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Gingerbread Mayhem!

4 tháng trước



4 tháng trước

  1. Kyrb Gaming

    Kyrb Gaming23 giờ trước


  2. Shardul Sonawane

    Shardul Sonawane23 giờ trước

    Seriously bro i just max out my th 6 🥲🥲

  3. Xziuto Why

    Xziuto Why23 giờ trước

    It’s been 9yrs 🤷‍♂️

  4. Crazymation

    Crazymation23 giờ trước

    What level was that giant? Mine die from clan castle troops and most of them are goblins

  5. John Kendingburg

    John Kendingburg23 giờ trước

    Why don’t they just move the ancient skulls to the side and see who’s telling the truth

  6. That one Wolf YT

    That one Wolf YT23 giờ trước

    found a ghost buster reference 9:37

  7. Bro Paga

    Bro Paga23 giờ trước

    Command - Minecraft

  8. ViRuS Gaming

    ViRuS Gaming23 giờ trước

    What happens when that AI of wall breaker exists today 😉

  9. Bro Paga

    Bro Paga23 giờ trước


  10. Bro Paga

    Bro Paga23 giờ trước


  11. Fabiian Tomass

    Fabiian Tomass23 giờ trước

    I'm still gonna play Clash of Clans

  12. Hùng Trần

    Hùng TrầnNgày trước

    Việt nam điểm danh

  13. 13 // I Gusti Agung Putu Diva Widya Santika

    13 // I Gusti Agung Putu Diva Widya SantikaNgày trước

    Algoritmg youtube

  14. Lost G4mer

    Lost G4merNgày trước

    I love clash heroes

  15. 费纳斯Fernas

    费纳斯FernasNgày trước

    i am in 9th yet

  16. The master xD

    The master xDNgày trước

    0:54 7u7

  17. HanzTv

    HanzTvNgày trước

    i love the witch and the skeleton

  18. Liliana Ruiz

    Liliana RuizNgày trước

    Hammer jam is back

  19. Game Studio 1

    Game Studio 1Ngày trước

    Very nice

  20. Game Studio 1

    Game Studio 1Ngày trước

    Very nice

  21. Lando_Calzonian

    Lando_CalzonianNgày trước

    Based on the 1.8 trillion hours worked by the builder, that would be over 205 million years worth of building, for perspective, if we went back in time that amount of years, it would be before the first dinosaur extinction and around when the FIRST mammals came around. 🤯

  22. Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos

    Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegosNgày trước


  23. DerpySkydude

    DerpySkydudeNgày trước

    Alright what do i have to do to not pay 500 gems for an obstacle shovel apparently level 1 giants cant do it fine


    DARTH VADERNgày trước

    Thank you VIshows for putting this on the homepage eight years later

  25. Maxilimiliano Antonio Segovia Castro

    Maxilimiliano Antonio Segovia CastroNgày trước


  26. Levi Ackermann

    Levi AckermannNgày trước

    I love a movie for a hour the animations are dope bruhh

  27. Alexis dc

    Alexis dcNgày trước

    I remember when it was 45 minutes training time for 1 golem... guess we were mentally strong 😂

  28. A113sr

    A113srNgày trước


  29. A113sr

    A113srNgày trước

    This was in my recommend idk how

  30. A113sr

    A113srNgày trước


  31. Dirt Dragon

    Dirt DragonNgày trước

    I can't believe supercell ACTUALLY sent a person to mars JUST for this video, absolutely amazing!

  32. Anailson Jesus Costa

    Anailson Jesus CostaNgày trước

    I love this game

  33. mr.topgod

    mr.topgodNgày trước

    6:40 this is the new tiktok

  34. Jose Lizama

    Jose LizamaNgày trước

    This 2020

  35. Alchon REYES

    Alchon REYESNgày trước

    Rage Bloons?

  36. Emzani

    EmzaniNgày trước

    2:54 they just leaked the theme for Town Hall 14 one year before it came out...

  37. kubilusaurus2

    kubilusaurus2Ngày trước

    10:12: plot twist: when the pekka fell it busted a latrine

  38. ImaginarY

    ImaginarYNgày trước

    Why recommended 2 years later!!

  39. Jorin Hagen

    Jorin HagenNgày trước

    Seems like VIshows may be on to something giving all of us this on our main page after 8 years... *VIshows is kinda sus*

  40. majestical productions

    majestical productionsNgày trước

    This shot go Brayzzz

  41. Bomb_omguy

    Bomb_omguyNgày trước

    0:13 look dad it’s a barbarian pushing a piano!(look to your left)

  42. Marlon's LAB'S

    Marlon's LAB'SNgày trước

    We need more ads like these fam

  43. ꧁༒Rolando༒꧂ ꧁༒Rolando༒꧂

    ꧁༒Rolando༒꧂ ꧁༒Rolando༒꧂Ngày trước

    Whyyy the fidjfldosllslsks is this being recommend to me

  44. Meteoraチャリる

    MeteoraチャリるNgày trước

    Wow time to reinstall I guess But probably not Haven't played this game for so long

