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  1. Bicheng Si

    Bicheng Si5 giờ trước


  2. Aidas Baranauskas

    Aidas Baranauskas5 giờ trước

    odd this didn't get demonitized despite showing those corpses

  3. Jay

    Jay5 giờ trước

    So the assholes who broke into the guy's apartment, scared the ever living shit out of his poor dog and then laughed about how cool they looked doing it whilst having the guy cuffed to his own chair got away with everything without suffering any legal consequences?

  4. Clalala Tayag

    Clalala Tayag5 giờ trước

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  5. Mika Hikyuu

    Mika Hikyuu5 giờ trước

    "Now i know that guy looks like a bit of a belligerent asshole. but the thing is, this country is full of belligerent assholes, and lots of them have guns!" - John Oliver summing up half of USA impressively well.

  6. John B

    John B5 giờ trước

    OMG... This dumb show starts of with Breanna Taylor?!?!?!!!! The gals boyfriend is shooting at the police and they fire back. Why should there be charges on the police? I couldn't even finish the show after they started with that. Losing respect for this show.

  7. alex aruba

    alex aruba5 giờ trước

    I think the true problem I'm America is most people rely on other people to survive. This is why I moved to a bigger property with the main purpose to homestead. Growing and raising your own food is something 99% of people don't want to do. Give a man a fish and they eat for one day teach them how to fish and they can eat forever. Stop blaming others for issues we can solve by not purchasing corporate products.

  8. Emiliana Zuckerberg

    Emiliana Zuckerberg5 giờ trước

    just a fellow persion looking at how my future will look like....

  9. Schoolius Delta

    Schoolius Delta5 giờ trước

    Well, that's the thing! Your Forefathers did not trust you to make those types of decisions......Ex. Electoral College........Criminal Politicians who can not be named "Criminal Politician"......thus they do what they do👀

  10. Grant Imahara

    Grant Imahara5 giờ trước

    We need to bring this up again

  11. Montesama314

    Montesama3145 giờ trước

    You're afraid to hug a woman in the workplace? What place are you working in where just hugging coworkers of ANY sex is okay? Is that some sort of morning ritual you have in Accounting?

  12. Leo Cieri

    Leo Cieri5 giờ trước

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  13. Botto Jonsey

    Botto Jonsey5 giờ trước

    John knows about meat packing

  14. Red Mage Experience

    Red Mage Experience5 giờ trước

    And now after few years under Macron's dictatorship, France is in a deep shit, violence exploded everywhere, corruption is everywhere. We have dropped so far in everything.

  15. Clalala Tayag

    Clalala Tayag5 giờ trước

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  16. regina jerusalemsky

    regina jerusalemsky5 giờ trước

    "ooh..our country is not an innocent..take a look at what we've done too.." getting laughed at..?! Just for the single perpouse of saying "America=right,Putin/Russia=wrong"?! Another Huge disappointment from you John Oliver..oh I know those are things you have to say..also that your mind works in a very special"don't forget you're lines unless you comprehended some and laughed.. that's even better"..wanna say how you're not a reptilian brain made slave right now..?sure you do..made a hole piece about it too🤷👉🐷👈 Just sometimes..real crossed with you your staff but ya'all know what I mean)almost always come Soo close to be used as a right/fact correct textbook material and then..well you are living in america today..and still are alive(including spouse and children) Soo...not trying to insult..just..just don't forget about the first story when telling the third one on same subject..leave this at that..riiight..

  17. Ary LaRocca

    Ary LaRocca5 giờ trước

    Message from the future, Trump lost the 2024 election to president Harris!!

  18. Andrew Kim

    Andrew Kim5 giờ trước

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  19. Dr. Simple Beauty 300

    Dr. Simple Beauty 3005 giờ trước

    That Zimmerman auctioning the gun story is more disgusting than the man peeing on the floor.

  20. John Verschragen

    John Verschragen5 giờ trước

    I feel sooooo lucky NOT living in the USA.

