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  1. Keeyamu

    Keeyamu19 giờ trước

    The music is awesome

  2. the queen jenni

    the queen jenni19 giờ trước

    My causen and me love hwm you ar ar king you ar so cute but i got a cush on ferren the royalthy family if you ar at al can tell them

  3. Michael Lilley

    Michael Lilley19 giờ trước

    Everyone here needs a good dive into newretrowave

  4. the queen jenni

    the queen jenni19 giờ trước

    Im doing that right now

  5. Dyan Delcarmen Garcia

    Dyan Delcarmen Garcia19 giờ trước


  6. Almanza Alcantara Carlos Eduardo kck

    Almanza Alcantara Carlos Eduardo kck19 giờ trước

    Eres un perro we la netta cuando unos beserros?

  7. Dynamix_Gamez

    Dynamix_Gamez19 giờ trước

    This is my mom and my favorite song. We listen to it when in the car. Also he can rock that handsome Squidward.

  8. Roli- Poli

    Roli- Poli19 giờ trước

    Favorite weeknd song.

  9. Aneta Otřísalová

    Aneta Otřísalová19 giờ trước


  10. Levin

    Levin19 giờ trước

    This is fucking lit

  11. Elias Teixeira

    Elias Teixeira19 giờ trước

    😂😂0:38 0:56 meu deus

  12. Bobasour

    Bobasour20 giờ trước

    No one: Me: acting like im the weekends


    MADISON HARDY20 giờ trước

    I don’t understand why pepole dislike this video

  14. Richard Cheetham

    Richard Cheetham20 giờ trước

    Pure Superb Euro electronic. Amazing. My kids brought me here. I taught them well ❤️

  15. Elle Ines

    Elle Ines20 giờ trước

    I love this song

  16. BIrgit Parge

    BIrgit Parge20 giờ trước

    ich liebe diesen tolle stimme..erotisch und sinnlich

  17. Earthquaker Gaming[WR]

    Earthquaker Gaming[WR]20 giờ trước

    1.5x speed just hits another level🤯

  18. Buh 1914

    Buh 191420 giờ trước

    Essse cara tá feio pra caralho agora 🤡🤭🇧🇷👍🏾

  19. Roblox Zwo

    Roblox Zwo20 giờ trước


  20. veronique364

    veronique36420 giờ trước

    he is very talented musically one of the best male voices performers out there but he's fucked up on the inside he can't keep a girl/woman because he's a sociopath a narc

  21. Dj Kakashi

    Dj Kakashi20 giờ trước

    Anyone Battlefield Hardline Or Hardcore Henry Vibes?

  22. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford20 giờ trước

    These Mercedes commercials are getting really out of hand

  23. Harrison Alwine

    Harrison Alwine20 giờ trước

    Thank you so much WWE for showing us this awesome song.

  24. Eddie Gamer BOI

    Eddie Gamer BOI20 giờ trước

    WoWA so cool

  25. Lil Blaze

    Lil Blaze20 giờ trước

    Can we talk about the fact that he put all this effort to this song and vid

  26. João Coelho

    João Coelho20 giờ trước

    This music is beautiful

  27. Unknow0059

    Unknow005920 giờ trước

    So cool. It's like Payday.

  28. Unknow0059

    Unknow005920 giờ trước

    So cool. It's like Payday.

  29. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Gabriel Rodriguez20 giờ trước


  30. Ariii

    Ariii20 giờ trước

    Anyone here after chapter 139...

  31. Archie Vaisvila

    Archie Vaisvila20 giờ trước

    Thank you Weeknd and Daftpunk, Amazing Tune as Usual, Keep Coming back to it, Love you All!

  32. R.R. Constantino

    R.R. Constantino20 giờ trước

    Sua música faz flutuar, por isso incomoda muita gente, não é como essas porcarias...

  33. Amtrak 642 Productions

    Amtrak 642 Productions20 giờ trước

    You had to put Rosalia huh

  34. MrSheev

    MrSheev20 giờ trước

    As much as I love T'Challa and Black Panther as a whole, this song just exudes Severus Snape vibes to me.

  35. Shebin Paul

    Shebin Paul20 giờ trước

    0:01 when she says she is on her periods

  36. Rebel Godzilla

    Rebel Godzilla20 giờ trước

    the way he spins is from one of MJ song videos

  37. Shook

    Shook20 giờ trước

    Am I the only one who gets a little of ever after high theme song vibe with this song-

  38. Byron R.L

    Byron R.L20 giờ trước


  39. juan diegos soto

    juan diegos soto20 giờ trước

    4 mes y 9 días escuchando la misma canción una ves al día, es perfecta☆

  40. Goundry's Head

    Goundry's Head20 giờ trước

    I bet I could eat cherries better than this guy

  41. Maycon Souza

    Maycon Souza20 giờ trước

    Tá feio pra krl hein

  42. Alan Jaílson

    Alan Jaílson20 giờ trước

    Música muito boa fastenpo quê to procurando 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  43. sun set

    sun set20 giờ trước

    those eye contacts are dope

  44. Milan Rome

    Milan Rome20 giờ trước

    It feels like 80's, is it just me?

