1. Since The Sincere

    Since The SincereGiờ trước

    All the idiots be like putting one or more words before 'twerking' and post them as comments. Now I understand why America has higher percentage of people with mental illness more than anywhere else in the world.

  2. dynamic duo

    dynamic duoGiờ trước

    This is absolutly beautiful and if anyone say anything diffrent get a life and stop arguing with the public I hope to see more content like this

  3. Rias Gremory

    Rias GremoryGiờ trước

    See you in Hell

  4. Чайный пакетик

    Чайный пакетикGiờ trước

    Зачем я это посмотрел

  5. Aidee Chavez

    Aidee ChavezGiờ trước

    *Loving and accepting twerking*

  6. SrLOL XD

    SrLOL XDGiờ trước


  7. Venny TheDirectioner

    Venny TheDirectionerGiờ trước

    𝗠𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗯𝗿𝗼𝗸𝗲𝗻 𝘁𝘄𝗲𝗿𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗴𓆈 because why not?シ︎

  8. Demonic_angel

    Demonic_angelGiờ trước

    Elegent tho

  9. Igor Xavier

    Igor XavierGiờ trước

    Literalmente sentou no colo do capeta

  10. Nas Scott

    Nas ScottGiờ trước


  11. Shargun Clip

    Shargun ClipGiờ trước

    Yo this song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Raiyven Bynes

    Raiyven BynesGiờ trước

    Mans was hit in the head with a butt plug

  13. Michelle M

    Michelle MGiờ trước


  14. Maxian John

    Maxian JohnGiờ trước


  15. Edyta Karda

    Edyta KardaGiờ trước


  16. Andre Stojanov

    Andre StojanovGiờ trước


  17. Kendall

    KendallGiờ trước


  18. Stergios Zirnas

    Stergios ZirnasGiờ trước

    Original gay be like

  19. Cameron Williams

    Cameron WilliamsGiờ trước


  20. نوتيلا

    نوتيلاGiờ trước


  21. نوتيلا

    نوتيلاGiờ trước


  22. fortnite king

    fortnite kingGiờ trước

    Satan twerking


    GANGSTERGiờ trước

    Plot twist: he was working in the strip clubs when he was younger

  24. Charlotte McKenna

    Charlotte McKennaGiờ trước

    Transgender twerking

  25. نوتيلا

    نوتيلاGiờ trước


  26. نوتيلا

    نوتيلاGiờ trước


  27. The Sun

    The SunGiờ trước


  28. Keiran Marley

    Keiran MarleyGiờ trước

    Nah this ain't it chief

  29. beastygeorge

    beastygeorgeGiờ trước


  30. erico escobar

    erico escobarGiờ trước

    **white heterosexual chad twerking**

  31. Oskar Kamunen

    Oskar KamunenGiờ trước

    what a gay music video

  32. James Brady

    James BradyGiờ trước


  33. SCP- Radeen Reads!

    SCP- Radeen Reads!Giờ trước

    Black twerking

  34. نوتيلا

    نوتيلاGiờ trước


  35. *NotKiwi*

    *NotKiwi*Giờ trước

    me thinking nax is gay and idk if he is-

  36. نوتيلا

    نوتيلاGiờ trước


  37. Jan Grajzl

    Jan GrajzlGiờ trước

    Why so much f words

  38. red tom boizz

    red tom boizzGiờ trước

    i love how gay this is. 😭😭❤️❤️ nice music vid btw 👹😛🥴

  39. نوتيلا

    نوتيلاGiờ trước


  40. Maély_ Sso

    Maély_ SsoGiờ trước

    This song just powerful

  41. نوتيلا

    نوتيلاGiờ trước


  42. Semkii

    SemkiiGiờ trước

    Why this is on youtube?? Try pornhub man

  43. نوتيلا

    نوتيلاGiờ trước


  44. JiperCreeper23

    JiperCreeper23Giờ trước

    The guy really went to the nether

  45. -Fr0nyx -

    -Fr0nyx -Giờ trước

    Я один русский?

  46. T43 & k00ki3s BA3

    T43 & k00ki3s BA3Giờ trước

    *kpop stan twerking*

  47. نوتيلا

    نوتيلاGiờ trước


  48. Aniket Mishra

    Aniket MishraGiờ trước

    demisexual twerking

  49. GAMMA SSJ5

    GAMMA SSJ5Giờ trước


  50. نوتيلا

    نوتيلاGiờ trước


  51. Game lolhd Kaval

    Game lolhd KavalGiờ trước

    That's my favourite music♥️👍

  52. cumur başabakanı

    cumur başabakanıGiờ trước

    So that mean is lil nas is gay?

  53. نوتيلا

    نوتيلاGiờ trước


  54. H1-800-simp- Hehe

    H1-800-simp- HeheGiờ trước

    2:30 MY favorite Part

  55. Obey

    ObeyGiờ trước

    i may not agree with him all the time but this man has balls for putting out sum this controversial

  56. 974cerebrate

    974cerebrateGiờ trước

    So who has been saying that this clip is blasphemy already ?

  57. Will Brench

    Will BrenchGiờ trước

    **bisexual twerking**

  58. Pro Gejmer Balkan

    Pro Gejmer BalkanGiờ trước

    Chyrch:Well its time boys the secret gun

  59. Synax 7

    Synax 7Giờ trước


  60. That gurll Chloe

    That gurll ChloeGiờ trước

    Nervously twerking..

  61. orangejuice

    orangejuiceGiờ trước

    this felt like a fever dream

  62. The Des Fish Stuff

    The Des Fish StuffGiờ trước

    The fuck is this music video

  63. Musa Ronnie

    Musa RonnieGiờ trước

    At this rate Montero is gonna pass this banger with views

  64. Trenton Rials

    Trenton RialsGiờ trước

    This is just a disgrace

  65. Will Brench

    Will BrenchGiờ trước

    **proudly twerking**

  66. TheFrosty06

    TheFrosty06Giờ trước

    Братик чем ты вкинулся что-бы такое придумать

  67. Beachthegoat223

    Beachthegoat223Giờ trước

    This dude scared me after this vid

  68. haya

    hayaGiờ trước

    *graceful twerking*

  69. Gabin Dumont

    Gabin DumontGiờ trước

    I’m so confuse

  70. ً

    ًGiờ trước

    *Mexican twerking*

  71. Dumb Ass

    Dumb AssGiờ trước

    *twerks causes others are*

  72. Jakari Green

    Jakari GreenGiờ trước

    First of all, can somebody pls let me know the name of those red cornrows that he's rocking cause I LOVE THEM. I wanna try to do that style myself I just need to know if there's a certain name for that particular cornrow pattern. Preciate it for anyone who replies. Other than that, this vid was cool; love the stripper pole scene, I really love the concept. I ESPECIALLY love this song 2, definitely on repeat for me. Already on the turn up playlist. Nas is Awesome!

  73. Hamadpro 12

    Hamadpro 12Giờ trước


  74. Brenden Stahl

    Brenden StahlGiờ trước

    Lil nas x then: 🤠 Lil nas x now: 😈

  75. Gabin Dumont

    Gabin DumontGiờ trước


  76. Soleil

    SoleilGiờ trước

    Un clip made in France

  77. Kevi Can

    Kevi CanGiờ trước

    Paranormal Twerking

  78. KD Inc

    KD IncGiờ trước

    Came to see some funny or interesting or positive comments And ill i see is "twerking" like people are so lame and basic

  79. Татьяна Белоус

    Татьяна БелоусGiờ trước

    А я просто после тиктока пришла смотреть

  80. Its Dino

    Its DinoGiờ trước