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King Dogs
King Dogs

In this channel, there are the strongest, biggest, bravest, most dangerous, muscular, most aggressive, smartest, most disciplined and warrior dogs in the world.

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Black dog ♥ Rate it 1-10!
Angry kangal dog 🔥😱
Instant milk for the cat 😌
Time for the wolves to eat 🔥
  1. KeSean Woods

    KeSean WoodsPhút trước

    0:02 so this is snoop dog?

  2. m3g4f4il1

    m3g4f4il1Phút trước

    Well some people shouldn't own dogs

  3. Frankie Be

    Frankie Be3 phút trước

    I would sit and roll and maybe highfive if dog lets me.....

  4. [GD] Vex

    [GD] Vex3 phút trước

    H u g

  5. Touvan Lynch

    Touvan Lynch4 phút trước

    Great job genius, she gave you fair warning when protecting her babies, hope you got mauled.

  6. Chelsea Evans

    Chelsea Evans5 phút trước

    I would pet it

  7. Kermit the frog thanos

    Kermit the frog thanos5 phút trước

    He seems chill cool I would pet him

  8. Mopped Floor

    Mopped Floor6 phút trước

    I want to kill this dog so bad

  9. Michael Lussoro

    Michael Lussoro6 phút trước

    .40 cal

  10. Leek Leek

    Leek Leek7 phút trước


  11. Darla Harris

    Darla Harris8 phút trước

    Beautiful 😍

  12. Nyawela Gianna

    Nyawela Gianna8 phút trước

    Well that's terrifying 😰

  13. ж

    ж10 phút trước

    Oh hell no

  14. Leek Leek

    Leek Leek10 phút trước

    Beautiful saint bernards

  15. Nikkiya :P

    Nikkiya :P10 phút trước

    If this dog ran towards me I would stand still and hold my hand out for it to smell while making direct eye contact. And then pet it. Same thing you do with any dog.

  16. Alexandra Howes

    Alexandra Howes10 phút trước

    I would just hug him honestly

  17. T Lindsey-B.

    T Lindsey-B.11 phút trước


  18. m3g4f4il1

    m3g4f4il111 phút trước

    Be friendly, dogs that are well fed and treated well usually default to a kind disposition when confronted with kindness...of course the preferable option is to talk to the owner before interacting with the animal

  19. potato playss

    potato playss12 phút trước

    Get my gun lol Jk

  20. Daniela Alari

    Daniela Alari12 phút trước

    I would've give it a big treat and pet it no cap

  21. Prince Productions

    Prince Productions13 phút trước

    I would stay calm and ask him which gym he goes to

  22. metalxmecha567

    metalxmecha56714 phút trước

    Obviously run, that’s a Duma (Dog + Puma)

  23. Maria O.

    Maria O.14 phút trước

    I am actually scared of those things. Dogs that big are a no no for meee

  24. Jacob Randazzo

    Jacob Randazzo19 phút trước

    "chewy, come here boy"

  25. ReclaimerX22

    ReclaimerX2219 phút trước

    "Trying." Yeah okay

  26. Hassan I'm A liar BAMBATTA

    Hassan I'm A liar BAMBATTA19 phút trước

    They went mud swimming




  28. Simplymelodicme is Simply me

    Simplymelodicme is Simply me20 phút trước


  29. huzar237

    huzar23721 phút trước

    I’d play dead

  30. 【Luna The Derp】

    【Luna The Derp】22 phút trước

    Pet him and give him my food, take a selfie then walk away, if he follows, then I just stole a dog but gained a friend named Macho Nacho

  31. Gaming Matrix

    Gaming Matrix22 phút trước

    I would use the terroir take down “Hello you wittle wittle baby, you so cute”

  32. KALEIDO jess

    KALEIDO jess22 phút trước

    She’s a great protector, I would never touch her kids with that face.

  33. Adam Khan

    Adam Khan22 phút trước


  34. jessie marshall

    jessie marshall24 phút trước

    Id ask the owner if its nice if it is ill pet it if its not ill give it a bone

  35. Cal V

    Cal V26 phút trước

    He’s a good dog but if u give off the wrong impression he gone do wat he gotta do

  36. MyJunker Travels

    MyJunker Travels27 phút trước

    Sit down an pet the pooch. I've stumped cops with how friendly dogs are with me. Even the most aggressive k9 unit dog acts like a puppy around my crazy ass.

  37. AForcetobeROXANNEwith *

    AForcetobeROXANNEwith *27 phút trước


  38. dxnnis

    dxnnis29 phút trước

    POV: you are the dinner

  39. DaBig4Head

    DaBig4Head29 phút trước

    I would get killed

  40. Pvt. Groundmiss

    Pvt. Groundmiss32 phút trước

    If he RAN up at me I'd defend myself. If he just trotted up to me I'd try and pet him

  41. Peace King

    Peace King32 phút trước


  42. King Arthur

    King Arthur32 phút trước

    The camera operator is lucky to be alive.

