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NF - THAT'S A JOKE (Audio)


14 ngày trước

NF - LAYERS (Audio)

NF - LAYERS (Audio)

14 ngày trước



14 ngày trước



14 ngày trước

NF - LOST ft. Hopsin

NF - LOST ft. Hopsin

28 ngày trước



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  1. K.A.X__Destiny

    K.A.X__Destiny19 giờ trước

    Bro nf the s s undreated

  2. szandyr clendenen

    szandyr clendenen19 giờ trước

    so many layers to this song tho

  3. munchkin land

    munchkin land19 giờ trước

    Feels like we're on the edge right now I wish that I could say I'm proud I'm sorry that I let you down I let you down All these voices in my head get loud I wish that I could shut them out I'm sorry that I let you down Let you down Yeah, I guess I'm a disappointment Doing everything I can I don't wanna make you disappointed It's annoying I just wanna make you feel like everything I ever did Was never tryna make an issue for you But, I guess the more you thought about everything You were never even wrong in the first place, right? Yeah, I'ma just ignore you, walking towards you With my head down, lookin' at the ground I'm embarrassed for you Paranoia, what did I do wrong this time? That's parents for you Very loyal? Shoulda had my back but you put a knife in it My hands are full, what else should I carry for you? I cared for you, but Feels like we're on the edge right now I wish that I could say I'm proud I'm sorry that I let you down Let you down All these voices in my head get loud I wish that I could shut them out I'm sorry that I let you down Let you down Yeah, you don't wanna make this work You just wanna make this worse Want me to listen to you But you don't ever hear my words You don't wanna know my hurt, yet Let me guess You want an apology, probably How can we keep going at a rate like this? We can't, so I guess I'ma have to leave Please don't come after me I just wanna be alone right now, I don't really wanna think at all Go ahead, just drink it off Both know you're gonna call tomorrow like nothing's wrong Ain't that what you always do? I feel like every time I talk to you You're in an awful mood What else can I offer you? There's nothing left right now, I gave it all to you Feels like we're on the edge right now I wish that I could say I'm proud I'm sorry that I let you down Let you down All these voices in my head get loud I wish that I could shut them out I'm sorry that I let you down Let you down Yeah, don't talk down to me That's not gonna work now Packed all my clothes and I moved out I don't even wanna go to your house Everytime I sit on that couch I feel like you lecture me Eventually, I bet that we could have made this work And probably woulda figured things out But I guess I'm a letdown But it's cool, I checked out Oh, you wanna be friends now? Okay, let's put my fake face on and pretend now Sit around and talk about the good times That didn't even happen I mean, why are you laughing? Must have missed that joke let me see if I can find a reaction No, but at least you're happy Feels like we're on the edge right now I wish that I could say I'm proud I'm sorry that I let you down Oh, I let you down All these voices in my head get loud And I wish that I could shut them out I'm sorry that I let you down Oh, let you down Yeah, I'm sorry I'm so sorry now Yeah, I'm sorry That I let you down 🎧🖤💙🎧

  4. Kaijuslayer_ 18

    Kaijuslayer_ 1819 giờ trước

    100 Million views!!!!

  5. szandyr clendenen

    szandyr clendenen19 giờ trước

    i think he just created an anthem for the majority.

  6. Rotto

    Rotto19 giờ trước

    “dont you look in to the mirror and say i love you convince yourself that no one in the world will ever want you passing by the people who have been there to support you” that shit hits me really hard

  7. sakura buttercup

    sakura buttercup19 giờ trước

    He did the most unique thing ever NF cant fail

  8. A Asdf

    A Asdf19 giờ trước

    That beat is addictive

  9. Iris Dunn

    Iris Dunn19 giờ trước

    The abrupt lung increasingly mess up because freezer repressingly race past a icky beet. thirsty, wretched turkey

  10. Tramyer Mactavish

    Tramyer Mactavish19 giờ trước

    why's that he's got some vibe like Eminem. But without Cussing.

  11. Frank Parent

    Frank Parent19 giờ trước

    Where was this shot? It looks gorgeous.

  12. RG BOS 15

    RG BOS 1519 giờ trước

    100 M GOD

  13. TheJumpingJake

    TheJumpingJake20 giờ trước

    I wish when he rapped about the Everest he slip slowly in to the Nascar rap and joked about that for a second

  14. Sylvia Loomis

    Sylvia Loomis20 giờ trước

    Wtffffff why is his music my actual life????? 😭

  15. lumpytacos 24

    lumpytacos 2420 giờ trước

    its a shame she had to break up with her boyfriend when's the break up song coming

  16. Angie Onigiri

    Angie Onigiri20 giờ trước

    “Throw a Hail Mary” ummmm...

