means that much to me.. so if he means that much to you then go get him. Show him you care. it will probably mean a lot:)

  30. Zio PPP

    Zio PPP4 ngày trước

    Man still a one trick pony, how dull. Pick up your socks and get creative dude!

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  39. AC1D_Lamote465

    AC1D_Lamote4656 ngày trước

    This song represent my life so much like its almost the same the only thing that isent right is that i have scars to

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    bueno realmente esta canción me hace pensar en ti, me hace pensar en lo mucho que me gustas y me rompe no poder estar contigo, me rompe saber que no puedo hacer nada porque estás muy lejos, quiero estar contigo, quiero despertarme por las mañanas y escucharte y verte y saber que estás ahí, quiero hacerte feliz y el hecho de que esta canción solo me haga pensar en ti me hace sentirme un desgraciado porque se que has tenido y tienes una vida difícil, se que da asco y quieres salir de ahí, lo sé porque yo estoy igual y no quiero decir que seamos iguales porque nadie es igual a otra persona y quiero que sea así, quiero que tu seas tu y yo ser yo porque así puedo darte un poco de mi y tu un poco de ti para mi,,, espero que no se te haga extraño que a veces me sobrepase con mis muestras de cariño, es que, de verdad quiero darte más, quiero darte lo que te mereces pero no puedo, no quiero fastidiar todo porque se que esto no tendrá un futuro y ugh, no sabes lo mucho que odio esto,, no se realmente porque escribo esto, hoy tuve un día de mierda, de los peores pero sabes, no me quiero caer, no aún, quiero algún día verte y no se si esto se me pase el mes que viene o te vayas y no vuelva a saber de ti pero, quiero algún día verte y bueno, ojalá sea el primer día de muchos,,,

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  54. cod danger sin

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    Alessandra Carpanese10 ngày trước

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    FelineRock6808811 ngày trước

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    Lenilce Leôncio11 ngày trước

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