Sasha Sloan - Is It Just Me? (Lyric Video) ft. Charlie Puth

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“Is It Just Me?”
Is it just me?
Is it just me?

I hate holding babies
And people tryna save me
Think religion is a business
Where you pay for God’s forgiveness
Modern art is boring
Politicians are annoying
I don’t think love lasts forever
And old music was better

Am I just high or am I kinda right?

Is it just me or does anybody
Feel the way that I feel
They’re just not being real
Is it just me or is anybody
Thinkin’ all the same shit
They’re just not sayin’ it
Or is it just me?

Is it just me?
Is it just me?

Weddings are outdated
The show friends was overrated
I think rich kids have it easy
And PDA is creepy
The internet’s obnoxious
People my age make me nauseous
I think marijuana’s classy
And doing coke is trashy

Am I just high or am I kinda right?

Is it just me or does anybody
Feel the way that I feel
They’re just not being real
Tell me is it just me or is anybody
Thinkin’ the all same shit
They’re just not sayin’ it
Or is it just me?

Is it just me?
Is it just me?

I should probably bite my tongue but
I can’t be the only one
I should probably bite my tongue but
I can’t be the only one or

Is it just me or does anybody
Feel the way that I feel
They’re just not being real
Tell me is it just me or is anybody
Thinkin’ all the same shit
They’re just not sayin’ it
Or is just me?

Is it just me?
Is it just me?

I should probably bite my tongue but
I can’t be the only one
I should probably bite my tongue but
I can’t be the only one
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  1. kahsing kong

    kahsing kong7 giờ trước


  2. Linn Lat Wai

    Linn Lat Wai23 giờ trước

    do you really hate holding babies?

  3. Silence SHUSH

    Silence SHUSHNgày trước

    I agree. Except marriage will never be outdated. It's beautiful. And no drug is classy like LMAOOOO

  4. Ahmed Abdallah

    Ahmed AbdallahNgày trước

    What is the difference between this version and the normal one? Bcause there is one minute in song length difference between them!

  5. Naomimi

    Naomimi2 ngày trước

    I 💗 this song 🤍 thank you!

  6. Hong Chanh

    Hong Chanh2 ngày trước

    esti geloasă pagubă in ciuperci love

  7. Vhu Wan

    Vhu Wan2 ngày trước

    "People my age make me naseous." I am being real.

  8. Beren Saat

    Beren Saat3 ngày trước

    Lyrics had me dying🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Tria Fatma

    Tria Fatma3 ngày trước

    Shasa sloan: is it just me? Me: no girl, I feel it too

  10. Swiftie Forever

    Swiftie Forever3 ngày trước

    She just said *AYA BURNT YOU* Like girl yess u did

  11. No Name

    No Name4 ngày trước

    Unpopular opinion : This song gives sooo “I’m not like other girls/ teens” vibes... People actually say “Finally someone discussing important topics” And I’m like what important topics are you talking about? Friends overrated? Yeah, groundbreaking. And what bothers me the most is to say marijuana is classy... No it’s not. It can destroy people’s life. So no, it’s not classy to be addicted and destroy your health. Don’t say about any drug that it’s classy, please. I also found people my age obnoxious at one point when I was growing up. But I grew out of this when I understood how toxic it is to be condescendent with people who are just trying to find themselves and personality. You don’t have to be like everybody else but you have to give other people respect, and not to judge them when they make bad decisions. Tell them why do you think that what they are doing is wrong, and discuss to make both of you grow up to be better persons together. You will never make someone improve by being condescendent with them

  12. No Name

    No Name4 ngày trước

    Ps : Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my first language

  13. Tucker Burk

    Tucker Burk4 ngày trước

    You and Kiiara should Collab on a song. Was listening to her song Empty & imagined your voice singing it. Hers is awesome as well but yours is too

  14. Keri BU

    Keri BU4 ngày trước

    I was just a little girl in a small town

  15. Asmodeus

    Asmodeus4 ngày trước

    I think it is just she! (:


    VELERI SUKEHIRO5 ngày trước

    OMG, I'm truly love this

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    GameDrake5 ngày trước

    I'm 14 and this is deep

  18. Shoaib Chudhary

    Shoaib Chudhary5 ngày trước

    Sasha is underrated artist or is it just me?