  21. Clalala Tayag

    Clalala Tayag6 giờ trước

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  22. Thomas Remme

    Thomas Remme6 giờ trước

    Yet another episode of OMFG I am so glad I don't live in the US... *sigh*

  23. first last

    first last6 giờ trước

    1:40 is so much funnier now that Joe Biden is president now.

  24. Andrew Kim

    Andrew Kim6 giờ trước

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  25. Barbara Lachance

    Barbara Lachance6 giờ trước

    I wonder if Bob did sue them again after this?? 🤔

  26. Andrew Kim

    Andrew Kim6 giờ trước

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  27. Halldór Þormar Hermannsson

    Halldór Þormar Hermannsson6 giờ trước

    The US Social Security system is so pathetically weak and vulnerable. It's like something from the 19th century.

  28. Alex Ignobilis

    Alex Ignobilis6 giờ trước

    What the fuck is up with those officers at 17:15? Are they throwing flashbangs like they are firecrackers?!

  29. regina jerusalemsky

    regina jerusalemsky6 giờ trước

    Also..just to make a point..Russia has more outed gays in the media system then America and a bunch above Ukraine how's CITIZENS VOTED FOR GOING TO RUSSIA AWAY FROM EVEN MORE CURRUPTED UKRAINE and then the Ukraine banditgroups(recognized as such around the globe) themselves cut the power lines and polluted the Crimeria ONLY fresh water supply only to later find out that all has been fixed and a bridge asked for 15 years ago built by Russia..while of course/probably to "make a commercial out of it"..although Russia didn't praise itself+did nothing "to punish the bandits" while crimeria's own news DID SAY STUFF LOW ABOUT UKRAINE (check my spelling on that!)also need to point out the FACT of Ukraine DYING OFF FIRST IN CASE OF INVASION BECAUSE CRIMERIA IS THE FIRST STRATIGIC GATEWAY TO RUSSIA ENTRY+ UKRAINE WAS MADE BY "PEACE KEEPERS" (WANNA GUESS WHO THOSE ARE?) TO FIGHT AND HATE RUSSIA AWAY while the brothers are Fighting amongst themselves there is no even a need to strike in the back.. they will see no more-even in front of them"(wanna maybe google who wrote that? I'm just too tired to fight all of the people that are so in the matrix that even those movies that drove the authors insane didn't receive the connections tried to be shown. Cassandra complex at work once more I guess..) #AgainstPutinForRussiaPeople#

  30. The Real Deal

    The Real Deal6 giờ trước

    Qualified immunity needs to go!!!!!!!

  31. Anto theja

    Anto theja6 giờ trước

    I am sorry but who decided that John Cena was attractive? Steroids are tbh kinda gross

  32. cherry blossom

    cherry blossom6 giờ trước

    what even is America

  33. Alex Ortiz

    Alex Ortiz6 giờ trước

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  34. Stephen Hutton

    Stephen Hutton6 giờ trước

    God this is the epitome of cringe. We the church need to do better job of judging and taking care of people like these evangelists. Tithes are biblically mandatory for every Christian, but these people have twisted it so much.

  35. Gozilla

    Gozilla6 giờ trước

    I like how this show outs America for the shithole country it is. Glad to observe you from far away.

  36. Eric Shepperd

    Eric Shepperd6 giờ trước

    It’s March 2021 and it’s half a million. Just...half a fucking million

  37. Darcy Greenwood

    Darcy Greenwood6 giờ trước

    Man I miss him I press f for him

  38. Solo Skipper

    Solo Skipper6 giờ trước

    Guess I will just stick to using need to file public records request to wonder if it will work or not.

  39. Chris Woods

    Chris Woods6 giờ trước

    Vitamins dont help my fricking fibromyalgia, utter bullshit.

