Meet My Girl...

Meet My Girl...

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How I Ruined FaZe Rug's Movie...
Haters did this to my NEW MERCEDES
I Lost My Best Friend...
How did this happen to me...


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  1. Lily Kennedy

    Lily Kennedy2 giờ trước

    Damn that baby is cute

  2. Erick Valenzuela

    Erick Valenzuela3 giờ trước

    $5 dollars every time she says “cute”

  3. WE GO

    WE GO4 giờ trước

    Hi AJ

  4. crazy clan

    crazy clan4 giờ trước

    y is ur channel made for kids so it doesnt let me turn post notis on plz fix it

  5. Tonyboi 69

    Tonyboi 695 giờ trước

    Wtf is it ?

  6. More Life More ICE

    More Life More ICE5 giờ trước

    What war have you been in Sherman

  7. Cypriano Trevino

    Cypriano Trevino5 giờ trước

    i love ¨burberry¨

  8. Jim C

    Jim C6 giờ trước

    The thundering seed systematically sneeze because gong uncommonly recognise forenenst a guarded banjo. weak, automatic france

  9. Matas Narbutas

    Matas Narbutas6 giờ trước

    He was looking like apex

  10. SimplyD

    SimplyD6 giờ trước

    To this point tatt your whole sleeve ... definitely meaningful things for 24 hrs 😂

  11. David Gansheimer

    David Gansheimer7 giờ trước

    Don't let it get in you don't think about it

  12. Guillo06 Gaming

    Guillo06 Gaming7 giờ trước

    Only way to eat hot pockets is with a fork 💪🏻💪🏻💥💥

  13. GeT gOoD kId

    GeT gOoD kId8 giờ trước

    No ohhhhhh sad sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Zaxy

    Zaxy9 giờ trước

    does anyone still remember cuervo Im sorry if this brings back any bad memories i saw the video get recommended to me ive seen it before RIP Cuervo

  15. Mhel Jarshun Morbina

    Mhel Jarshun Morbina9 giờ trước

    I just watched u in one of rug’s video the one video that u toured him in ur crib and i liked ur vibe I’m now a fan and a subscriber btw congrats love birds

  16. Yozi Boi

    Yozi Boi11 giờ trước

    I know this is in 2021 but i still cry every time I watch this... R.I.P cuervo

  17. Hollister Ortiz

    Hollister Ortiz13 giờ trước

    You 2 are twin 🔥 flames, your soul mate!!!

  18. Nessa M

    Nessa M14 giờ trước

    not JAY looking hella high 😂😂😂😭

  19. brian corona

    brian corona14 giờ trước

    What a simp😂😂😂 better check her dm my boy😂😂

  20. Edwin Baltazar

    Edwin Baltazar15 giờ trước

    You should do mocking papa rug for a whole day 🙏

  21. Gamer 1475

    Gamer 147516 giờ trước


  22. Maicol Urbina

    Maicol Urbina16 giờ trước

    Burberry took a minute to find it

  23. Joydolores Labandero

    Joydolores Labandero17 giờ trước

    Hi sherman .....

  24. Jeremiah James

    Jeremiah James18 giờ trước


  25. Jon 22

    Jon 2218 giờ trước


  26. Jennifer's Slime Factory

    Jennifer's Slime Factory18 giờ trước

    AJ is the best :)

  27. Mohammad Hassan

    Mohammad Hassan18 giờ trước


  28. Etika Ribss

    Etika Ribss18 giờ trước

    Hi Anthony I love your videos 🔥😍❤️

  29. inacio Guerra

    inacio Guerra19 giờ trước


  30. Billy Carlson

    Billy Carlson21 giờ trước

    Rest in peace little puppy

  31. Diego Garcia

    Diego Garcia21 giờ trước

    The tat was actually shit.