  19. Aaa

    Aaa4 ngày trước

    It's just you

  20. Shoaib Chudhary

    Shoaib Chudhary5 ngày trước

    90% my biography you just wrote😙 Love you❤️


    AESPA STAN HERE5 ngày trước

    This song just simply describes my whole life

  22. alfonsina marella

    alfonsina marella6 ngày trước

    i love you

  23. Lanzan Nightcore

    Lanzan Nightcore6 ngày trước

    IS IT JUST me listening this amazing song ^^

  24. Marsha Angeline Manzord

    Marsha Angeline Manzord6 ngày trước

    Why do i can relate to this so much.. ty..😘

  25. I Write Songs

    I Write Songs6 ngày trước

    Just one line and now half the comments are about friends 🤣

  26. Amit Chand

    Amit Chand6 ngày trước

    It's a duet; of course it's not just you. 😜

  27. Rajesh Himatsingka

    Rajesh Himatsingka7 ngày trước

    It's just, Wow♡

  28. Yay Altabano

    Yay Altabano7 ngày trước

    Sasha sloan👉♥️👈 😍

  29. Shelby Smith

    Shelby Smith7 ngày trước

    Whos waiting for her to get famous? She deserves more fame.

  30. Bola Heya

    Bola Heya7 ngày trước

    Damm it is a perfect song

  31. snehal more

    snehal more8 ngày trước

    Ok Friends was not overrated Charlie is also a FRIENDS fan😅

  32. Aaa

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  33. Ayotunde Tunde-Dada

    Ayotunde Tunde-Dada8 ngày trước

    Except the FRIENDS part..the song was dope ☺️

  34. x. Sunshine

    x. Sunshine8 ngày trước

    lol idc i like friends

  35. Aarav Gautam

    Aarav Gautam8 ngày trước

    When I first heard this i thought it was billie eilish who was the singer lol. Too similar

  36. Hamilton Lance

    Hamilton Lance8 ngày trước

    Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment

  37. BAngelZ 09

    BAngelZ 098 ngày trước

    Love it

  38. desxi poutri

    desxi poutri8 ngày trước

    Seems like 90s songs, beautiful song. ❤️

  39. wasim shayna

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  40. Lux

    Lux9 ngày trước

    Love it

  41. Jogen Ticon

    Jogen Ticon9 ngày trước

    Old music was better❤

  42. BATMAN

    BATMAN10 ngày trước

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  43. Sid Mb

    Sid Mb10 ngày trước

    Charlie's Vocals at 01:35 .Wow

  44. Sayani Chatterjee

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    Alanys Pedro10 ngày trước

    without him it's better, bye

  47. Twinkle Nunwal

    Twinkle Nunwal10 ngày trước

    I desperately wanted charlie to sing tht f.r.i.e.n.d.s part ( I love this song expect the line abt f.r.i.e.n.d.s, it isn't overrated nd this song is underrated both are true )😂❤

  48. Malucfaria

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    A song with charlie puth that says that the friends show was overrated? How is that even a thing?

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    Ya charlie is a fan of FRIENDS


    TECHNICAL MALAYALAM11 ngày trước

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    I've never related to a song this much before. Sasha, you should make a song with Lana Del Rey, you two sound perfect together!

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    So in love with your songs❤️

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    Love u sasha!! 🥺

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    Is it just me or does anybody feel the way that I feel that Sasha's version sounds better?

  68. Priyanshu

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    Friends is not that overrated....

  69. Alban Kurbah

    Alban Kurbah14 ngày trước

    Who here a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan that got offended but still listens to the song anyway ? 😅🙋🏻‍♂️

  70. left hand story

    left hand story14 ngày trước

    Very nice video my friend,amazing❤️❤️🌟🌟good👍..❤️❤️😉👍.❤️😉,....😉😉😉👍.

  71. Riya Uzumaki

    Riya Uzumaki14 ngày trước

    "The show FRIENDS is overrated " *Yes bitch, IT'S JUST YOU*

  72. KagenoNoroi3106

    KagenoNoroi310614 ngày trước

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    Sasha Sloan and Peach are two of the best song writers I have ever encountered & I am so grateful to experience their music during my lifetime ❤️❤️ you both bring so much light into a world of darkness. From the bottom of my heart, thank you 😊

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    is it just me or some others that she look like Riley Reid on that youtube account pic :*

  96. Awang Konyak

    Awang Konyak19 ngày trước

    It's not just you. It's just that we don't speak out. 😞❤️

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    Raging Panda19 ngày trước

    this song is amazing I need somebody for dating I'm a lonely little munchkin could use some apple dumpling 😏 I'm totally kidding I'm as ugly as a squiddy 🐙 omg I'm so annoying I was totally toying AM IIIIIII.....

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