  17. Lukas Raphael

    Lukas Raphael20 giờ trước

    100million views

  18. Delsey Hurlston

    Delsey Hurlston20 giờ trước

    Bro I'm about to cry

  19. Sylvia Loomis

    Sylvia Loomis20 giờ trước

    (Side note) I really enjoy this music video

  20. boomdoom 2005

    boomdoom 200520 giờ trước


  21. Sylvia Loomis

    Sylvia Loomis20 giờ trước

    This song is literally WORD FOR WORD what I’m going through currently 🥺 me and my boyfriend have been going through some hard times and I had Christian hip hop on pandora and this song came on while I was cleaning, and I was SHOOK. Every single word is what I’m going through. I feel like this is a sign from God to keep holding on. Thank you NF! this is a beautiful song and makes me cryyy

  22. Gregory Fuentes

    Gregory Fuentes20 giờ trước

    NF... LEGEND

  23. Robert Wesselman

    Robert Wesselman20 giờ trước

    This dude is the truth!

  24. Anthony Denton

    Anthony Denton20 giờ trước

    Hey bro. Wearing the NF hat on the song now. Just remember really "NF" Means "NEVER FORFITTING"!

  25. crazyeyed me

    crazyeyed me20 giờ trước

    I could never post this video on dumb ass Facebook. Anyone else hate the dramatic attention you get, even from the smallest most subtle thing? Like...not matter what you think, feel, say, act, hold back, or do, it can only lead to extra problems? Like your true self must find a way to survive completely separate from everything you know?

  26. TheJumpingJake

    TheJumpingJake20 giờ trước

    Holy fuck. Cascading to slow, to mixed. to massive speed, to cascading. I'm blown away

  27. imagine

    imagine20 giờ trước

    That was one hell of a story

  28. pet468

    pet46820 giờ trước

    some germans:... ich habe damals rotz und löffel geheult und könnte es immer noch...

  29. Alyse Diaz

    Alyse Diaz20 giờ trước

    This old man acts better than me 😞

  30. TEAM Epoy!

    TEAM Epoy!20 giờ trước

    NF rap with the Glory of GOD.

  31. -]NoSt0p[*

    -]NoSt0p[*20 giờ trước

    Depression.. It's like drowning but not being able to die

  32. masked magee

    masked magee20 giờ trước

    Just me that gets a huge eminem vibe

  33. Jacob Eddens

    Jacob Eddens20 giờ trước

    If u ever say NF is trash dont ever talk to me😒

  34. Jake Snake

    Jake Snake20 giờ trước

    911: what's your emergency Me: yes I have listened to NF and his flow exploded my eardrums.

  35. Misasie Sajinza

    Misasie Sajinza20 giờ trước

    So listening to this song in 20201 is like 😶😐😣😥😩 But then again at least music exist.

  36. Kevin Mathias

    Kevin Mathias20 giờ trước

    1:51 lo mejor

  37. Keksmo

    Keksmo20 giờ trước

    Hi, if you are having Depression I would recommend you to look for professional help. Stay strong and try to be happy. If you need someone to talk to you can write me on Instagram. My name is tide_kekse we can also use another platform if you want.

  38. Gray

    Gray20 giờ trước

    Nates music is my therapy, and dang is it making me feel way better

  39. BladeithianShxde

    BladeithianShxde20 giờ trước

    There are very few people like NF, it’s hard to find such a singer. Some people relate to him and just like his music, but everyone who does... listen closely.

  40. ???

    ???20 giờ trước

    "you can't just be a rapper" Nf: hold my shopping cart

  41. IAmGravie

    IAmGravie20 giờ trước


  42. saddy clown

    saddy clown20 giờ trước

    3:53 IT ??? (the sound is like the movie, I mean-)

