Saweetie - Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat) [Official Music Video]

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Starring: Saweetie, Doja Cat, & King Bach
Directed by Dave Meyers
Executive Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Produced by Roisín Audrey Moloney
Production Supervisor: Tori Storosh
Production Company: Freenjoy

Saweetie Costume Design: Bryon Javar
Doja Cat Costume Design: Brett Alan Nelson

Director of Photography: Joshua Zucker- Pluda
Production Designer: Alec Contestabile
Cast Costume Design: Ann-Marie Hoang
Editor: Alyssa Oh @ Rock Paper Scissors
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld @ Company 3
VFX: Buf Paris
Sound Design: Jeff Malen @ Lime Studios
That’s my bestfriend she a real bad bitch
Got her own money she don’t need nig
On the dance floor she had two three drinks
Now she twerking she throw it out and come back in
That’s my bestfriend she a real bad bitch
Drive her own car she don’t need no lyft
In the strip club know my girl gone tip
Now she twerking throw it out and come back in
Beep beep is that my bestie in a tesi
Fresh blow out skin on 10 owe she ready
Bitch you look goodt with a t at the end
Imma hype her every time that’s my mothafuckin friend
She been down since the jellies and the bo bo’s
Now we steppin out the G in manolo’s
When we pull up to scene hoes be filled with jealousy
If a bitch get finicky she gone bring that energy
I hit her phone with the tea like bitch guess what
All the rich ass boys wanna fuck on us
All this ass sittin up you can look don’t touch
And I’m bad bussin bands every time we link up
That’s my bestfriend she a real bad bitch
Got her own money she don’t need nig
On the dance floor she had two three drinks
Now she twerking she throw it out and come back in
That’s my bestfriend she a real bad bitch
Drive her own car she don’t need no lyft
In the strip club know my girl gone tip
Now she twerking throw it out and come back in
That’s my bestfriend if you need a freak
I aint dumb but mothafucka she my Tweedle D
If she ride for me she don’t need a key
If you sideways she’ll straighten you as needed be
And she so bad that I just can’t take that bitch nowhere
She off her fifth shot I said uh uh don’t go there
Bitch break her back she protect and attack
Get that strap let them buckle
Foot on neck give no air
Whole world wanna be us
My main bitch she my day 1
On my way bitch letcha get drunk
Celebrate cause we the baddest in the club
That’s my bestfriend she a real bad bitch
Got her own money she don’t need nig
On the dance floor she had two three drinks
Now she twerking she throw it out and come back in
That’s my bestfriend she a real bad bitch
Drive her own car she don’t need no lyft
In the strip club, know my girl gone tip
Now she twerking throw it out and come back in
Best friend you the baddest and you know it
Uh oh girl I think yo booty growing
Fck it up in the mirror hit them poses
Best friend damn you mfn glowing
Best friend damn yo wrist look like it’s frozen
Uh oh girl I think yo booty growing
Fck it up in the mirror hit them poses
Best friend you mfn soulmate

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  1. Official Saweetie

    Official SaweetieTháng trước

    name a better duo 😂😂😂


    NINNA PSALMUEL PASCO18 ngày trước

    like a bsf name duo ??

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  5. Zinedine Reid

    Zinedine ReidTháng trước

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  6. legion Angel

    legion AngelTháng trước

    Dick and Dom, Jibber and jabber..

  7. Nebabs

    Nebabs18 phút trước

    This song makes me realise i dont have a best friend to hype with 😔

  8. JINX_x

    JINX_xGiờ trước

    Is that guy the one in 'When We First Met'?

  9. i lee Capunihan

    i lee Capunihan3 giờ trước

    Me and my best friend be like: Hearing this song in mall. -eye contact- then we dance like crazy person inside the mall. Flipino present ✋

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  12. Mchumane Brian Nyamende

    Mchumane Brian Nyamende4 giờ trước

    Why remove doja cat's verse on the remix???

  13. Jora Music

    Jora Music4 giờ trước

    This song go hard as fuck, I remember the days when I watched my best friend twerk on the dance floor and spend her own money. The days were my best friend drove her own car was some of the best days of my life. Can’t forget the music video, this is so relatable. I used to skinny dip with my best friend too omg.

  14. Blazin Minaj

    Blazin Minaj4 giờ trước


  15. Katycat Forever

    Katycat Forever4 giờ trước

    This song made me feel like a Empowering Badass Bitch!! Period!!

  16. Herbie RBLX

    Herbie RBLX5 giờ trước

    I like the look of the Tesla Model X in the video, not gonna lie.

  17. kikidotsi GAMING

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    Love this mashie

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    If me and bestfriend don’t win this tessie. Good lawd 😩

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  22. Brianne Quintero

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    come on help ya bestie girl I need a new car 🙄😭

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    it have same views as MOOO!

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    Carmen Pequeno6 giờ trước

    I want a Tesla for my mom and I- she’s literally my best friend/ ride or die. and she works so hard and deserves it so much 😭♥️

  26. •Muyrri•

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    Yall glasses at the first scene 😗👌😎✋ That's all stop reading this

  27. Jenna L. Brown

    Jenna L. Brown6 giờ trước

    Back when my stepmom thought she was bad*** for having 3 inch nails. Like, hunny, Saweetie has nails that long and so does Ashnikko. You’re not original

  28. linzombie

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    Wtf was that ending though lol

  29. Makox Sayuki

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    I’ll just listen to it and pretend like i didnt hear the remix😌

  30. Kikikatrina075

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    Ending was cheesy

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  108. Michael V

    Michael V15 giờ trước

    @zerØ the way i interpreted it was that they're giving each other a knowing look that's like "who is this scrub" but the joke is that it's a bunch of meaningless feminist buzzwords all conveyed by this one look. idk i just don't think they're seriously endorsing it lol

  109. zerØ

    zerØ16 giờ trước

    @Michael V hopefully it was

  110. Michael V

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