Taylor Swift - Love Story (Taylor’s Version) [Official Lyric Video]

Official lyric video for “Love Story” (Taylor’s Version) - off her upcoming Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album. Pre-order the album here: taylor.lnk.to/fearlesstaylorsversion
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video). © 2021 Taylor Swift


  1. Olivia Kozlowski

    Olivia Kozlowski2 giờ trước

    Okay so like. . . favorite song for, like, ever, and now I get this. Thank you. **cries**

  2. dxniellx ツ

    dxniellx ツ10 giờ trước

    whatever your music taste is, this song will always be included into your fave songs list

  3. Döndü Demirkol

    Döndü Demirkol12 giờ trước

    Taylor l love you ❤️🤧

  4. ChinoKblon

    ChinoKblon17 giờ trước


  5. Eric Sajche

    Eric Sajche18 giờ trước

    Is it 2009 all over again

  6. Huanglian Do

    Huanglian Do18 giờ trước

    Idk why I was crying at this song was turned on, I love you so much !!

  7. Sharla Miller

    Sharla Miller20 giờ trước

    Please Taylor go back to country we love your country songs!!!

  8. VØŁTIĆ F1

    VØŁTIĆ F120 giờ trước

    i can’t be the only boy here that loves this song and it’s difficult for us to say out loud that we actually like songs like this❤️

  9. Me Me

    Me Me22 giờ trước

    There some tears in there.

  10. Ronald M

    Ronald M22 giờ trước

    Taylor es una luchadora Fearless (Taylor Version) es arte total.

  11. Victor Guaracho

    Victor Guaracho23 giờ trước

    She sounds even better with these songs now then when she first released them, imo ❤❤

  12. Maxy

    Maxy23 giờ trước

    Wow, this takes me back to my middle school years. Time really flies by doesn't it?

  13. 今村清人

    今村清人23 giờ trước

    心暖かい人ですね。☺️ 歌声が最高に上手いし人に感動を与える素晴らしい人ですね。

  14. QGXY Reverse 98

    QGXY Reverse 98Ngày trước

    Self Titled Album , Fearless but ya Reputation Album start it first but on ITunes because her backup singers and band might be the real reason . Ready For It Remix now Love Story Remix is kind of bit like Style getting a Remix version . But Bad Blood Taylor Version Katy Perry will , have to learned a new way out of this . Or End Game could be Kanye West if was really not Tom Hiddleston . Yes Taylor Swift End Game I got it Avengers 4 End Game , but that rumors is to fake and is getting old Tom Hiddleston is Tom Hiddleston .

  15. Suraj Kuppili

    Suraj KuppiliNgày trước


  16. Syffa Ayuni

    Syffa AyuniNgày trước

    so i was doing taylor swift marathon and my eyes suddenly shed a tear lmaooo this song is just very special to me

  17. BethGoth15

    BethGoth15Ngày trước

    After all these years, I still hear, "Go pink out a white dress."

  18. Sophie loves

    Sophie lovesNgày trước

    This is just amazing!

  19. Tokumowj Replays XD

    Tokumowj Replays XDNgày trước

    I really want to go back in my childhood where everything is simple and listening to Taylor Swift's old songs...🥺😢😢

  20. Tilak Das

    Tilak DasNgày trước

    It is not only a song,it is an emotion

  21. not broken just broke college student

    not broken just broke college studentNgày trước

    🥺 help me pay my tuition by listening to my cover of Love Story (Taylor’s Version) i created this youtube channel for the hopes of earning from this platform since i couldn't pay my tuition anymore :( i'm already in my senior year (yep 1 year to go) till i graduate ☹️

  22. uenenice

    ueneniceNgày trước

    she was the juliet of my 7 year old self and she's still the juliet i know today

  23. Jon de la Torre

    Jon de la TorreNgày trước

    Amoooo, su voz se oye tan genial en estas nuevas versiones 😍

  24. Hasna Islam

    Hasna IslamNgày trước

    I love her song's!

  25. Emji

    EmjiNgày trước

    When you realize Taylor doing the "Taylor's version" is because it's actually the 13th year of her first song. And Taylor is obsessed with number 13 because it's her birthday.

  26. Sofia Soares

    Sofia SoaresNgày trước

    It's actually deeper than that......she is doing to own them.

  27. kaashinaa

    kaashinaaNgày trước

    i think i was 8 or 9 when i heard this song for the first time on tv, and im 19 now. time flies. im gonna go cry

  28. Gggf Hgki

    Gggf HgkiNgày trước

    From zero to 100

  29. solofalcon

    solofalconNgày trước

    shes so much taller than her fans in all these pics

  30. Gregory Wells

    Gregory WellsNgày trước

    When your crying to your ex boyfriend( yeah I'm a gay freshman in high school)

  31. Saul Chavez

    Saul ChavezNgày trước

    Where are you

  32. Saul Chavez

    Saul ChavezNgày trước


  33. Nazrin Mansor

    Nazrin Mansor2 ngày trước

    To those who’re probably confused why this lyric video comes out years after the MV, this is actually from Taylor’s Version album, the first album that she re-record to own all of her masterpieces. Yes this song is the newer version of the song.

