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Taste of Luxury Episode 2: Spa
Bake On: Week 10 (Final)

Bake On: Week 10 (Final)

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Bake On: Week Nine (Patisserie)
Bake On: Week Eight (Dessert)
It's Beaver Ass

It's Beaver Ass

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  1. Jay Duran

    Jay Duran10 giờ trước

    I don't know if this is going to get where it needs to go, or if it will matter. But I wanted to mention that since TAZ is a podcast, it's been really hard following a game that seems to be made to be specifically for a visual medium. I know that maps and stuff get posted on Twitter, but that doesn't do much for someone like me who listens to the show while working and doesn't have the opportunity to reference a map. I've always loved the McElroy content and that hasn't changed, I just thought it was worth putting my take out there. Thanks for all the hard work you all put into making all of the shows.

  2. Casey Rogers

    Casey Rogers14 giờ trước

    Did Griffin attempt a Wes Borland reference?????

  3. Peter Hansen

    Peter Hansen14 giờ trước

    For ship upgrade economy, maybe look at Blades in the Dark system of Coin. (Or Scum and Villainy that Friends at the Table played)

  4. kim hill

    kim hill15 giờ trước

    I LOVE how unabashedly detailed this is, and I sincerely hope Griffin has as much fun with this as it seems.

  5. boots

    boots17 giờ trước

    this was peak quarantine. i remember watch the vod back while playing on my acnh island 😭😭

  6. John Shaw

    John Shaw22 giờ trước

    There is a whole genre of "rag-tag group of adventurers in a wild frontier ship chasing money just to survive." If you're looking for inspiration on how to make money and ship maintenance important, then revisit Firefly, OutlawStar, Cowboy Bebop, or even Guardians of the Galaxy.

  7. Rob H.

    Rob H.23 giờ trước

    Where does one listen to this?

  8. BaconMcSwagger

    BaconMcSwaggerNgày trước

    Beginning of the video "Lets not make it silly this time" I'm glad you failed at that

  9. barkin minez

    barkin minezNgày trước

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  10. barkin minez

    barkin minezNgày trước

    The entertaining decrease philosophically laugh because burma descriptively terrify given a barbarous sousaphone. shaggy, erratic blowgun

  11. BigBlue VA

    BigBlue VANgày trước

    Is it just me or does this become more of a bop with each listen?

  12. BlindErephon

    BlindErephonNgày trước

    Aw cool! For the King is great, I dunno why more games don't incorporate it's kind of coop.

  13. boman279

    boman279Ngày trước

    Watching this after listening to the first couple setup episodes is very interesting

  14. Piratejackyar

    PiratejackyarNgày trước

    The Skilled feat gives proficiency in three tools or skills. If you simply allow each system to be considered a tool, then it takes care of itself. It gives the option for players to use their advancement options on the ship if they want.

  15. Steven Irwin

    Steven IrwinNgày trước

    The energy Brennan Lee Mulligan brings to the table is just absolutely over the top and I love it so much.

  16. Zach H

    Zach HNgày trước

    i'd probably do a sort of token system for ship supplies and upgrades that's separate from normal player wealth. tokens are usually earned by completing contracts. a week's supply of food costs one token, a crappy ship upgrade costs five tokens, a nice ship upgrade costs ten tokens, something like that

  17. sharkbait

    sharkbaitNgày trước

    Oh snap Gibi the ASMR queen and my favorite bois playing a game?? My new favorite crossover!

  18. heypeopleitsmatt

    heypeopleitsmattNgày trước

    Starts at 4:08

  19. Edmund Milley

    Edmund MilleyNgày trước

    The Ethersea music in the lead up goes so hard here!

  20. Dylan Knight

    Dylan KnightNgày trước

    Starts at 4:05

  21. GippyHappy

    GippyHappyNgày trước

    I was not prepared to see Sweet Gene in action. I watched them make him 7 feet tall but did not comprehend just how large he would be. He made Dwayne The Rock Johnson look like a little boy. I now live in constant fear of definitely-not-gritty finding me in real life. His name is sweet but his slams are deadly.