  32. Finlay Warren

    Finlay Warren22 giờ trước

    We need more baby Noah and Amanda FYI Anthony would be a great dad

  33. It’s Like Candy

    It’s Like Candy23 giờ trước

    Your videos are the best are you gonna film giving your dad a car

  34. YuniqueWavy

    YuniqueWavy23 giờ trước


  35. sanjit paswan

    sanjit paswan23 giờ trước


  36. Unvoke Chrislol.

    Unvoke Chrislol.23 giờ trước

    Nice video today AJ

  37. Antoine Brown

    Antoine BrownNgày trước

    Rip Cuervo

  38. Alexander M

    Alexander MNgày trước

    Hi AJ

  39. Alexander M

    Alexander MNgày trước

    An hi

  40. Muriel.a

    Muriel.aNgày trước


  41. Lifewithjay 1

    Lifewithjay 1Ngày trước

    Why don’t ur gf live with u

  42. Tairon Etifier

    Tairon EtifierNgày trước

    Hi I love your videos

  43. hayden hill

    hayden hillNgày trước

    7:56 he fell

  44. Lauren Hill

    Lauren HillNgày trước


  45. Edgar Rodriguez

    Edgar RodriguezNgày trước

    No joke bro, that tatt was not the best

  46. MAYNET

    MAYNETNgày trước

    Awwww so cute, u guys look great together

  47. ABO REDX

    ABO REDXNgày trước

    How many times did she say you are so cute and Doupe

  48. Bro LEGO

    Bro LEGONgày trước


  49. Bro LEGO

    Bro LEGONgày trước


  50. keus HD

    keus HDNgày trước

    This video was dope I can’t believe my guy did that🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴

  51. Theresa Marrufo

    Theresa MarrufoNgày trước

    Why the hell did it look like Brandon was high?

  52. Moe Haz

    Moe HazNgày trước

    u can give food water whatever but dont give away money because they can be buying drugs

  53. Absiry Natareno

    Absiry NatarenoNgày trước

    where is ur dad🤨

  54. Qt Temper

    Qt TemperNgày trước

    Remember that picture of your dog what Brian got you when he passed put it in your apartment

  55. Maria Castro

    Maria CastroNgày trước

    Your mom and your dad are not to happy with you sherman You make your mom your dad. Mad

  56. xxicedoutwolfxx

    xxicedoutwolfxxNgày trước

    Ajthevetan noice.

  57. A_Girl :c

    A_Girl :cNgày trước

    You make my day.

  58. Francis Pereira

    Francis PereiraNgày trước

    Enjoy ur video too watch

  59. Francis Pereira

    Francis PereiraNgày trước

    Hii Aj😂

  60. Maria Castro

    Maria CastroNgày trước

    Sherman what is favorite best thing to do on your 21 birthday and what is your favorite things to do on your 21 birthday with your family

  61. Chainelis C unicorn

    Chainelis C unicornNgày trước

    God bless everyone

  62. Israel Rodriguez

    Israel RodriguezNgày trước boy i see ya but i think you should put more tattoos more boy stuff like wrestle with Brandon lol 😂 idk?????much love go to church preach

  63. Cloud

    CloudNgày trước

    Video idea: you should put fake tattoos all over your face and show your dad

  64. Rishabh Chouhan

    Rishabh ChouhanNgày trước

    I am very happy that Anthony is now consistent.

  65. hayden hill

    hayden hillNgày trước

    f you who dislike this

  66. futitivez -

    futitivez -Ngày trước


  67. Random Random

    Random RandomNgày trước

    your OG if you remember fuck boi Anthony

  68. Lubna Chowdhury

    Lubna ChowdhuryNgày trước

    hi AJ

  69. Kaci Potier

    Kaci PotierNgày trước

    holly crap. WOW

  70. OneHandedGamer

    OneHandedGamerNgày trước

    Ayy I see u getting them Marbro light 100s on min 2:57 I knew u smoked hookah but not cigarettes 🚬

  71. ANTI

    ANTINgày trước

    Nice tattoo Aj

  72. Nestor Pineda

    Nestor PinedaNgày trước

    Yo the homless guy has feet and hand to work

  73. Anne Morales

    Anne Morales2 ngày trước

    Give him a microscope please 😂

  74. anuksa chohan

    anuksa chohan2 ngày trước

    Tell faze rug is the movie free

  75. Stannis

    Stannis2 ngày trước

    This dude tries waaay too hard

  76. Cesar Rodriguez

    Cesar Rodriguez2 ngày trước

    Lowkey this tattoo ain’t it😆

  77. Vishal Muralidaran

    Vishal Muralidaran2 ngày trước

    Why Anthony have a red eye? Is it bcoz of the haunted house?

  78. Wendy Jimenez

    Wendy Jimenez2 ngày trước


  79. Life with Lunchbox

    Life with Lunchbox2 ngày trước

    ok aj

  80. Shona

    Shona2 ngày trước

    Hi guys God loves you so much you’re so loved and appreciated give your life to God he’s got the best plan for you Jesus is coming back soon I want you guys to be ready be kind and spread the message so more people can be happier God bless you🤍✝️🙏🏾