5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts

Fun diy-projects, crafts, experience the joy of doing it yourself!

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  2. xX I like gacha life Xx

    xX I like gacha life Xx29 phút trước

    love da music more than anything

  3. Artzygaming playz

    Artzygaming playz31 phút trước

    The amount of Glue used is A LOT dude

  4. Sunil Kumar M N

    Sunil Kumar M N33 phút trước

    don t think that we are poor

  5. Simply Craftological

    Simply Craftological35 phút trước

    Waste of food n glue to pamper your feet. 😭

  6. Sunil Kumar M N

    Sunil Kumar M N35 phút trước

    triggered insaan please roast this. gajab bejathi

  7. Ratnah Nordin

    Ratnah Nordin36 phút trước

    Why is so many trashtalker on this channel stop it

  8. Leli Sulastri

    Leli Sulastri37 phút trước


  9. May Chan

    May Chan38 phút trước


  10. Make Cake

    Make Cake41 phút trước

    Warning ⚠️ -- it will cost u a lot if u repeat (RIP those who don't have these accessories )

  11. Redpie

    Redpie43 phút trước

    Then yall are the advertisers then then

  12. Виктория Анфиногенова

    Виктория Анфиногенова45 phút trước

    Вот 1 зачем????? Вы хотите чтобы у вас из туалета говно всё полетело да?

  13. Kamila Pavelková

    Kamila Pavelková46 phút trước


  14. Memes Hub

    Memes Hub47 phút trước

    Triggered insaan roast this

  15. Anjana Bhattacharya

    Anjana Bhattacharya48 phút trước

    😀😀😀 না 😀

  16. Sikem Giyarno

    Sikem Giyarno48 phút trước


  17. Rahma Rahma

    Rahma Rahma48 phút trước

    Tapi bagus kok vidionya ❤️👇

  18. Rahma Rahma

    Rahma Rahma49 phút trước

    Baru tau aku ada pernontonan Kya gni😂

  19. Memes Hub

    Memes Hub50 phút trước

    Triggered insaan roast this

  20. YT:RICH

    YT:RICH54 phút trước

    simple but entertaining content at its best

  21. Lata Jain

    Lata Jain56 phút trước

    2:08 who eats active charcoal you are mad thats why you eat active charcoal not 5 mins craft crazy mins craft

  22. Soham Chatterjee

    Soham Chatterjee57 phút trước

    No needed to tell, you know who should roast this 🔥🔥😂😂🤭.

  23. Ahiru

    Ahiru59 phút trước

    If you ever feel useless just remember that life hack channels on VIshows will help

  24. eight nights

    eight nightsGiờ trước

    Легче в духовку кинуть хлеб)) Лайфхак😏

  25. Kawaii Girl

    Kawaii GirlGiờ trước

    The first one 😅

  26. SAMINA Bee

    SAMINA BeeGiờ trước

    Hi games

  27. Mohammad rasol

    Mohammad rasolGiờ trước

    You just wasted a lot of food...


    GK CHANNELGiờ trước

    Thanks for sharing Have a great day⭐⭐⭐

  29. Aman Rajput

    Aman RajputGiờ trước

    Long hairs

  30. Stressed-Chan

    Stressed-ChanGiờ trước

    9:19 this is the most disturbing image I have ever seen

  31. Shivakumar Mysore

    Shivakumar MysoreGiờ trước


  32. Crazy Cooking with Kusum

    Crazy Cooking with KusumGiờ trước


  33. Reeno 135

    Reeno 135Giờ trước

    Be careful Not to breath in the Aluminum while you Clean your silver. Its absolutely toxic Material and you should do your best to avoid even getting in contact with Aluminum.

  34. Ashish Shinde

    Ashish ShindeGiờ trước


  35. Nungshibee Singh

    Nungshibee SinghGiờ trước

    This teaches us that how you can waste your money for views

  36. huynhtuanvinh Huỳnh

    huynhtuanvinh HuỳnhGiờ trước

    Biết nào được vậy

  37. yen nhi Nguyễn hoàng

    yen nhi Nguyễn hoàngGiờ trước

    I like 3d pen

  38. Kohinoor parween

    Kohinoor parweenGiờ trước


  39. Loba Gamer UwU

    Loba Gamer UwUGiờ trước

    O primeiro: Filho, vem aq pra mamãe te ensinar a limpar o kur vem

  40. GUNJAN 5 B

    GUNJAN 5 BGiờ trước

    In which country did you live I live in 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳India

  41. Sky Light

    Sky LightGiờ trước

    The Water stream freeze could work if you cut the hole smaller

  42. Felicia Almèn

    Felicia AlmènGiờ trước


  43. chow chow

    chow chowGiờ trước

    Girl: Fainted after seeing the obviously fake cut Me if that happened to me: You cannot fool me, try me BISH-

  44. Detective Lunge

    Detective LungeGiờ trước

    people crying about them wasting food like they dont waste one themselves

  45. Ihab Musa

    Ihab MusaGiờ trước

    Pure cringe 🖕😃

  46. Felicia Almèn

    Felicia AlmènGiờ trước

    if you spill water on anything elecrical, DO NOT PICK IT UP

  47. •꧁ńúggét꧂•

    •꧁ńúggét꧂•Giờ trước

    The movement the giro did while washing her hands 😀

  48. polina

    polinaGiờ trước


  49. Erica Louise Mabansag

    Erica Louise MabansagGiờ trước

    6:18 Well you see, there are these things called *G L O V E S*

  50. Nadine Sabitah

    Nadine SabitahGiờ trước

    Thanks that good idea

  51. RocnPrism

    RocnPrism2 giờ trước

    Hey anyone noticed the music from Aphmau

  52. arista fitriani

    arista fitriani2 giờ trước


  53. A5

    A52 giờ trước

    I hate you