Top English Acoustic Love Songs 2020 - Greatest Hits Ballad Acoustic Guitar Cover Of Popular Songs

Top English Acoustic Love Songs 2020 - Greatest Hits Ballad Acoustic Guitar Cover Of Popular Songs
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[00:00:00] - Some One You Love d
[00:02:47] - Love Is Gone
[00:04:39] - What Are Words
[00:07:51] - You Are The Reason
[00:11:09] - When We Werer Young
[00:15:55] - I Love You 3000
[00:18:47] - When I Look At You
[00:22:45] - Impossible
[00:25:08] - When You Say Nothing At All
[00:29:13] - Memorie
[00:32:20] - Thank U, Next
[00:35:12] - A Thousand Years
[00:39:53] - Perfect
[00:44:04] - Need You Now
[00:47:44] - Shallow
[00:50:59] - Photograph
[00:53:48] - Apologize
[00:56:57] - Everything I do
[01:00:51] - Me!
[01:03:53] - It Ain't Me
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