  22. Whompy woo

    Whompy wooNgày trước

    Oh my goodness I need to get caught up in this podcast, I started a year ago and am still in amnesty

  23. GippyHappy

    GippyHappyNgày trước

    9:40 Sorry Juice run that by me again? I think someone has got their Disney dogs mixed up

  24. GippyHappy

    GippyHappyNgày trước

    Thank you Clayton. You know what you did.

  25. Ginta razimu

    Ginta razimuNgày trước

    4:06 - Griffin and Brennan come on screen

  26. Sam Cudney

    Sam CudneyNgày trước

    Did griffin and Justin low key predict Lady Demitrescu or have talk women always been this popular?

  27. GippyHappy

    GippyHappyNgày trước

    Watching jIM jELLY fall like a wet noodle repeatedly made me laugh so hard it brought me physical pain.

  28. NarcoticIsland

    NarcoticIsland2 ngày trước

    Stream starts around 4:07

  29. PixieDude1

    PixieDude12 ngày trước

    The only bad thing about this trailer is that now I desperately want this to be a cartoon instead of a podcast.

  30. Fire Away Productions

    Fire Away Productions2 ngày trước

    I hear every thought in my head spoken in Travis's reading voice.

  31. Jack Black

    Jack Black2 ngày trước

    This is a great pilot eposde.

  32. Binky 3D

    Binky 3D2 ngày trước

    im holding in a big dookie and this video isn't helping

  33. Jonathan Blinn

    Jonathan Blinn2 ngày trước

    The virgin Um, Actually The chad Um, Absolutely

  34. AGEmail

    AGEmail2 ngày trước

    Man I hope Griffin holds to his guns on readiness. This is going to be freakin’ awesome if he makes this like a Sunless Sea D&D. I wanna see Cthulhu or somethin crazy!

  35. Jameson Reno

    Jameson Reno2 ngày trước

    The answer to what’s the underwater analog of “sleeping with the fishes” is “sleeping with the seagulls.”

  36. 24moneybd

    24moneybd2 ngày trước


  37. KappaRoss

    KappaRoss2 ngày trước

    Brennan is a blessing

  38. LimitNZ

    LimitNZ2 ngày trước

    "Everything you're doing is making it look more like Stephen Fry" 😂 😂 😂

  39. Alex Dennis

    Alex Dennis2 ngày trước

    Is Brennan the honorary 5th brother?

  40. shockofthenew

    shockofthenew2 ngày trước

    The little quiver of suppressed laughter in Griff's pivotal line... chef's kiss

  41. Kevin

    Kevin2 ngày trước

    They tapped Keith Baker for Dadlands?! Geez!

  42. Nathan Hamilton

    Nathan Hamilton2 ngày trước

    Can anybody point me towards the "resource die system" that Brennan talks about at 1:09? I can't seem to find it anywhere

  43. Darth Boxman

    Darth Boxman2 ngày trước

    Griffin did you not know what a RANDOM ENCOUNTER TABLE is?

  44. Brandon Carbaugh

    Brandon Carbaugh2 ngày trước

    This system reminds me a lot of Edge of the Empire. I think the show will benefit from it a lot. It's incredibly generous to a campaign to give the players a ship that can serve a thousand different functions. A ship is a mobile base; it's a shared living space; it's a powerful-but-brittle weapon in combat; it's your de facto "party HP" because you all die if it explodes; it's an arena when enemies board you; it's backdrop for scenes that take place in transit; it's a shared customization point for the party to kit out and repair and paint cool flames on over time; it's a homework project to repair during town visits; it's an abstracted cargo space PCs can ass-pull items from with reasonable limitations; it's a convient hang-out spot NPC's can stay behind in while the heroes are off doing hero stuff; and of course, it's just a big-ass vehicle that can do big-ass vehicle stuf, like knocking down the sealed doors of an ancient temple ruin. Ships are good. More systems should have ships.

  45. Taylor

    Taylor2 ngày trước

    I love brennan and also griffin

  46. Sofia Carlo

    Sofia Carlo3 ngày trước

    ...el muchacho de los ojos tristes....

  47. Circus_of_japes

    Circus_of_japes3 ngày trước

    can people in the comments touch some grass or go back to twitter

  48. Jacob Wyman

    Jacob Wyman3 ngày trước

    Clint saying "friend" as Thacker because he's not used to the new character yet :(

  49. GrindStone

    GrindStone3 ngày trước

    NEW "Dear Slim" (PRODUCED BY EMINEM) !!!

