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Responding to PewDiePie

Responding to PewDiePie

2 ngày trước

The Next Chapter...

The Next Chapter...

15 ngày trước

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  1. Obama Dababy

    Obama Dababy23 giờ trước

    I love cacaccacaccacaca

  2. Chad Games

    Chad Games23 giờ trước

    Okay I'm over with this whole acting like shy is some sort of disability, like i understand the message is to be empowered, but it feels like it's just bringing more attention to the subject, I've never cared about somone being shy until you tried this whole video series and how much it brutally annoyed me

  3. urhwnduhe

    urhwnduhe23 giờ trước

    Videos idea: u can only talk threw the microphone for 24 hours

  4. Luis Cervañtes

    Luis Cervañtes23 giờ trước

    Dam pewpie is rude

  5. Vito Trabucco

    Vito Trabucco23 giờ trước

    after 6 years now its on my recommended

  6. Akif Emre

    Akif Emre23 giờ trước


  7. akkin awie

    akkin awie23 giờ trước

    I'll be waiting for that 20 million subs

  8. Phoenix blade

    Phoenix blade23 giờ trước

    Next video : “i made a nuclear war threat (government involved) (arrested)

  9. VoxifyFN

    VoxifyFN23 giờ trước


  10. Just2Bros

    Just2Bros23 giờ trước

    if i didn’t know either of you, i would personally think that pewdiepie is just being kinda rude by criticizing every single little thing, they were just trying to create and spread positivity, i don’t know why he felt the need to just criticize everything

  11. MCPE destroyer

    MCPE destroyer23 giờ trước

    This is how many times brian said stop

  12. MCPE destroyer

    MCPE destroyer23 giờ trước

    Who's watching this 1 year later

  13. ZuperManiax

    ZuperManiax23 giờ trước

    mans just compared himself to Mr Beast LOL

  14. Damian Valle

    Damian Valle23 giờ trước

    Rug is always is so kind

  15. Chad Games

    Chad Games23 giờ trước

    5 PS5s given out to your 15 million subscribers does NOT equal to Mr Beast whatsoever lmao, dont even compare yourself to somone who gives away millions of dollars

  16. AL - 03MR 973427 Sherwood Mills PS

    AL - 03MR 973427 Sherwood Mills PS23 giờ trước

    You’re crazy

  17. Sesumii

    Sesumii23 giờ trước

    Plot twist: Kaelyn says yes when Brian is trying to prank her. 😂

  18. _NobodyElse_

    _NobodyElse_23 giờ trước

    We in the house love Justin dont we?

  19. QOLD V

    QOLD VNgày trước

    Yeah the problem in give aways i dont win😂😂

  20. woober

    wooberNgày trước

    Sorry but as a person who used to be shy from elementary to 7th grade, Dhar Mann's video wasn't emotional

  21. Chad Games

    Chad GamesNgày trước

    "Come on, that was a joke" And here I was thinking he didnt understand comedy

  22. belo walo

    belo waloNgày trước

    you def took it too personally

  23. Damian Valle

    Damian ValleNgày trước

    Rug almost at 19 let’s go

  24. Kayda Dub

    Kayda DubNgày trước

    I personally don’t like pewdiepie

  25. Chad Games

    Chad GamesNgày trước

    This comes off as sooooo manipulative You are the one who chose to collab with dhar mann who has literally been a laughing stock for years, why are you suprised that someone dosent like your shallow message? Well, just keep editing out the constructive criticism and go back to selling your soul to faze clan

  26. the penguin

    the penguinNgày trước

    Alternative title: Me reacting to another person with another person reacting to a video that i partially made and expressing my feelings because human emotions are beautiful. (Definitely not sarcasm)

  27. Soccerpro700 YT

    Soccerpro700 YTNgày trước

    He has cat ears in his headphones 💩 keep on doing you rug

  28. D'Aire Snell

    D'Aire SnellNgày trước


  29. LX Evolution

    LX EvolutionNgày trước

    I saw the tiktok of the guy saying I’ll marry you

  30. ZYLO

    ZYLONgày trước


  31. olebglow tv

    olebglow tvNgày trước

    go faze rug

  32. m C

    m CNgày trước

    Who saw the TikTok behind the scenes?