  43. MoloH 252

    MoloH 25233 phút trước

    this dog wont bite you... it will beat you up

  44. Taeo Baxter

    Taeo Baxter34 phút trước

    I'd put him in a headlock

  45. Evil Sin Reaper

    Evil Sin Reaper35 phút trước


  46. Tina Vestal

    Tina Vestal36 phút trước

    "Come here sweet boy, you are such a good boy"

  47. Master Chief

    Master Chief37 phút trước

    I'd bring an entire bag of dog biscuits. Best way to buy a dogs friendship.

  48. Nizelgard Channel

    Nizelgard Channel37 phút trước

    I wouldn't name it but call the cops or kill it myself...

  49. Aman Rehan

    Aman Rehan38 phút trước

    He is looking like terracotta soldier

  50. Lokman Hussein

    Lokman Hussein40 phút trước

    I would say goodbye to my life

  51. bearcalw

    bearcalw42 phút trước

    Dead meat

  52. KAOSS

    KAOSS42 phút trước

    That legitimately scared the fuck out of me

  53. Sokoban J R

    Sokoban J R42 phút trước

    "YOU DIED"

  54. general Fatboi

    general Fatboi44 phút trước

    I ain’t want no smoke big dog we good we chillin. I got a treat if you want it it’s my lunch but I’ll give it to you

  55. Zay Tube

    Zay Tube45 phút trước

    I would call him Jinn

  56. Rachael Strycharz

    Rachael Strycharz45 phút trước

    Hi bubby!!! Aw ur so cuteeeeeee~

  57. Patty Smith

    Patty Smith45 phút trước

    He’s beautiful!! I would ask if I could pet him, of course!

  58. Drip Ackermann

    Drip Ackermann49 phút trước

    "Don't worry, he don't bite too hard"

  59. Emerald

    Emerald50 phút trước

    Wdym what would i do i would pet him ofc

  60. Mishka Gordon

    Mishka Gordon51 phút trước

    Run like I would do with any other dog and if I'm with someone then accidentally push them in the way and run

  61. Burhan Qerimi

    Burhan Qerimi51 phút trước

    I would poop my pants

  62. Drey's Games

    Drey's Games52 phút trước

    I hate that I feel this way but it’s only because I’ve been bitten very badly before by a dog whose owner was an idiot and told me “Of course you can pet him, he is THE sweetest dog in the world!” And it wasn’t even the Incredible Hulk of dogs like the one in this video, so I’d be even more nervous if it had been, the point I’m making is the owner doesn’t always know their dog as well as they think. It permanently affected how I am able to approach strange dogs, I’m afraid to now, I don’t care what the owner claims about their dog, and as a huge dog person that makes me very sad.

  63. putorickforever

    putorickforever53 phút trước

    Points? 0, and only 1 bullet.

  64. Andrew Lovett Donehower

    Andrew Lovett Donehower53 phút trước

    Give it a hug

  65. George Denmark

    George Denmark54 phút trước

    I will let him name me.😱

  66. Viktor Milo

    Viktor Milo55 phút trước

    Dont Look at His Bling Bling !!

  67. Craig Smith

    Craig Smith56 phút trước

    He was an 0311 in the marine corps in his former life LOL

  68. Viktor Milo

    Viktor Milo57 phút trước

    Pray? :/

  69. George Denmark

    George Denmark58 phút trước


  70. Lina Lea

    Lina Lea58 phút trước

    Asia.... I'd defend the hell out of my kids too if I were there and an animal.

  71. Maya

    Maya58 phút trước

    My heart would drop out my a** and die 😖😫😣😰. I’m already scared of and allergic to dogs, that one walking up to me would be a nightmare!!!☠️

  72. H2o Flower

    H2o Flower58 phút trước


  73. Brittany boyd

    Brittany boyd59 phút trước

    That’s how imma be when I give birth to my son

  74. George Denmark

    George DenmarkGiờ trước

    I would let he name me

  75. omik redarhcs

    omik redarhcsGiờ trước

    Say hello baby, hi sweetie, and pray

  76. ENVY TV

    ENVY TVGiờ trước

    Ummm 🤔 what would I do ummm 🔫🔫🔫🔫🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️😂😂😂😂

  77. Daswasist

    DaswasistGiờ trước

    what a pretty!

  78. C

    CGiờ trước


  79. Frosty Fort

    Frosty FortGiờ trước

    Imma be like oh Tootle and dip

  80. Pedro DoorDash Santiago

    Pedro DoorDash SantiagoGiờ trước

    Give him a big O hug