Survival Instinct
Survival Instinct
Survival Instinct

Living in the wild is extremely tough without some certain skills, which must be achieved step by step. SURVIVAL INSTINCT is a project carried out by a various number of people from all over the world with the same passion on sharing challenges and survival skills in different harsh conditions.
We have currently been using only this VIshows and our Facebook, all others are fakes ones.
Northern Vietnam, a place with full of unforeseen dangers, such as: poisonous insects, centipedes, snakes which we might have to deal with when moving, climbing and lifting stones, is such a perfect destination for shooting our survival videos.
All the skills in Videos were collected through books, internet and real life experience. Our normal is somehow similar to yours and also different in some aspects.
In order to bring a lifelike performance, we will only use subtitles. Hope you all have interring time when watching our videos.
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    Coba pake hetset, gila bunyi lalat nya pas dia makan 😂😂😂

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    Cha Chi4 giờ trước

    13 species are now extinct in the south east Asian jungles

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    Wow.... i like your video

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    Plz dnt kill animal

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    Wow that is a huge bamboo

  11. 얀 찬Yan

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    3:34 7:46 After he dies, he doesn't know why! He only knows how to eat everything he sees looks like two moths, this is slugs in the video. They contain a disease in your body that causes them! Cirrhosis and paralysis of the organs mainly of the KIDNEYS. Disease known to science as Schistosomiasis.

  12. Succubus

    Succubus7 giờ trước

    This episode was the worst. I hope that there was a point on cutting down that (Palm??) tree and you should learn how to mercy kill the animals you eat, it is just common sense. Even tho you live in the forest you should respect.

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    Câmera com bateria infinita

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    MRV, Channel

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    Di bakar hidup2

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    Hadir.. kawan lama

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    This place is on Indonesia , Sumatra island

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    Super, profi...

  21. Banj medina

    Banj medina11 giờ trước

    He killed a giant palm tree just to get a few bites out of it.. that poor animal, the least thing he can do is put him out of misery, the animal died in agonizing pain all for the purpose of video content.. i'm so fucking done watching this shit show!

  22. มัมมี้ของอาร์ชี่

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    Please give him a new clothes and shoes!! He wear this one now year and half ?

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    Super, njam, njam, njam...

  24. Alexander Horsch

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    Njam, njam, njam...

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    Who's the cameraman?

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    JFC! I hope you made sure it was dead before putting it on the fire.

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    How do you charge your gadget?

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    He can be model. Damn his jawline and veiny arms. 🥺💖

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    He ate bats? Oh boi

  31. Australo-Hungary

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    wtf I never thought that there is a tree that human can eat

  32. Dark Wind

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    Ахринеть какие колбаски получились посолить и с пивом збс будет

  33. Laka With Life

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    Please dont cut trees. Save world

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    Put subtitles on your every video

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    Itu atapnya dari anyaman tanaman alang2 aja biar awet

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    Mitchy Darné14 giờ trước

    What was the purpose of cutting such a big tree, fo having a handful of food 😟

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    Mantap bang

  38. Kori Airthur

    Kori Airthur15 giờ trước

    Apakah video survival ini di Sumatra Indonesia?? Jika iya, tolong jangan kau rusak hutan itu dan jangan kau bunuh binatang binatang itu seenak nya saja. Chanel kamu mendapat untung dari video ini, tapi alam kami kau rusak, hewan satwa kami kau punahkan..😡😡


    ZOZO FOR YOU16 giờ trước

    So sorry to say it but this episode is the worst episode ever. The big palm tree wasted and the skunk which is rare and cute the way you killed is not proper it was breathing while throwing in fire totally tortured so bad. Worst episode ever. Please stop doing that.

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    он миллионер, камеры на каждом шагу

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    Anieflor de Luna16 giờ trước

    you should dig your well so that you dont keep on cutting the bananas every time you need water.

  43. Sins Granger

    Sins Granger16 giờ trước

    Hutan sumatra mana?

  44. Kawan Baru dari cianjur

    Kawan Baru dari cianjur16 giờ trước

    Cameramen nya kemana kemarin kelihatan tangan nya😀

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    hello.. im your follower, and im happy to get new video from you, im from indonesia , im suggestion if you go fishing sometimes ,thank you

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    now I rarely watch it at Karnakan, I'm lazy ... the word was alone eh, I know the crew, yesterday saw the cameraman's hand

  47. fauzan mubarok

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    Hal positif: 1. Berani survive 2. Kreatif bikin rumah dan perabotan 3. Cara berburu dan bikin jebkan yg unik 4. Video yang bagus dengan backsound alam Hal negatif: 1. Daily aktifity yang cenderung monotn 2. Merusak tanaman dan jarang menanam 3. Teralu banyak menebang pohon untuk hal yang tdk trlalu penting dan efektiv 4 menghamburkan daun pisang (hampir di setiap episode)

  48. Tokyo Ghoul

    Tokyo Ghoul16 giờ trước

    Plot Twist: The Flock that he let Go tells his friends to step on the trap 🐓

  49. S.khan lawng

    S.khan lawng16 giờ trước

    It is not worth cutting the tree like you took a little pith. You cut a big tree which may be a 15-year-old. Please never cut again like that. It is part of deforestation.

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    Not enough video income to survive?

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    Жрёт и жрёт...

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    Топ видос.

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    Kenapa orang ini ngga ramah nebang pohon seenaknya.binatang masih ada napasnya langsung di bakar.kasian sekali

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    report report

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