  34. Kimchi Juneyaa

    Kimchi Juneyaa2 ngày trước

    I really did grew up with her songs. This will never get old.. facts!

  35. Kassid Saadeddine

    Kassid Saadeddine2 ngày trước


  36. Gilbert Afalla

    Gilbert Afalla2 ngày trước


  37. sabra fish

    sabra fish2 ngày trước

    Best song

  38. Świftie-Hařîni ŃØV-03

    Świftie-Hařîni ŃØV-032 ngày trước

    Romeo married juliet..... She made impossible things possible by giving a happy ending Only taylor could do it And swifties could understand it🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. Mia GE07

    Mia GE072 ngày trước

    I wonder why this became Taylor's version and the old one isn't coz both versions sound the same to me in terms of vocal style. Somebody please explain to me.

  40. Sara S

    Sara SNgày trước

    Because she owns this one. She is re recording because her music was sold to someone else. She was not given the chance to buy it. If you listen to her music choose Taylor version to support the artist.

  41. Saskia Wati10

    Saskia Wati102 ngày trước

    I love taylor!!! 😘😘

  42. Running James

    Running James2 ngày trước


  43. jacky eyre

    jacky eyre2 ngày trước

    taylor's relationship with her fans is the most beautiful love story ever

  44. Arina A

    Arina A2 ngày trước


  45. Young JT

    Young JT2 ngày trước

    My favorite song 🎧

  46. oak sud

    oak sud2 ngày trước

    Taylor swift's the best thing happened in my life

  47. john

    john2 ngày trước

    Who is listening to this in 2021?

  48. Zoey Paige

    Zoey Paige2 ngày trước

    She’s a much better singer at 31 than at 18

  49. Fly O

    Fly O2 ngày trước

    Taylor is Queen.

  50. Jean-Pierre Fodjouo

    Jean-Pierre Fodjouo2 ngày trước


  51. Patricia Silberhorn

    Patricia Silberhorn2 ngày trước

    Hi its his mom he says yes

  52. Nurmalyn Jumali

    Nurmalyn Jumali3 ngày trước

    Back to the time when my only problem was waking up early to school.

  53. heartofthenba

    heartofthenbaNgày trước

    I’m just starting to approach reality lol. Life ain’t easy bro

  54. Christopher Spurlock

    Christopher Spurlock3 ngày trước

    What's your 📱number

  55. Christopher Spurlock

    Christopher Spurlock3 ngày trước

    Come to the suburbs my 💘😻💜💛

  56. Jouvu

    Jouvu3 ngày trước

    Esta canción es la primera que escuché de Taylor, y ahora me gusta más que antes 💜

  57. おもち -OMOCHI CH-

    おもち -OMOCHI CH-3 ngày trước

    I'm watching this with tears in my eyes. Thanks you so much doing this Taylor Swift, we all feel so GREATFUL.❤️

  58. Farwalk Everwill

    Farwalk Everwill3 ngày trước

    Oh the nostalgia ❤

  59. cold blood

    cold blood3 ngày trước

    This is the taylor swift I missed😭😌she's back

  60. Morgan Reichel

    Morgan Reichel3 ngày trước

    For so many reasons, I like Beth’s rewrite

  61. Nate Owens

    Nate Owens3 ngày trước


  62. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee3 ngày trước

    First loves are the hardest

  63. ALI

    ALI3 ngày trước

    This song and enchanted are the best Taylor's songs ever

  64. Sneha Singh

    Sneha Singh3 ngày trước

    I don't think anyone needs lyrics it's being years singing this song all the time❤️😌

  65. Zarak Khan

    Zarak Khan3 ngày trước


  66. Cherry Mae

    Cherry Mae3 ngày trước


  67. Bayu Sastriawan Saputra

    Bayu Sastriawan Saputra3 ngày trước

    Taylor Swift 🤭👏🤭👍

  68. Daniel Caling

    Daniel Caling3 ngày trước

    Love how you released a lyric video as if we haven’t memorised this entire song since 2008

  69. Richard Entero

    Richard Entero3 ngày trước

    keep on str3aming 💛

  70. Chester Didzena

    Chester Didzena3 ngày trước

    Sorry Brenda just getting my story straight out with you n dont please say something like im cold hearted got so many of that before im just trying to walk peaceful now n days Brenda

  71. agnes cruz

    agnes cruz3 ngày trước

    💕❤️😘👍✌️🥰💕🤞🏻👌😌 we love you taylor!!