  40. Angelo

    Angelo6 giờ trước

    how are they getting away with granating a baby and mutilate it for life?? how america

  41. re9is

    re9is6 giờ trước

    👏👏👏 Those raids are just small boys wet dreams and internalized aggression draped in a coat of significance. Maybe go smell some more marijuana?

  42. Mimikry K

    Mimikry K6 giờ trước

    I have been watching John Oliver for quite a time and I think the quality of the show has really increased since quarantine. I think the lack of live audience makes for a more serious show because you don't have to make cheap gags for the crowd. I really like the "new" style even though it has only emerged because of this crisis. Greetings from Germany :)

  43. Pepsi Man

    Pepsi Man6 giờ trước

    I have yet to find the funny

  44. Ksenia

    Ksenia6 giờ trước

    $15 an A guy worth $150 billion is paying his workers $15 an hour. He could increase that wage by ten times for every worker and not make a dent in his fortune, but no. Let's fund space dicks instead. Guillotines for billionaires 2021.

  45. regina jerusalemsky

    regina jerusalemsky6 giờ trước

    If I would have asked when AND THE REAL REASON WHY the American Army(toward the 46'th year/the end of the war against the Nazis)even started to "Ally with Russia"(wich was already at Berlin gates at this point+liberating the concentration camps-while American soldiers were IN FACT ordered even to leave their own troops behind) and then just became "partner" and took half of all spoils+just VERY OPENLY LATER SAID stole what was not given..(like the scientists FROM Russian captivity that were just smuggled to American soil and most of the artifacts when came those 90's and SSR was broken..for how THAT happened see the letter of CIA cheaf in the 70' on "how to destroy the soviet union while remaining friends"..oh..Soo much to little of "for whom it concerns" I actually like the way intelligent and polite Putin works on a global stage.. it's just too bad that in he's own country he treats the people and his own land like a pig and is Soo much alike this "uncle Xi" in China..there is a story told of times of the revolution in Russia when all of the roial elite families were killed"to improve the nation":a dutches talks with her maid...the maid"oh dutches! Those Communists have arrived! Now there will not be anymore rich folk in our country!"..the dutches"oh..and there I thought that Communism was all about not having anymore poor people.." Oh and by the way..Trump explisetitly pointed out the countries you should hate by "liking the work their leaders do there and around the world..he/they is/are a very nice and special person/people"didn't see that yet..? And in cases that didn't work-well..there came he's own sanctions(including Russia and China) #AgainstPutinForRussiaPeople#

  46. hysterikal

    hysterikal6 giờ trước


  47. Jay King

    Jay King6 giờ trước

    Raiding Pt 2: Swatting Pranks

  48. hysterikal

    hysterikal6 giờ trước

    0:17 i thought he was gonna say "feeding the hungry, clothing the naked"

  49. Dragon

    Dragon6 giờ trước

    Me finding idiots Me to Google.. who are idiots Google .. go and watch tiktok video,s

  50. MovieJunkie ForLife

    MovieJunkie ForLife6 giờ trước

    I live in a so called "third world" country and have experienced police showing up at our door with a warrant (we have tenants renting). They knocked on the door, respectfully said they had a warrant and they were looking for someone, ASKED if they could enter and when we let them in, were very respectful. When they realized the person they were looking for didn't (and never) lived there, they apologized for the inconvenience and left. It was scary seeing 6 or 7 police officers at our door first thing in the morning, but they never escalated that fear by being assholes. We are no where NEAR a perfect country but like I've said before, America is a country I enjoy visiting, but I would NEVER want to live there. I'll take my "third world" little island every day of the week.

  51. GOOOD MORNING TRIBULATION! Heyoka vanilla injun

    GOOOD MORNING TRIBULATION! Heyoka vanilla injun6 giờ trước

    a show about how little we did about another show like he gaf

  52. luke m

    luke m6 giờ trước

    On behalf of Brits, we are sorry for John Oliver... And no, we don’t want him back thanks.