  43. teodulo Cuellar Gonzalez

    teodulo Cuellar Gonzalez20 giờ trước

    Is beautiful

  44. Samira Rrry

    Samira Rrry20 giờ trước

    Amazing 👌❤️🇩🇿🤟

  45. kamden Blanchard

    kamden Blanchard20 giờ trước

    This song is just so relatable

  46. Indigo

    Indigo20 giờ trước

    Wachting in april 2021

  47. King Nameless

    King Nameless20 giờ trước

    Very *Kafkaesque*

  48. FaceTheOdds

    FaceTheOdds20 giờ trước

    Let you down's the only song you've heard of well then you're behind

  49. Crackers RC’s

    Crackers RC’s21 giờ trước

    the dislikes are people who missed the like button

  50. FaceTheOdds

    FaceTheOdds21 giờ trước

    *real music til the day we die*

  51. FaceTheOdds

    FaceTheOdds21 giờ trước

    *real music til the day we die*

  52. Marna Palacio

    Marna Palacio21 giờ trước

    The trashy lip extragingivally kick because ramie energetically rescue down a sudden disease. skinny, ritzy bubble

  53. FaceTheOdds

    FaceTheOdds21 giờ trước

    *Real music til the day we die*

  54. Tcggamer Channel

    Tcggamer Channel21 giờ trước

    I need to rap

  55. The Wowww

    The Wowww21 giờ trước


  56. Ada S Martinez

    Ada S Martinez21 giờ trước

    Do you know Tom Donalds

  57. jaden inmon

    jaden inmon21 giờ trước

    Had this on repeat while drawing hanime

  58. Joshua Gulledge

    Joshua Gulledge21 giờ trước

    Only this man can turn this story into a rap that's better than any other rapper can dream of

  59. Aubrey Adams

    Aubrey Adams21 giờ trước

    I am wondering if this is a true story or it?

  60. Fyou STUDIOS

    Fyou STUDIOS21 giờ trước

    NF helps me get through so much... I am currently dealing with severe anxiety.... do to a possible tornado warning... where I am located. NF has motivated me to open my own buisness... mail order online Dispensary... thankyou NF for being there for me

  61. Keegan Beach

    Keegan Beach21 giờ trước


  62. fictionfanboy

    fictionfanboy21 giờ trước


  63. Daniel Owens

    Daniel Owens21 giờ trước

    He really said it the best on TS These kids, they come to my shows With tears in they eyes Imagine someone looking at you And saying your music's the reason that they are alive How you gon' tell me my music does not have a message When I'm looking out at this crowd full of people I know I affected? I think of those bars hearing this song. This song is SO impactful

  64. Bokla Najem

    Bokla Najem21 giờ trước


  65. fictionfanboy

    fictionfanboy21 giờ trước

    This is going to be a platinum track.

  66. doliio volay

    doliio volay21 giờ trước

    You can tell the first robber is NF playing him because of the way he moves. NF is always so hyped and bops his head around. LOVE IT

  67. Mic Call

    Mic Call21 giờ trước

    Lookin at mt Everest and calling it a small hill

  68. Hunter Watson

    Hunter Watson21 giờ trước

    This is rad


    WEREWOLF GAMING21 giờ trước

    2nd version of neffex?

  70. Danika PDF

    Danika PDF21 giờ trước

    Me: comes home from work, looking for a new bop VIshows: This video

  71. DJ Zahkar

    DJ Zahkar22 giờ trước

    to anyone reading this. your loved. your cared for. stop worrying about what people say. life is too short to worry ab what people say. its just jealousy. and suicide isn't the answer. it won't help anything. it just brings on more problems. and God picked u for a reason. u have a purpose and a calling. and we all make mistakes. but we grow and we move on. be yourself. and just live. just be you.

  72. Grant Kegley

    Grant Kegley22 giờ trước

    Was anyone else on the edge of crying?

  73. Alphonzo Official

    Alphonzo Official22 giờ trước

    He’s showing Eminem wassup, that no matter how big he is, there’s some out there on the same level off lyricists

  74. Neale Sadarangani

    Neale Sadarangani22 giờ trước

    Tech fucking butchered that wtfff

  75. James Ferguson Feit

    James Ferguson Feit22 giờ trước

    Hey love your music

  76. Diabolic-_- 1o

    Diabolic-_- 1o22 giờ trước

    This song motivates me!

  77. Viola Kameron

    Viola Kameron22 giờ trước

    Viola 🖤🖤0771🖤🖤🖤😎😎😎😎😇🖤❤💥

  78. Cowart Randy

    Cowart Randy22 giờ trước

    The shut kilogram aesthetically stare because michael weekly nod by a quiet plywood. earsplitting, outgoing package

  79. Jacquelyn Johnson

    Jacquelyn Johnson22 giờ trước


  80. rhys williamson

    rhys williamson22 giờ trước

    How can you be lost in the snow when ya spit fire like these two ❄🔥