  72. Abmer Patricio

    Abmer Patricio3 ngày trước

    3:01 Lapit nang lapit, ako'y lalapit Layo nang layo ba't ka lumalayo? Labo nang labo, ika'y malabo Malabo, tayo'y malabo

  73. footyfan101ful

    footyfan101ful3 ngày trước

    I am manifesting my Italian prince asking me to marry him with this song and Taylor is there singing with him.

  74. Natalia Torres

    Natalia Torres3 ngày trước

    i am literally screaming

  75. Tessa King

    Tessa King4 ngày trước

    Bruh I remember being 10 and wanting to go to the concerts so bad. My mom tried to win free tickets from the radios. She couldn’t afford them. 🥺 my mom felt really bad.

  76. footyfan101ful

    footyfan101fulNgày trước

    Hope you go!!

  77. Running James

    Running James2 ngày trước

    Sorry dear

  78. deo zelphyr

    deo zelphyr4 ngày trước

    reminding me of a girl who dedicated this song to me.. she loves me.. but i cant love her back..

  79. Grace Rodgers

    Grace Rodgers4 ngày trước

    I’m really confused...how is it “Taylor’s version”? Arent both versions her versions?😐

  80. Grace Rodgers

    Grace Rodgers3 ngày trước

    @Arch-Cheriea Strachan well yea but why not just call it re-recorded then😐

  81. Arch-Cheriea Strachan

    Arch-Cheriea Strachan3 ngày trước

    This is the re-recorded version

  82. neo fratboy technology

    neo fratboy technology4 ngày trước

    *she wants my tears and she's gonna get them*

  83. Secondairy

    Secondairy4 ngày trước

    "I close my eyes and the flashback starts" hits a lil different now

  84. O Mel

    O Mel4 ngày trước

    Is there anyone here on those pictures?

  85. Manuela Moraes

    Manuela Moraes4 ngày trước

    Brazilian fans are being stolen. we did not receive a refund for taylors cancelled concert and the credit we received does not cover the total value of the ticket. Please help us contact taylor and her team.

  86. A h

    A h4 ngày trước

    FEARLESS is the best gift for today's generation...🥀

  87. Anjuks Unni

    Anjuks Unni4 ngày trước


  88. Louis St-Amand

    Louis St-Amand4 ngày trước

    It's not bad music... It's just really generic white girl music

  89. Don Ram

    Don Ram4 ngày trước

    Please come back old Taylor swift 🥺😭😭😭😭

  90. melina fuentes duarte

    melina fuentes duarte4 ngày trước


  91. helloItsNics

    helloItsNics4 ngày trước


  92. Janine

    Janine4 ngày trước

    Why am I crying ? T^T listening to taylor's version makes me want to go back in the past T^T 💖I LOVE YOU TAYLOR 💖

  93. helloItsNics

    helloItsNics4 ngày trước


  94. HydrokineticPowerHouse

    HydrokineticPowerHouse4 ngày trước

    I sang this at my parent's wedding when I was ten. We still love it

  95. Franze Valdesis

    Franze Valdesis4 ngày trước

    Im having goosebumps w/ all the throwback photos with the fans 🥺😭😭😭😭 aghhhhh

  96. Huong Khuc

    Huong Khuc4 ngày trước

    Listen a thousand times. Everytime I listen to this song, I feel like im 15. And now im 24 ^^^. Thank you for being a part of my growth up adventure.

  97. Momo's waterbottle

    Momo's waterbottle4 ngày trước

    This story is not about Romeo & Juliet. It's about us and Taylor 😊

  98. S

    S4 ngày trước

    Wish I'd meet her someday like the other swifties did!!😢 Love u Taylor💛💛💛💛

  99. Lumière.

    Lumière.4 ngày trước


  100. WileyCoyote69

    WileyCoyote694 ngày trước

    If this video teaches us anything, it's that Taylor has had a lifetime of bending down for fans. Lol.

  101. WileyCoyote69

    WileyCoyote694 ngày trước

    I'm trying to figure out if the instrumentation is identical to the original. If not, it's pretty close.

  102. Les

    Les4 ngày trước

    I absolutely adore this song, it’s my absolutely favourite song ever. 🥰🥰

  103. Emily Dominko

    Emily Dominko4 ngày trước

    Classic song!

  104. Snigdha Sameer Potadar

    Snigdha Sameer Potadar4 ngày trước

    Her voice in this re-recording shows experience of her life and her journey in this industry.....

  105. Karma

    Karma4 ngày trước

    This really do be me and gfs love song😫🤚

  106. feeling nostalgia for the past that never happened

    feeling nostalgia for the past that never happened4 ngày trước

    Me checking the comments for: a time stamp then "that was me"

  107. Wellington Trindade

    Wellington Trindade4 ngày trước

    Que produtora incrível ✌🏽👦🏽 amo esse álbum taylor