  53. Ralf Schniebs

    Ralf Schniebs6 giờ trước

    Smartest Man on the Planet! And he can even talk as half as fast as me!

  54. regina jerusalemsky

    regina jerusalemsky6 giờ trước

    Soo.. Russia"voted for Trump"right..? Only that Trump himself accused Hillary Clinton of this Russia connection..until he won the election..+the ONLY reason for Trump's ongoing at the time invastigation of high treason went south is because the invastigators saw how "it didn't work although Russia kept trying to work with Trump and Trump wanted that too..but the exceptionally low work bar and outright stupidity and incompetence of the men assigned to make the deal - actually broke it" check my spelling there😜😎👈🐷👉 #AgainstPutinForRussiaPeople#

  55. Alex Ortiz

    Alex Ortiz7 giờ trước

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  56. Vision Art Studio

    Vision Art Studio7 giờ trước

    Bloody funny!! And so good to see Mr Hawking laughing!

  57. Jonny Ogg

    Jonny Ogg7 giờ trước

    Nah man pringles are good

  58. Alex Ortiz

    Alex Ortiz7 giờ trước

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  59. Daniel H

    Daniel H7 giờ trước

    Leaked secret report shows the extent of the targeted expulsion of Uyghurs. A Chinese university briefly published a report documenting the deliberate expulsion of Uyghurs. In the meantime it can no longer be found online.

  60. Seano Mac

    Seano Mac7 giờ trước

    VW is the same company that screwed the planet for profit and then we act surprised when they act like this!!!

  61. Misko G

    Misko G7 giờ trước

    this the most american video ever

  62. ggs gdgd

    ggs gdgd7 giờ trước

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  63. Femi Oye

    Femi Oye7 giờ trước

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  64. Akisame

    Akisame7 giờ trước

    You really have to wonder how many of the issues John Oliver pointed out were ACTUALLY solved. Or how many were even addressed beyond this show

  65. schwedi-boi

    schwedi-boi7 giờ trước

    The fact they had to name it STUPID watergate

  66. Ellie Sanders

    Ellie Sanders7 giờ trước

    Yeah when the cop said this made coming to work today worth it I lost literally all faith in humanity.

  67. Alex Ortiz

    Alex Ortiz7 giờ trước

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  68. Christian Nönken

    Christian Nönken7 giờ trước

    17:17 What was that? Did he try to flashbang a tree out of boredom?

  69. Jen Won

    Jen Won7 giờ trước

    omg that tik tok guy at the hospital. I called him a commie for being on tik tok and helping the Chinese.

  70. Court Jester

    Court Jester7 giờ trước

    It feels like Mother Nature is pissed at us

  71. ZeroDayVirus

    ZeroDayVirus7 giờ trước

    Team America singing: America FUCK YEAH! Coming again to save the motherfucking day, yeah America FUCK YEAH! Freedom is the only way, yeah Christ, the USA has lost its marbles

  72. Sedat KPunkt

    Sedat KPunkt7 giờ trước


  73. Justin

    Justin7 giờ trước

    Did anyone else noticed that Long Island was the wrong colour at 1:36?

  74. Nereus

    Nereus7 giờ trước

    people raid your house and then rewatch the security camera for a big laugh? I would fucking kill their families

  75. Nereus

    Nereus7 giờ trước

    wtf what kind of country do you fucking live in

  76. Zachary Lindahl

    Zachary Lindahl7 giờ trước

    Yay capitalism 🚩

  77. KleineDohle

    KleineDohle7 giờ trước

    I still do not see the pros of giving normal police military equipment huge waste of money police officers need more training in de escalation and non violent solutions

  78. TTS S

    TTS S7 giờ trước

    What is this man talking about? He missed his meds for weeks, it appears...

  79. slavik k

    slavik k7 giờ trước

    John is such a pussy I swear

  80. que sera sera

    que sera sera7 giờ trước

    Raid Shadow Legends