  50. Olivia W-K

    Olivia W-K3 ngày trước

    “Nautical story telling”

  51. mlq1718

    mlq17183 ngày trước

    Who is Griffin Mulligan

  52. sundrythis

    sundrythis3 ngày trước

    god bless brennan lee mulligan 💖✊🏼

  53. J 3

    J 33 ngày trước

    You could consider a unique currency for ships like "scrap" for upgrades. If you want to keep it separate from player personal costs.

  54. J 3

    J 33 ngày trước

    If the PCs are races of underwater and seafaring people, it might be likely that their education and upbringing has taught them a lot about how to fix and pilot a ship. So they could all be on similar grounds when it comes to specializing. If they show an interest in a specific task maybe they can get an item at some point that gives them a +1 bonus to signify their growth. "Dad's lucky wrench: +1 to engine repair."

  55. Caleb VanderWal

    Caleb VanderWal3 ngày trước

    “You’re gunna be walking with the marmots…”

  56. David DeGrarmo

    David DeGrarmo3 ngày trước

    This was great...however the BEST max fun drive video would have been dropping that sweet sweet new monster factory video

  57. Nobody McGee

    Nobody McGee3 ngày trước

    so i've havent started the new season of taz yet and the introduction of this video made me realize that the name of the new campaign is not, in fact, earth sea lol

  58. RubyBlood DemonKing

    RubyBlood DemonKing3 ngày trước

    Maybe a player takes shipwright training for increased repair chances

  59. RubyBlood DemonKing

    RubyBlood DemonKing3 ngày trước

    Ramming could work with reinforced hull upgrade, or, used for boarding. Greeks did that shit on purpouse.

  60. Keenan

    Keenan3 ngày trước

    These two together explodes my brain

  61. RubyBlood DemonKing

    RubyBlood DemonKing3 ngày trước

    Fishing boat, Skiff, battle ship, galleon, tanker. 4 seater, 10 seats, 30 seats, 60 seats, 100 seats, might be a good way to be.

  62. RubyBlood DemonKing

    RubyBlood DemonKing3 ngày trước

    For buying resources for your ship, condider a company allowance. Your ship company basically allowes you X amount of currency to buy readiness, could be ( food, ammo, extra crew) basically a company credit card for resources on a per mission basis. The missions you take have a resource allowance on them, like mission A is to resupply a ship already at sea like a wellerman, so you have a large 10 allowance, but half of that is for the ship you give it to, and mission B is a cargo mission, so you have 4 allowance and 2 allowance for the return trip. That sort of thing

  63. Jon

    Jon3 ngày trước

    A possibility for the ramming mechanic: you could set up attack rolls in fixed zones that define the level of success, i.e. 20 the attacker is unscathed, 15-19 the attacker takes half damage, 10-14 the attacker takes equal damage, <10 the attacker takes 1.5x damage. That way there is a risk involved in using the gambit, but given the correct size matchup or a desperate enough situation it's worth a shot.

  64. Jake Tucker

    Jake Tucker3 ngày trước

    I desperately need to see sweet gene do the shinsuke nakamura intro

  65. RubyBlood DemonKing

    RubyBlood DemonKing3 ngày trước

    Consider playing darkest dungeon for 20 hours to test how much supplies v.s. crew should cost per run. Darkest dungeon is a great economy simulator, where a lot of new players think its good to hire a team, grab as much treasure as you can, abandon the quest and keep the loot, then fire the team, is a good strategy. but in reality, making the team into a successfull party and actually passing quests grants waaay more wealth than this pop n drop loadout idea. Particularly when you consider the pre mission supplies. Like the narrator says, "supplies, paid for now in gold, and later, in blood"

  66. RubyBlood DemonKing

    RubyBlood DemonKing3 ngày trước

    One way to make money SUPER effective, is to make losing HP actually hurt. Your hp now recovers at a rate of 1 d6 per week, and doctors are expensive and only avalible on land or very expensive to temporaroly hire for one voyage. Another way to make money expensive, pay your crew. Manning a ship takes anywhere from nine to 100 people depending on the size, and those people expect to be paid at the end of the voyage.