  33. Your Common Please

    Your Common PleaseNgày trước

    Rug want Kno do you have confidence in yourself if so shyness you over come I used to be like that but don't worry what others say bout you n that

  34. Fernando Arreola

    Fernando ArreolaNgày trước

    I need a phone because i have to wach all your videos without having to barrow anyones phone and i have to go school walking far away and it can be dangerous and also btw rug is cool

  35. Breannie Luna

    Breannie LunaNgày trước

    Ok did anyone else hear something at like around 19:44 or is it just me.

  36. no first name no last name

    no first name no last nameNgày trước


  37. Juice wrld fan 178 999

    Juice wrld fan 178 999Ngày trước


  38. Rahim_PLAYZz

    Rahim_PLAYZzNgày trước

    I feel liek the mom is planning to prank faze

  39. katiepalmer88

    katiepalmer88Ngày trước


  40. MR ELMO31

    MR ELMO31Ngày trước

    Is it bussin bussin

  41. katiepalmer88

    katiepalmer88Ngày trước

    You are shorter than a tooth pick

  42. Asa_plays Xx

    Asa_plays XxNgày trước


  43. rafael Sanchez

    rafael SanchezNgày trước


  44. Asa_plays Xx

    Asa_plays XxNgày trước

    LOL I’m so shy

  45. Glezh

    GlezhNgày trước

    Thanks to Anthony

  46. Awkward Swine

    Awkward SwineNgày trước

    If I were to see that video in general I'd have the same opinion as pewdiepie

  47. QXL_Ph4ntom

    QXL_Ph4ntomNgày trước

    The disrespect to steph with the steph layup

  48. Something Went wrong

    Something Went wrongNgày trước

    Faze clan be like: We get 80% of your income and we give you 100,000 in advance

  49. Chandika Samarawickrama

    Chandika SamarawickramaNgày trước

    Faze rug don't worry about what he says his opinion he can keep to him self Whats the point him having 109 million subscribers

  50. Nexose X

    Nexose XNgày trước

    i agree on sum parts with pewds and sum with you.

  51. Lahria Aguilar

    Lahria AguilarNgày trước

    Oh nooooooooo

  52. Nicholas Alkis

    Nicholas AlkisNgày trước

    Wait I’m so confused?! Anyone else

  53. firekaitori ok

    firekaitori okNgày trước


  54. Jacob Cruz

    Jacob CruzNgày trước

    0:17 ayooo

  55. Connor gaming

    Connor gamingNgày trước

    Faze up

  56. The muffin Man

    The muffin ManNgày trước

    Wait till this guy hears about spice king lol

  57. Zombiesavage YT

    Zombiesavage YTNgày trước

    I saw on TikTok where the guy said I will marry you

  58. Edgar Guillen

    Edgar GuillenNgày trước

    Who thinks that he should actually propose to kaylen

  59. Dream 2.0

    Dream 2.0Ngày trước

    Bro my brother met faze rugs dad in michigan

  60. Try HardHHJ

    Try HardHHJNgày trước

    I freaking love rug fr fr

  61. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuNgày trước


  62. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuNgày trước


  63. Jerry c.u.k Stanley

    Jerry c.u.k StanleyNgày trước

    The Ouija board allows a whole bunch of evil spirits to coming to your home and soul

  64. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuNgày trước

    This were legend began

  65. Mundi2x

    Mundi2xNgày trước

    Pewdiepie is fu****

  66. ttvessey

    ttvesseyNgày trước

    Faze up

  67. Celestialplayzyt

    CelestialplayzytNgày trước

    Rug pfft what a stupid name.

  68. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuNgày trước

    So cool hahah

  69. Squillam

    SquillamNgày trước

    Bro she has it Worse bc ppl gonna think she a b*tch

  70. Dark neon wolf lol Sarah

    Dark neon wolf lol SarahNgày trước

    Oof i love the cereal

  71. K

    KNgày trước

    U almost at 19m subs..like the Ace fam...

  72. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuNgày trước

    congrats haha

  73. sisinau fifita

    sisinau fifitaNgày trước

    You look handsome faze rug and you do not look ugly don't let them hatters get to you......

  74. Edgar The pug

    Edgar The pugNgày trước

    Why am I watching this

  75. jalicia costa

    jalicia costaNgày trước

    I saw this on Tiktok

  76. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo BagunuNgày trước

    its 2021 hahahaha

  77. Marc LeBlanc

    Marc LeBlancNgày trước

    I want the iPhone because I want to play and watch you and do tiktik’s

  78. Samantha Giguere

    Samantha GiguereNgày trước

    Lol stfu boy 😂

  79. vons vlogs

    vons vlogsNgày trước