  45. Mr Thiago games

    Mr Thiago games20 giờ trước

    No se porque siento que la rosalia la cago demasiado

  46. Legion

    Legion20 giờ trước

    0:57 Me when I play Crypto in Apex Legends

  47. robert J

    robert J20 giờ trước

    Impressive .he managed to in a live setting making the song even more dark and striking then it was already. What a performer

  48. Steven Aguilar

    Steven Aguilar20 giờ trước


  49. Gaspar Perez

    Gaspar Perez20 giờ trước

    So cool

  50. Josue San martin

    Josue San martin20 giờ trước

    Balding lights

  51. Samuel Laging

    Samuel Laging20 giờ trước

    This is somehow reminiscent of an 80's slasher movie, specifically mixing Michael Myers vibes, Friday the 13th head decap, and TTCM with her swinging the axe at the end there

  52. Tomas Cabrera

    Tomas Cabrera20 giờ trước

    Lil mosey

  53. Lázaro Mendes

    Lázaro Mendes20 giờ trước

    O cara é espetacular 👏👏!!!

  54. Basuan, Keith Lenard

    Basuan, Keith Lenard20 giờ trước

    #WrestleMania 37

  55. On Quest of Truth

    On Quest of Truth20 giờ trước

    There is nothing like hearing this song while driving through my Tennessee country roads when my girl would crawl in my lap making out with me. Shes the most beautiful woman on this planet. Today we've been together for 11 yrs we have 2 beautiful youngins together. We are trully happy together and true soul mates and the bestest of friends. I never believed in true love till she came into my life and the first time i saw her i fell in love. Her eyes MY GOD her big blue eyes are hypnotizing and her smile lights up the whole room. Im trully blinded by her light. Im so lucky that an ugly dorky dude like me has such an amazing woman. As everday passes I love her more eacj day. Everytime we make love it feels like the first time and it gets better it never feels the same. Im the luckiest man on the plant. I love you so much Rebecca theres no way to describe it but each day i show you how much i love you and you do the same for me Love You Baby💙💜🕉

  56. BigGMark

    BigGMark20 giờ trước

    05.01.. Birthday of my sis an it's reminds me to my mom. But it's her day.. so i save my tears for another day...

  57. someone who's blinded by the lights

    someone who's blinded by the lights20 giờ trước

    i went to look at the comments and just had "the beat dropped so hard".

  58. Angelo Pirosa

    Angelo Pirosa20 giờ trước


  59. David Miller

    David Miller20 giờ trước

    The billowy mint early breathe because furniture contrarily educate despite a wet bun. alleged, present sneeze

  60. Cecilia Espinoza

    Cecilia Espinoza20 giờ trước

    Is 2021

  61. MASTER P

    MASTER P20 giờ trước

    3year later

  62. Renato Carlos

    Renato Carlos20 giờ trước

    Essa música e show de bola 👏👏👏👏

  63. VERY Tired

    VERY Tired20 giờ trước

    This comment section will *never* die.

  64. Renato Carlos

    Renato Carlos20 giờ trước


  65. master pony

    master pony20 giờ trước

    Porque metiste a rosalia

  66. Mohamed Aden

    Mohamed Aden20 giờ trước

    this song reminds me of the last episode of the OA

  67. master pony

    master pony20 giờ trước

    La canción era perfecta y la arruinaste


    SHARFAR20 giờ trước

    Этот парень реально продал душу дьяволу ;)


    JOHAO CASTILLO20 giờ trước

    3:17 eso no estava en el guion jajaj

  70. TerryTwoToes

    TerryTwoToes21 giờ trước

    Use to be a fan now I'm a whole air conditioner

  71. Abu Darda JZS

    Abu Darda JZS21 giờ trước

    Wrestlemania 2021 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Sebastien Odin

    Sebastien Odin21 giờ trước

    ce chanteur et hallucinant mais encore plus nos daft punk nationale on va vous regretter les mecs .

  73. Madden Hebert

    Madden Hebert21 giờ trước


  74. Derek Morris

    Derek Morris21 giờ trước

    I think this is the song he realized his hair was garbage lol

  75. TerryTwoToes

    TerryTwoToes21 giờ trước

    Why yall get likes but not me

  76. TheSmOOthSmOker

    TheSmOOthSmOker21 giờ trước

    The beat literally turns me on 🥴

  77. Bonnie Shenton

    Bonnie Shenton21 giờ trước

    That is one hell of an opening frame

  78. VIGIA

    VIGIA21 giờ trước


  79. leticia vasquez lagui

    leticia vasquez lagui21 giờ trước

    The direful metal happily marry because bacon immunophenotypically weigh between a feeble feigned bell. subsequent, low half-sister

  80. Sebastien Odin

    Sebastien Odin21 giờ trước

    amazing song greatest .