  67. RubyBlood DemonKing

    RubyBlood DemonKing3 ngày trước

    Try Pirates101 online mmo also for character class ideas

  68. Danika Scevers

    Danika Scevers3 ngày trước

    This is so funny because on the one hand, satire is excellent. On the other, my ace sex-repulsed self is like...hmm good tips actually 🤣

  69. Dallon Taylor

    Dallon Taylor3 ngày trước

    it’s so funny seeing brennan go to open the show and then realize he’s the guest

  70. Raine Velde

    Raine Velde3 ngày trước

    Hearing Brennan say that specing into the improv DM style was a big thing for him is super validating. I've never been great at the massive prep and always felt like a shitty DM cause of it. Goddamn Brennan you are a gem to DM's around the world.

  71. Nate Watkins

    Nate Watkins3 ngày trước

    A cool element for the system destroying weapons could be considering them like a dragon’s breath weapon. Represent reloading them on an insane ship through the dice rather than a set number of turns.

  72. noah m

    noah m3 ngày trước

    7:10 timothee chalamet

  73. Bubi

    Bubi3 ngày trước

    God... My two favorite DMs... Together...

  74. PrimeSubToMe

    PrimeSubToMe3 ngày trước

    I really enjoy game design so this isn't so much suggestions for Griffin as it is I enjoy thinking about systems and if I was personally running this system with friends (which like Brennan said changes the design standards). For ramming yeah an attachment that allows you to deal more damage to them than you seems good. Something like a spike on front of the ship that doesn't do very much dice damage but can puncture the hull and cause the hull to go up a tier of being damaged. Also ramming should probably require you to be in position and effect positioning since you have to get right up on em. Either it takes both ships out of position for the round or it puts both ships into a 'close combat' state where certain weapons are not usable (Ex. Any kind of explosive because shooting a missile at something you're touching is a bad idea) and maybe certain weapons are more effective while the ship that did the ramming stays in position. For critical hits another system that would require more work but would give the players more control over their tactics would be to give different weapons different critical effects. Examples A Harpoon that deals low dice damage but has an increased crit range of 19-20 and causes minor damage to the Hull on a crit. A Fireball Cannon that causes the targets sensors to overheat and be damaged on a crit. A Chain Shot that on a crit gets tangled up in the target ships propulsion systems and damages them. A Lightning Bolt that on a crit overloads the engines damaging them and then a very minor wording thing Reload sounds like an active thing but if it happens automatically calling it Recharge might make more sense and then to avoid confusion Charge would become Prime. This system looks incredibly cool and flexible to whatever the DM wants and I think this is the most excited I've been for a season of TAZ since Balance because of it and because Griffin says he wants there to be significant stakes to the point of total failure being a real possibility.

  75. RubyBlood DemonKing

    RubyBlood DemonKing3 ngày trước

    If preperation is armor and improv is agility, it's still a light armor class, so remember, just add a touch of armor, the random lists. keep a list of random names behind your dm screen for random npc's, keep a list of five random encounters (goblins, broken wagon, traveling merchant, wolves, trap), keep a list of random small loot, and a list of 3 short encounters that can turn into hour long session quests (stolen treasure, kill monster, revenge) remember the easiest way to get players into a quest is to fuck them up just a little bit to make them blood thirsty. As an example, lets say the characters derail by talking to ramdom npc when you try to push an investigation quest on them, (improv npc name) says theyre sad cause there have been thieves in the streets, characters say that sucks, then leaves cause they arent interested, (make a perception check) PASS CHECK (you let them pass the check) someone is picking gold from you, characters go to stop him, he shoves a dagger in their neck and runs, and now theyre chasing the thief, they get to an alley and the thief is dead and gold is gone, town guard comes in to investigate and they find the party and a dead man, and apprehend, and then the party has to find the real thief or be executed, and BOOM the party now wants to run the investigation quest you had set up at the tavern.

  76. Harley Bullock

    Harley Bullock3 ngày trước


  77. Bonjamin Franklin

    Bonjamin Franklin3 ngày trước

    i really love a crunchy mcelroy campaign! from a storytelling perspective, i think dice rolls give you super interesting material to yes and - in a way that creates stakes but also just!! gives plenty of opportunity for goofs. i loved monster of the week but there's just no rolling a 1 on hopping over a fence yk. i can't wait for this season!!