Saving Minecraft Fox From Herobrine

Herobrine put the Minecraft Fox in prison but I helped him escape...
#Shorts #Minecraft
Music: RYLLZ - Nemesis


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    dislike noob,comment pro,like hacker


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    It's so cry and cute 😭😘

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    Music: RYLLZ - Nemesis

  5. Rocket_Winter_Fox

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    Thx u for saving my cousin

  6. Salma Chowdhury

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    Thats fake the herobrine player hide their name and ur use a command to the fox follow you

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    كاف يا اسطور

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    And now how do you escape huh ?😂😂😂


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    This is how hero saves others in bollywood🤣🤣

  12. EbicThings

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    Things that he could have done: -He has a bow in his hot bar, so he could have shot the guard -He didn’t need to use the bucket first because he didn’t need to go that fast -He could have used the water to turn the lava to obsidian instead of doing all those mlg trickshots Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

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    AMEi 👏👏👏👏♥️💜💙💚❤️

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    Ping pong is sooooooooooo pro

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    Omg this guy has the MLG skillz

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    i da know seem kinda dream to me

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    Лиса: пойду поплаваю в лаве если меня спосли то здохну всеровно

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    When you can just use water to turn lava obsidian xD

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    whats is that

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    .... ... I want my precious time back What is the point of this

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    Pudo usar el balde de agua para quitar la lava

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    Жалка лису

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    Plot twest era a raposa errada

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    Boom good bye kidnapper

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    What is the songs name

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    This is forced on my for you page and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

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    Wowwwww que locuraaaaaaaaaaa

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    You have a water bucket but you can also go in the cool way

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    Awww that poor thing

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    How dream saves a fox :

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    Herobrine's no se mata asi de facil XD


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    Sorry but......this is cringe

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    Why just get a new one

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    Bro if he had water bucket why didn't he turned lava in obsidian

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    😝😎😎😎😎😎 ooooooo

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    Ooww I have a fox in Minecraft

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    Pobre perriti

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    Hero brine would’ve just been in creative and killed you

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    Which music ?

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    This is so cringe

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    That was a true work of art

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    Q top

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    You dream

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    Bruhhh u had a water bucket

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    Toss the fox into the fire

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    Him: Miss hes fox Also him: Sees diamond guy with hes fox *So you have chosen death*

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    Is this dreams brother

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    If I hear this song again I will song:Ryllz-Nemesis Thank me later

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    That was epic bruh

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    You are good at the game

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    how did he even do that

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    It is song?

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    And then turn it back home xD

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    wigrjgq ☆

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    So how do they get out and I-everyone hates this right?

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    Por que o cara fez tudo se quem estava preso era só uma raposa 🦊

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    Hero brine gets shot by an arrow and doesn't fall of so stays paciently watching this guy free his fox

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    So sad 😓🤗☺😉😌😊😔😞😥😢👻🎆🎇🎉

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    Que binito Que lo salvara😍😍😍😘🤗🤗

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    The Guide to making this type of video, 1. Always have this music 2. Have a Goal to accomplish 3. Turn into Dream 4. Must always post it a tiktok

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    That was coool

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    he's bakugo

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    Dream be like

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    Flaws: -Missing sign is literally in viewing distance of the prison where it most clearly is held. The lava makes it even more visible. -The player has made it over to the fox... but has no way of getting it out of the lava Islands. Plus there still is a guard fully alive.

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    Saver de fox