  45. nee nee

    nee neeNgày trước

    Back in the day there was a troop design contest for players where players could sent in a picture, I send in a yeti design but it was different from these designs.... now the yeti is in the game but I didn't win the contest :(

  46. noobguy

    noobguyNgày trước

    Me waiting for my 1 year upgrade to finish :

  47. Jakyboi 125

    Jakyboi 125Ngày trước

    When you realise this is the last real clasharama that supercell made that you can comment on

  48. SpringTrap

    SpringTrapNgày trước

    I pefer Barch

  49. Aiden Yarzagaray

    Aiden YarzagarayNgày trước


  50. kubilusaurus2

    kubilusaurus2Ngày trước

    3:34 and thus she became a goblin

  51. Wati jr Wait man

    Wati jr Wait manNgày trước

    I had to get up from my bed just to get the perfect view

  52. Redfox M.

    Redfox M.Ngày trước

    Hey, ich hab ein Problem. ich kann seit dem neuen Update keinen angreifen,und keinen vergeltungs angriff machen. Ich drück auf angriff,aber es ladet dann seh ich mein dorf wieder und nicht andere Dörfer. Why funktioniert das nicht mehr? Das ist seit dem neuen Update bei mir & bei meinen freunden so. Für mich ist das eher ein größeres Problem,da ich 3 accs habe & es leider gottes nicht mehr funktioniert. Der Support meldet sich seit monaten auch nicht bei mir. Ich weiß nicht mehr weiter. Hättest du Tipps oder ähnliches,oder weißt du wieso es derzeit so ist? MfG.

  53. Wati jr Wait man

    Wati jr Wait manNgày trước

    Aaaaaaaaggghhh Giant Skeleton!

  54. Sky's Unknown Heroes

    Sky's Unknown HeroesNgày trước

    When COC was all about surrounding enemy base

  55. kubilusaurus2

    kubilusaurus2Ngày trước

    6:04 well it looks like your wrecking stuff

  56. Ignatius Livingston Student

    Ignatius Livingston StudentNgày trước

    Pekka 1: mortar hurty mu foot Everyone else: this is fine

  57. عشاق كلاش اوف كلانس

    عشاق كلاش اوف كلانسNgày trước


  58. Thelaw88898

    Thelaw88898Ngày trước

    the best thing about this is that people are still commenting even though this video came out 3 years ago

  59. IcyWaffles

    IcyWafflesNgày trước

    Reference to Thor


    JENNY ALFARONgày trước

    Alguien habla español?

  61. Lonely boy Hayden

    Lonely boy HaydenNgày trước

    Hey good idea clash cooking

  62. BoringUsername

    BoringUsernameNgày trước

    Bruh wtf? 3 years ago? It felt like that only happened last year.

  63. Lucas Parakhoodi

    Lucas ParakhoodiNgày trước

    They look so bad clash of clans and brawl stars are still the best

  64. Yee Yee

    Yee YeeNgày trước

    0:38 i can tell the voice actor of jack is laughing a bit

  65. Joaquin Novoa

    Joaquin NovoaNgày trước

    The best gift of all Opponent left the match That is 100% the best gift and I’m not being sarcastic

  66. Aria Febrian

    Aria FebrianNgày trước

    2:21 when your troop attacking other building instead of builder hall in night mode

  67. Laura Argüello

    Laura ArgüelloNgày trước

    No entiendo ni mergas traducción.

  68. Pp Lol

    Pp LolNgày trước

    Bro I kind of feel bad for the hog riders. Idk why but just seeing them rush into battle and watch their friends get blown up by a mortar. And the players just sitting up there putting them in pushing for a 3star.

  69. KATUS

    KATUSNgày trước

    Nice music

  70. Luis

    LuisNgày trước

    Ya deberían actualizarla

  71. Brannt Fahrney

    Brannt FahrneyNgày trước

    No one: Minions: arghHH

  72. Christian Dangerfield

    Christian DangerfieldNgày trước

    The emphasis on HOG RIDA is super legendary.

  73. göktuğ özuğurel

    göktuğ özuğurelNgày trước

    I love how to builder just vibin

  74. Haze • Sypp

    Haze • SyppNgày trước

    Clash Heroes is my favourite game . It remembers me of Skylanders :)

  75. Punyak Halder

    Punyak HalderNgày trước

    It was amazing

  76. Vuk Stević

    Vuk StevićNgày trước

    BARBARIAN JOE VS KING ALBERT (joe biden) vs (donald trump)

  77. cancer mouse

    cancer mouseNgày trước

    I wish builder would hit me with his hammer and fix my problems

  78. Mahan Craft

    Mahan CraftNgày trước

    The song on 0:32 just gets me every timw

  79. Skull__

    Skull__Ngày trước

    Well R.I.P me