yaeow - I'm Just A Ghost (Lyrics)

yaeow - I'm Just A Ghost
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I’m just a ghost
Floating around
I don’t have a place to go
I feel so left alone
In this town
I used to have friends
But now I don’t
And it’s hard to find some new
I don’t know what to do
without you
Oh I miss our days
When everything felt ok
When the rain wasn’t as heavy as it feels right now
Oh I miss our days
When you were here with me
We could watch the stars and forget about the world
Yeah I’m just a ghost
Empty with holes
Looking for a special place
Maybe somewhere far away
From here?
And if you feel it too?
Then you are not alone
Yeah we are one big family
Broken but honestly
Way too kind
(Way too kind)
Oh I miss our days
When everything felt ok
When the rain wasn’t as heavy as it feels now
Oh I miss our days
When you were here with me
We could watch the stars and forget about the world
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  1. TheGoodVibe

    TheGoodVibeTháng trước

    ever felt like a ghost? 👻

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    i feel like im a ghost. because i feel calm and inspiring melody. niceee. great support frm Malaysia🇲🇾

  11. UwU Love_U

    UwU Love_UTháng trước

    Dont worry im still here, because im ghost ✨

  12. シKodzuken

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    Me after 5 seconds when i died in among us

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    me listening on this song 🎵 while crying and answering my modules😄

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    AJ NATIONTháng trước

    Listening to this while raining outside


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    category : humor

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    Write you ig for a big case of love

  28. SoftGhostie

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    It’s my song, I can feel it ..

  29. SoftGhostie

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    Somehow this song describes my feeling, a lonely lost ghost who need the help But no one here to listen or hear..

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    much love

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    @yaeow you will rise, you're talented. ✨💫

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    @jaidah mallari sorry to hear

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    It don't have an answer, the only thing i know, in these cases, is that we have to move on, it's sad but it's the life

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